valorieand maybe find out more about him if the county courthouse is open00:00
ahoneybun[m]You're welcome to visit anyway. 01:20
BluesKajHi all13:53
RikMillssanta_: how is 5.104.0 looking?15:29
mmikowskiarraybolt3[m]: Some key bindings have changed in 5.27, so quick hint widget will need to get updated.19:49
mmikowskiRikMills: We completed another round of 5.27 testing. The only sticking point is theme handling is buggy, worse than before. Almost everything else is improved.20:06
santa_hi everyone21:14
santa_RikMills: it would be ready to upload to archive if it's ok with the release cycle21:14
santa_not related to latest fw: since plasma .2 release I'm getting a black wallpaper in my VMs21:15
santa_but I bet it's not going to be reproducible in bare metal21:16
RikMills[m]<santa_> "RikMills: it would be ready to..." <- Ok, I will do a FFe bug21:26
RikMills[m]Thanks 21:26
santa_thank you as well21:27
santa_given that this is going to be uploaded I will prepare backports for kinetic as well21:28
mmikowskisanta_ We too are seeing black wallpaper.21:58
mmikowskiNow on two VMs and 4 hardware platforms (Intel i915, Nvidia)21:59
mmikowskiThe bottom line is the theme engine is buggy. Switching themes is incomplete; adding a user also is broken some times, with the initial theme being applied only partially.22:00
mmikowskiWay to reproduce: Go to System Settings > Appearance > Global Theme. Switch a theme. The breakage occurs with backgrounds not being set, or layouts not being set, or plasma crashing. 22:02
mmikowskiSystem settings used to crash, but that failure mode has seemed to have disappeared since
mmikowskiAlso, add a user and the default theme is not guaranteed to be properly applied; the layout widgets may not be there, or the wallpaper is black, or both.22:03
mmikowskisanta_ I will be sending out a report. But if you want to run with 5.27.2 or later, it's such a good upgrade in so many other ways, I think it still is good for users.22:04
mmikowski(in backports of course). 22:04
mmikowskiThis is just my opinion and suggestion for your and Rik's consideration.22:04
mmikowskiAgain, we reports I will send to Rik and Nate and anyone else that wants it emailed to them.22:05
mmikowskibut later; I gotta go to a family commitment right now :)22:05
santa_thanks a lot for the info, I will try to dig into it if I have time22:12
mmikowskisanta_ I was referring to behavior in 22.04 LTS, ppa:kubuntu-ppa/experimental to be clear. I realized we might have been speaking a little bit at cross purposes there :)23:54

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