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holmanbmeena: think it would be helpful if you could `lxd init images:freebsd freebsd` and get a running freebsd? I see that the image server that the ci uses has freebase images, so it might take some work but I bet it's possible14:43
* holmanb grumbles about autocorrect 14:55
meenaholmanb: im trying to lay the groundwork for that15:05
holmanbmeena: 👍 have you started poking at the ci build definitions?15:06
holmanbor just focusing on making it boot for now?15:06
meenaBoot and not eat CPU so tests have some CPU, too15:12
meenaif i can get it into 13.2, that would be cool, but if not, we'll start testing on 14.0-CURRENT15:13
meenababy steps15:13

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