animalgunz40so theres other people on here or im speaking to bots01:56
IrcsomeBot_<DarinMiller> Only people here.01:58
IrcsomeBot_<rcpp85> Only bots, actually!02:00
animalgunz40hu botsa02:14
animalgunz40capish intaliono02:14
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iomari891greetings, is there way to change only my lock screen? Not the background, I mean the app itself. If I switch fromm sddm will my lockscreen change also?08:03
mmikowskiiomari891: lock screen is plasma specific.08:15
mmikowskiSee System Settings > Workspace > Screen Locking. Configure there.08:15
mmikowskihope that helps! nn08:16
iomari891mmikowski: Thanks but I'm actually trying to troubleshoot why I can't login on my lockscreen. THis has been an issue since I was on 22.04. I'm now on 22.10. If I create a new user, lock screen works. But my user doesn't work. I have to use loginctl unlock-sessions which is frustrating.08:23
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IrcsomeBot_<LOBOLATELEPHONY> just upgraded to Kubuntu 22.10 KDE Plasma version 5.27.1  how can i re instal  Install Gis-Weather in kubuntu 22.10. i lost my witget?11:23
BluesKajHi all13:53
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Guest5394hat jemandahnung vom chatGPT15:39
cmdbbqHi! My system seems to have lost track of my HDMI audio device in some recent, unsuppervised update and I was hoping for some help in trying to get it back. I ran alsa-info and it says that only an HDA-Intel card is recognized by alsa but the next section shows two PCI cards installed in the system and lists the HDMI audio first. I am on a relatively fresh install of 22.10. Has anyone else observed these17:22
cmdbbqissues after a recent (last couple of weeks) update?17:22
cmdbbqI thought maybe some module was unloaded but it seems that I should ust need snd_hda_intel which is returned by lsmod, so I'm somewhat stumped.17:29
mmikowskicmdbbq: This is an issue with latest hwe kernel.19:43
mmikowskicmdbbq: https://launchpad.net/bugs/200913620:07
-ubottu:#kubuntu- Launchpad bug 2009136 in linux (Ubuntu Kinetic) "No HDMI audio under 5.19.0-35 (regression from -32)" [Undecided, In Progress]20:07
user|48is Kubuntu available in ARM64 architecture as of yet?20:08
cmdbbqmmikowski: Yes! This is my issue! Many thanks!20:09
mmikowskicmdbbq: kfocus held back the very latest kernel for this reason.20:10
mmikowskiRollback 5.19.0-32.33~22.04.1 should do the trick. It's probably even still available in your grub menu.20:11
user|48many platforms will write a version for the raspberry pi.. but running into frequent incompatibilities on Khadas Edge 2 Pro without a general generic install being available from many platforms..20:12
cmdbbqmmikowski: Just finished making changes to /etc/default/grub to stick with the older kernel for now. I've never had to do that before! Always a good time, learning new things.20:13
mmikowskiuser|48 I installed kubuntu on the Nvidia TK1 about 8 years ago now (!), and even then it worked quite well.20:13
mmikowskicmdbbq: We vet all new kernels to avoid these sorts of things. Ubuntu do a great job testing on lots of hardware, but they can't test everything.20:14
user|48Ubuntu + Android are the stock net installs for edge 2..20:15
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