Nunosav84Hi, good morning everyone.09:18
Nunosav84Following up the suggestion given by danilogondolfo yesterday of using netplan-dbus i was able to establish communication successfully. Now, however, i get an error when writing new configuration.09:18
Nunosav84command: WRITE=$(sudo busctl call io.netplan.Netplan $CONFIG io.netplan.Netplan.Config Set ss \"ethernets.enp2s0={dhcp4: false, addresses: [], routes: [{to: default, via:}], nameservers: {addresses: []}}"}\" \"00-installer-config\" | awk '{print $2}')09:18
Nunosav84error: Too many parameters for signature.09:18
Nunosav84the yaml provided is valid and is the structure used in the config files. Any clue why the error?09:18
danilogondolfoHi. I'm wondering if it's that " after the nameserver IP09:54
danilogondolfothe command seems to work fine09:54
Nunosav84Sorry, that was a leftover from the logs, i failed to remove it. So that's not the cause of the error09:58
Nunosav84Is it known what could trigger such error message? I searched the github.com/canonical/netplan repo for it but found nothing10:00
danilogondolfoI think the error message is from dbus itself10:02
danilogondolfoit's like it's parsing each part of the string as a separate parameter10:04
Nunosav84any advice on how to proceed?10:19
danilogondolfohow do you run this command? trying to understand why you need to escape the quotes10:30
Nunosav84that was a leftover copied from container logs10:33
Nunosav84{"level":"info","app":"api","time":"2023-03-10T10:32:37Z","caller":"/src/services/settings.go:285","message":"The new config is {dhcp4: false, addresses: [], routes: [{to: default, via:}], nameservers: {addresses: []}}"}10:33
danilogondolfook, but how are you calling this command? From a script? From go code?10:42
danilogondolfobuctl is not reading the config as a single big string, but as many separated words, thus the "too many parameters" error10:43
NunosavJust to let you know, i was successful modifying netplan *.yaml file in GO code and running only netplan-dbus CONFIG() and APPLY() commands12:56
NunosavThanks for your help danilogondolfo, really appreciatedĀ <3 (y)12:57
danilogondolfoyou are welcome :)13:04

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