bittinnew episode on its way?08:25
bittinthere we go listening :)09:25
bittinamurray, have fun at the new Linux conference in Australia09:27
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hallynhey sarnold - just wondering, do you know whether you all have any involvment with this: https://www.tenable.com/audits/items/DISA_STIG_Ubuntu_20.04_LTS_v1r5.audit:a9e7d4a8941a4fee48cbec0b5e72484a ?18:29
Guest76i am just a newbie so need help from the experts here. If there is any CVE-patch which my team has backported but is yet not backported by ubuntu and ubuntu mentions "needed", what is the correct way to submit patch to ubuntu ?18:33
hallynI'm sure there is a better answer, but...  if there is a launchpad bug for it, you could append the debdiff to that bug.18:34

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