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mfaroukghow are you ?00:14
oerhekshi mfaroukg, fine, thanks, can we help you with something?00:15
mfaroukgWhen new version of Ubuntu will be ready?00:16
oerheks23.04, somewhere in april00:16
mfaroukgone more, is this official channel for Ubuntu developers ?00:17
oerheksNo, this is main support, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList for the other ones00:18
oerheks#ubuntu-next for the next one, lunar lobster00:19
mfaroukgcan I also help in developing Ubuntu?00:20
oerheksSure, start with registering on Launchpad, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers00:21
mfaroukgis it still free destro00:22
mfaroukgI hope it is00:24
mfaroukgThanks  a lot00:24
oerheksyes, have fun!00:25
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stolte65Hi, everybody01:18
stolte65juyst start to use Lubuntu01:19
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)01:19
oerheksthere is #lubuntu also01:19
stolte65Is there another chats about other themes01:20
oerheksNot specificly, AFAIK01:20
stolte65Like games or so01:20
oerheksuse !alis to look for channels01:21
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»01:21
oerhekslist of our channels  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList01:21
stolte65Good start01:22
ubottuAlis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see «/msg Alis help list» or ask in #libera - Example usage: «/msg Alis list http»01:22
stolte65Tell how I change the channel?01:25
nulldoot2k__in ubuntu how can i run command line + parameter env01:32
nulldoot2k__for example: ./auth -port 3333 -e "abc=sdasd"01:32
nulldoot2k__how can01:32
rbox nulldoot2k__ huh?01:35
nulldoot2k__i want run script01:35
nulldoot2k__file run is : ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/auth --port 333301:35
nulldoot2k__i need syntax run command line01:36
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n008Hey, everyone!  Can anyone tell me which logs to look at or how to go about diagnosing why my laptop sometimes doesnt resume from suspend?03:37
tomreynn008: use the journalctl CLI command or the Gnome "Logs" GUI, look for "PM:" records.03:42
tomreynPM=power management. you'll see suspend and resume events there, and the services shutting down / starting up around those.03:43
tomreyn!acpi > n00803:44
ubottun008: Please see my private message03:44
tomreyn!acpi_osi > n00803:44
tomreynthose are for later03:44
tomreynoh, and do a bios update if your is outdated. you can check your cussnt one and your product/model number using    journalctl -b | grep DMI:   # - the latest version available will be listed + downloadable on the manufacturer website.03:47
tomreyncussnt -> current03:47
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xubuntu14dSomeone help me04:48
babysexhello join channel #gentool06:02
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hassletimehey all just say i want to create a new file instead of using nano in terminal is there a GUI one so you can just right click create file?07:44
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LartzaGNOME Files... doesn't let you do that?07:45
LartzaOh you need to add a file template... well that's kinda dumb07:47
oerhekshassletime,  'touch filename.txt' should work too07:47
hassletimeso if i want to right click create new file how would i do that?07:47
oerheksalso a test to see if your filesystem is RO07:47
wusemanhassletime: >filename07:48
Lartzahassletime, If you are on an English system create a "Templates" folder in your home folder and put a file inside it to use as the template07:49
LartzaLike a file called "Text document.txt"07:50
hassletimeLartza, yes :)07:50
tomreynor better text_document.txt07:50
LartzaWhy is that better?07:50
tomreynbecause applications which fail to handle file names properly will not break07:50
LartzaWhich applications use the Templates folder?07:51
LartzaBesides Nautilus07:51
hassletimeok so just use say nano in terminal and add it to the template folder07:51
LartzaOr touch07:51
tomreynLartza: no idea07:51
LartzaNautilus will use the name of the file to show on the menu, text_document is not clean07:51
tomreynwhy is "text_document" "not clean"?07:52
LartzaIn a GUI I don't believe it looks clean for "New Document -> text_document"07:52
tomreynah, so personal preferences, i see07:53
LartzaNot really07:53
LartzaIt's just what it looks like aesthetically in the GUI07:53
LartzaTextDocument I guess would be an okay compromise07:53
LartzaBut then again you are going to rename the created file anyways, and even if not what program doesn't handle spaces in 2023 :P07:54
tomreyni wish i was as hopeful there as you are07:54
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hassletimeperfect thanks07:56
hassletimejust another question,how do i save a nano file with a different file type like .py07:57
LartzaYou just "nano yourfile.py"07:57
Lartzaor "touch yourfile.py"07:57
LartzaI mean you can change it in the save as dialog too if you want07:57
wusemanWhy not: >filename.txt07:58
oerheksman nano07:58
oerheks Ctrl+O. When prompted, press enter to accept the existing file name. To save as another file name, type in the new name and press Enter07:58
hassletimeoerheks, thats what i did07:58
