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MohaThere's an error that does not allow to update/upgrade the system: `Aborted (core dumped)... 99%` <---- https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dTbKtyBy28/08:47
MohaI also can't install or remove anything! the same problem: `Aborted (core dumped)`08:50
MohaVersion: 22.04.208:51
tomreynMoha: hmm, that's pretty bad. i assume you get the same when youssing apt-get instead?08:52
tomreynare you using third party software? how was this system installed?08:53
tomreynwhat is this first repository listed, "http://ubuntu-cloud.repos.abramad.com/ubuntu jammy-updates/zed"?08:54
Moha`apt-get` returns same error. It's part of an ELK cluster that the other two machines are ok. 08:55
MohaThat is a local repository for openstack stuff. It's a mirror.08:56
tomreynah that's openstack zed, i see08:57
MohaNothing has been installed from this repo yet.08:58
tomreyndo you have any errors in     journalctl -b -p308:59
tomreyni'm wondering whether maybe there can be a hardware or file system error,08:59
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Mohatomreyn: it's just one line (:09:00
Moha`Mar 10 01:48:49 logging01-elastic-logstash sshd[3254]: pam_systemd(sshd:session): Failed to release session: Interrupted system call`09:00
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tomreynso.. it's rather unusual that apt (and apt-get) would just segfault09:02
Mohacan I reinstall apt by `dpkg` somehow?09:03
tomreynyou can try analyzing the core file, but that's a bit advanced09:03
tomreynyou can download and reinstall the apt packages, but if this is a deployed system i would just deploy it again09:04
tomreyndid you make changes to the default python release on this system by chance?09:05
tomreynyou can use    dpkg -l <packagename>    to see which package version is installed, and compare that to the other systems09:08
tomreynif you have different package versions for apt or its libraries, this may hint on a problem09:09
tomreynsometimes it helps to delete the package cache: sudo rm /var/cache/apt/*pkgcache.bin09:13
tomreynbut this segfault situation should not occur in the first place, hints at some deeper problem (if this is a VM / container and you have access to the host system, it may be good to check the systemd jounral / dmesg there, too)09:15
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athosparide4: I just filed https://salsa.debian.org/debian/isc-kea/-/merge_requests/2617:00
-ubottu:#ubuntu-server- Merge 26 in debian/isc-kea "d/rules: add strict shlibs control file" [Opened]17:00
athosdo you think this would be sth we could land before the next Debian freeze on the 12th? I know it is a last minute thing, and if this is not OK I will also add a delta in ubuntu for this one17:02
athosAFAIU https://release.debian.org/bullseye/freeze_policy.html#hard, we can still upload it after the 12th, but it will take 20 days to migrate17:03
athosin this latter case, I will still add a delta in ubuntu since we will not be able to sync it before ubuntu's beta freeze17:04
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parideathos, hmm I'm unable to review it right now (eow). does it fix a specific bug?17:10
athosparide: not really. And it should not have little to no impact now that there are no reverse dependencies using those libraries other than packages within kea itself. In Debian, this is definitely something that could wait for the next release. In Ubuntu, this is part of the work for the MIR process17:24
athosthere is no rush. I just pinged in case you were still around since the freeze is on sunday. I will move forward to include it as a delta in ubuntu :)17:25
athoshave a great weekend, paride!!!17:26

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