JimBuntuwow, quiet03:06
sarnolduhoh you just lost #idlerpg03:07
sarnolduhoh I just lost #idlerpg03:07
leftyfboh man, that reminds me of progress quest, which is STILL in the repo's!03:11
leftyfboh, nm, it pulls in a ton of wine stuff03:11
leftyfbI still have a save file from like 10 years ago03:11
lotuspsychjegood morning03:18
arraybolt3leftyfb: Progress quest?03:31
arraybolt3Oh, weird.03:32
leftyfbIt’s a very amazing game. Pretty involved and complicated but well worth it in the end03:32
lotuspsychje!info Progress quest03:33
ubottu'quest' is not a valid release03:33
arraybolt3!info pq03:33
ubottupq (6.2-0ubuntu4, kinetic): Progress Quest is a "fire and forget" computer role-playing game. In component multiverse, is optional. Built by pq. Size 318 kB / 383 kB03:33
arraybolt3leftyfb: Heh, the description made it look like it wasn't even a game that you play.03:33
arraybolt3Probably a confusing description or a confused arraybolt.03:33
leftyfbTry it, you’ll love it03:34
arraybolt3Heh, I get sucked into video gaming way too easily - I can't even play Minetest or pinball without ending up in a mess.03:34
leftyfbI think you should try it03:35
* arraybolt3 is also currently trying to reverse-engineer the file format of a file that is CC-BY-SA licensed but comes with nearly no instructions03:35
sarnoldoh yeah pinball was good fun :)03:36
arraybolt3I have a hard enough time not wasting all my day on IRC :P03:36

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