hassletimebut it saved it as a txt file07:58
hassletimeeven though i named it *.py07:59
oerheksoh it still overrides as .txt ?07:59
Lartzanano shouldn't do that :S07:59
LartzaOr do you mean Files made it .txt?08:00
hassletimeso i saved 1 file Text document.txt08:00
hassletimeprefect right click txt doc08:00
oerhekshere it does not08:01
hassletimethen i saved one hello.py08:01
hassletimebut saved as a txt08:01
hassletimeso i also wanted a template for .py08:01
hassletimeis that allowed08:01
LartzaThen make a .py file in Templates yes08:01
oerhekswhy open a premade .txt file, and save it as .py.. i wonder08:01
LartzaThis is why I think Nautilus is being dumb for not letting you just make an arbitary empty file...08:01
hassletimei made the file lartza08:02
LartzaThen you will have a new option under "New document" for python files08:02
hassletimebut instead of having the .py icon it has the .txt one so im guessing it is saving it as a txt file08:02
LartzaDon't guess08:03
LartzaRead the file extensions, if nautilus is hiding them make it not08:03
hassletimewell it says .py08:04
LartzaThen it's a .py file08:04
hassletimeso i wont guess but ill take it as its now a .oy08:04
hassletimeok thanks08:04
hassletimemakes life a little easier now08:05
LartzaI am not sure how you can make GNOME treat files with different icons08:05
hassletimethats ok08:05
LartzaRemember that templates don't have to be empty!08:06
hassletimeroger that08:06
LartzaIf you ever have a file that ALWAYS needs some text in it08:06
LartzaIt will save you time :P08:06
hassletimeLartza, thanks heaps08:21
LartzaYou're welcome :)08:21
sinnerdwhere am I?08:37
LartzaWhere do you think you are?08:37
LartzaYou are on IRC, on the Libera.Chat network, on the Ubuntu support channel08:37
sinnerddon't know I just clicked buttons08:38
LartzaI guess you just opened an IRC client that was preconfigured here08:38
sinnerdyeah, most probably. New to linux and was randomly installing apps and trying them out08:39
LartzaIRC is an old but not dead chat protocol where most of us just idle here all day, so if you ever need help come here, "rudely" just ask your question and wait :P08:40
LartzaThere are other channels for other Linux distributions, software etc08:40
LartzaAnd other networks with more channels08:40
sinnerdI need to mash some more buttons to find where those channels are :v08:41
oerhekspress that (X) button08:41
Lartza/msg ALIS LIST searchterm08:41
Lartza/join #anotherchannel08:41
sinnerdbut it's cool to find a relic of the past, I am usually active on r/ubuntu08:42
Lartza"Relic"... :P08:42
sinnerdbut it has it's uses, like analog and digital clocks, it's all based on user's "preferences" :308:43
sinnerdpressing that (X) button08:44
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)08:45
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irishHello all! I'm wondering what the program is called that ubuntu uses to view and navigate the file system, it's malfunctioning on my install and I need to call it from terminal but don't know the program name.10:24
irishI believe I have found my answer, nautilus correct?10:27
tomreynirish: if you're using the default ubuntu desktop, gnome-shell, then it's "Gnome Files" (AKA Nautilus)10:33
tomreynirish: what's malfunctioning about it?10:34
irishtomreyn, thanks a mil!10:34
irishtomreyn, it's just not opening and not giving me any error feedback.10:34
tomreynoh, also when you run it from a terminal then?10:35
irishyep, so i'm gonna open it in xterm/terminal to see if I can get any kind of feedback as to why.10:35
tomreyngnome-terminal is probably the better option if you're on wayland10:37
tomreynthen the default would be wayland unless you use nvidia proprietary drivers, i think10:38
irishbut yeah I'm troubleshooting now, i just needed to know what the program was called so I could get terminal to help me out. I've been using mint-mate and it uses caja not nautilus.10:38
tomreynhttps://anarc.at/blog/2022-09-19-wayland-terminal-emulators/ is a good summary of your terminal options10:39
tomreynterminal emulators10:39
irishGreat thanks mate!10:39
tomreynyou're welcome10:42
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clarkkI'm using rsync version  3.1.3  protocol version 31 on ubuntu 20.04. I want to use the option –ignore-existing, but it's not in the manual. Could someone explain why? Is it included in my version?12:12
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clarkkdon't worry - found it12:20
tomreynclarkk: what's the answer you found?12:21
tomreynhttps://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/en/man1/rsync.1.html does list --ignore-existing  - do you have an older man page locally?12:22
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BluesKajHi all13:53
FKAShinobiDeluge seems to have broke over the last week. Peers barely connect to me and when they do they are choked off quickly. The same torrent in Transmission works great. Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this?14:14
BluesKajqbittorrent ftw, IME14:23
haysno matter what I do i can't seem to get wayland to be default in lightdm14:27
haysthe default is "Gnome" which seems to default to X1114:28
haysit will say Gnome on Wayland is the default, but what is actually selected is "Gnome"14:28
