guiverci asked yesterday on #xubuntu why chromium-browser (deb) is included on jammy ISOs; anyone got an answer?  (it's in suggests lists is all I or arraybolt3 saw)01:27
arraybolt3guiverc: See krytarik's ping on Matrix.01:28
arraybolt3Looks like Firefox wasn't explicitly seeded in a particular file and somehow chromium-browser was being grabbed.01:28
guivercgrrr  (& self for not checking other windows!)01:28
guivercs/&/@ ^01:28
arraybolt3:P Did that just the other day with an important SRU.01:29
arraybolt3*I did that01:29
guivercthank you krytarik !  (found it)01:31
* guiverc thanks & waves to arraybolt3 too01:31

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