jbichaxypron: we don't even run the build tests for riscv64 https://salsa.debian.org/gnome-team/mutter/-/blob/debian/master/debian/rules#L67-7001:19
xypronjbicha: the launchpad capacity is low for risc-v01:21
jbicharight, but it might help for investigating if you could see test runs on Debian01:21
jbichaI probably phrased that badly, but I'm saying we don't run the tests on Debian's riscv6401:22
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xypronjbicha: with 44~rc-1ubuntu1~ppa1 same problem: gnome-shell[1661]: unhandled signal 11 code 0x112:02
xypronjbicha: you could use for testing unmatched-gfx-amd - HiFive Unmatched - RISC-v64 with AMD graphics12:09
xypronon testflinger12:09

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