xu-help97wHi, I have the issue described here:07:26
xu-help97wIt will need to backport the merge requests from this issue to the version of gnome-software Xubuntu are shipping.07:27
xu-help97wIt this channel the right way to adress it? Or can I open somewhere a ticket?07:27
-ubottu:#xubuntu- Issue 1114 in GNOME/gnome-software "packagekit: Prepared update not found: /var/lib/PackageKit/prepared-update" [Closed]07:27
tomreyn!bug | xu-help97w08:49
ubottuxu-help97w: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.08:49
xu-help97wThank you, merged my reportin into this older one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-software/+bug/190016709:46
-ubottu:#xubuntu- Launchpad bug 1900167 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "gnome-software Unable to install updates" [Low, Confirmed]09:46
rafacompleteHello! Can anyone help me with HPLIP and HP Printers?12:22
mayankhii everyone12:36
mayankwhere are you from you guz12:36
lucasomouragood morning13:51
lucasomouraA question, I have a thermal printer that is serial (not usb)13:52
lucasomouraI know it's installed somewhere in /dev/ttyS...13:52
lucasomourawhat I have done is send it to print, I do:13:52
lucasomouraecho "test" > /dev/ttySX13:52
lucasomourawhere I test one by one until I find the right port13:52
lucasomouraAre there any commands I can do to return me what the ttyS of the printer is instead of having to print until I get it right?13:52
gnrplucasomoura: I'd guess that you can communicate somehow with the printer without having it printing already?13:53
lucasomoura@gnrp, sorry.. I'm flood, Drone block me, so I not know if my entire message was send13:55
lucasomouraI will try send in one message13:56
lucasomouraA question, I have a thermal printer that is serial (not usb) I know it's installed somewhere in /dev/ttyS... what I have done is send it to print, I do: echo "test" > /dev/ttySX where I test one by one until I find the right port. Are there any commands I can do to return me what the ttyS of the printer is instead of having to print until I get it right? I tried several commands and none of them give me the correct 13:56
lucasomourainformation on which port the printer is.13:56
lucasomourai just need to know how to detect which port my printer is connected to13:58
PeGaSuScan someone tell me the default font for the terminal on Xubuntu 22.04?20:52
gnrpPeGaSuS: I think it is Dejavu Sans Mono21:22
krytarik"FontName=DejaVu Sans Mono 9" - indeed, as extracted from the xubuntu-default-settings package of that release.21:48
PeGaSuSkrytarik: thanks for confirming it :)21:51
PeGaSuSI suppose I need to use fstab?21:57
gnrpuhm, for?21:58
PeGaSuSsorry, my other message seems to have been lost due to flaky connection 21:58
PeGaSuS>is there a way for me to make sure that a specific USB stick is mounted on boot?21:58
PeGaSuSalso, does the UUID of a device changes everytime we plug/unplug it or is it constant?22:00
gnrpno, uuid is the one constant thing about it (unless you overwrite it when formatting or re-partitioning or so)22:00
gnrpfstab would be the place to go. However, if you want it to be mounted uatomatically at boot, when it is in fstab, boot will fail when the usb drive is not present22:01
PeGaSuSyou've read my mind..22:01
PeGaSuSthat was my next question: can we still  boot if the drive isn't there?22:01
gnrpfstab cannot represent that22:02
gnrpyou can put it with noauto into fstab though and make a separate script to run at boot which does something like `if [`lsblk -o +UUID | grep -c ${UUID}` -gt 1]; then mount "${UUID}"; fi`22:04
gnrpand you have to put a line `UUID=XXX` into the beginning, where XXX is the UUID of the device22:04
PeGaSuSwhat about nofail? from manpages `nofail do not report errors for this device if it does not exist.`22:06
gnrpah, ok, could be. I don'T know that option22:06
gnrpsounds reasonable22:07
PeGaSuSdo we need to specify the mount point? how do I know the actual mount point?22:07
gnrpthat is wherever you want it?22:08
PeGaSuSbecause on Thunar it shows `My Alu USB` 22:08
gnrpif you want to see where it is mounted at the moment, you can find out by entering `mount`22:08
gnrpit says "XXX on YYY", where XXX is the device and YYY the mountpoint22:08
PeGaSuSoh, then this this is it: `/dev/sdc1 on /media/vitor/My Alu USB`22:09
gnrpbut you have to see, in /media/$user are mounted all the "flexible" devices. Probably you'd rather want to create a mountpoint in /mnt22:10
PeGaSuSit can be "flexible". it's just so I can download stuff there directly without having to mount it first22:15
gnrpthat's just my pesonal feeling. Add it wherever it suits you.22:16

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