IrcsomeBot_<linuxophil> Worked beautifully! Thanks! (re @IrcsomeBot: <alkisg> linuxophil, nmcli connection import type wireguard file your-connect-file.wg)05:55
IrcsomeBot_<linuxophil> But does anyone know how one is supposed to do this in the GUI without resorting to the CLI?05:55
tomreynon gnome you would probably be using nm-connection-editor05:58
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user|34Bonjour !09:09
user|34Impossible d'entrer mon mot de passe dans la console Kubuntu 22.0409:10
mparilloCould it be the keyboard mapping?11:20
BluesKajHi all13:34
Jim`Will the LTS to the new LTS Janky or whatever fail?14:11
mrlukaszkubuntu is the best14:18
IrcsomeBot_<Omar> Hi all14:26
IrcsomeBot_<Omar> Do kubuntu automatically check for updates when it connects to wifi?14:28
DragnslcrOmar - not sure if it will check immediately when it connects to WiFi, but it does periodically check for updates15:07
AnamoreHello guys16:26
AnamoreHow do I turn performance mode on_16:26
jsaladinhow to install .net framework on kubuntu?21:04
IrcsomeBot_<rcpp85> You can follow these: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/core/install/linux-ubuntu21:17
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