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Guest76What is the correct to submit backported CVE-fix in ubuntu which is not yet fixed and is mentioned "needed".06:26
Guest76There is no bug created for the CVE otherwie it would be have been easy to add the proposed patch06:26
Guest76if anyone could help it would be great :)06:26
tomreynGuest76: you could cstart by creating said bug :)06:28
tomreynthen link it to the cve06:28
tomreynthen add your patch06:28
Guest76ohk. Thanks:)  i was confused if we could actually create the bug or not06:29
Guest76Thanks again :)06:29
tomreynanyone with an SSO account (which anyone can register for free) van post a bug report06:32
tomreyn!bug > Guest76 06:33
ubottuGuest76: Please see my private message06:33
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