leftyfbhays: if you're running gnome, then why are you running lightdm as opposed to gdm?14:30
haysi guess because i like it better14:31
leftyfbhow so?14:31
haysive not put much thought into it. i just like the defaults better14:34
leftyfbhays: gdm is default14:34
leftyfbgdm has been the default for 5 or 6 years now14:35
hays::thumbs up::14:35
haysguess this is the don't help, but question people's choices channel. good to know14:43
ravageonly questionable choicea :D15:17
cbreaksddm will remember the last selected UI15:19
cbreakso if I log in into plasma wayland, it'll do that by default. since I use x11 normally, it'll do that by default15:19
cbreakI'd expect any sane login manager to do something similar15:20
mybalzitchunsupposed I know, but this "Ubuntu Mainline Kernel Installer" sure is nice15:21
viliusHi. Once watching a movie using VLC, the laptop goes to sleep every 5 minutes. I have tried disabling sleeping mode as per guidance online, but with no success. Any ideas how to disable the sleep mode? Thanks15:31
jhutchinsvilius: Which release are you on, which desktop/window manager do you run?15:32
viliusNot sure, what is the way to check?15:32
viliusUbuntu 22.04.2 LTS15:34
jhutchinsvilius: So I would guess you're running gnome on x11 or Wayland with GDM.15:34
viliusIt is default xubuntu installation15:35
jhutchinsvilius: What did you try changing to fix it?  There are many, many different pages of advice.15:35
jhutchinsvilius: See?  That's xubuntu, not plain ubuntu, and you're probably running xfce on lightdm.15:35
jhutchinsAgain, what did you try changing to fix this?15:36
viliusPower settings to "never" for "blank after" and "put to sleep after". However, this happens when I am using external monitor through HDMI cable.15:37
jhutchinsvilius: Did you set up a screensaver, or are you just using the defaults.15:37
jhutchinsvilius: When you changed the power settings, was that with xfce Power Manager or something else?15:40
viliusXFCE power manager - the default one15:42
jhutchinsvilius: You could try turning the Display Power Manager off.15:43
jhutchinsvilius: You could also try later when someone more familiar with this part of xubuntu is around.15:44
jhutchinsI run XFCE4, but it's probably a different version on different hardware.15:44
viliusGreat! Thanks15:48
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BinarySaviorHello, looking for application on Ubuntu that is similar to this: https://virtual-graph-paper.com/17:55
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BinarySaviorYeah gimp will work, was looking for something with more technical details with real life dimensions like inches/cm to plan out locations for recessed lighting17:58
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rboxgimp has rulers18:00
rboxand you can set the size in inches18:00
BinarySaviorthanks rbox, I will use gimp18:02
vilius@jhutchins: still no change - audio plays, but screen blanks out18:23
wholeanhowdy, does the Ubuntu installer enabled TRIM by default when using disk encryption?19:20
oerhekswholean, no, AFAIK19:21
wholeancheers oerheks19:21
wholeanweighing up the performance benefit/security cost of enabling it now, and was wondering what the default was19:22
oerheksIt could be a security risc, losing data, but --allow-discards should be able to enable that, use it periodically19:25
oerhekssee this old answer https://askubuntu.com/questions/115823/trim-on-an-encrypted-ssd19:26
jhutchinswholean: Trim isn't very critical on current hardware.19:34
wholeanthanks both; I think I am going to leave it disabled, as I can always enable it later if I experience actual slowdowns19:34
wholeanI figure I am more likely to run out of space before that happens19:35
jhutchinsSS storage has evolved pretty quickly recently.19:35
wholeanside note: if I just nvme sanitize'd my drive and I am only seeing write speeds of 150MB/s when random'ing out the partition, could that be related to lack of trimming or is something else likely afoot?19:41
cbreakwholean: running iozone?19:42
wholeancbreak: just doing a dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mapper/to_be_wiped19:43
cbreaktried with bs=1m?19:45
wholeanthat's a shout :^) I'll give that a shot after this command has finished19:45
cbreakalso, look at your system load with btop, htop or similar. Does it look like you're stuck on a single thread?19:45
cbreakmaybe encryption the way you use it isn't optimal19:46
cbreakor maybe the underlying device isn't fast enough19:46
cbreakcompare with and without that mapper thing19:46
wholeanCPU usage is chilling well below 100% and cryptsetup benchmark had shown me a hearty ~1GiB/s19:48
wholeantho could still be either; will keep on the lookout19:49
wholeanjhutchins: what does that mean? sorry if that's an IRC newb question :)19:50
jhutchinswholean: That means I'm watching the Terran 1 launch and discussing it on another channel, and I posted here by mistake.19:55
jhutchinsThey had an abort at t-0.5 seconds.  That's cutting it pretty close.19:55
jhutchinsHad the engines lit and everything.19:56
cbreakProtos > Terran.19:58
cbreakwholean: if your goal is to erase the drive, you should use nvme commands to do it19:58
cbreakthat's much better than writing random junk, because after writing random junk, your ssd is full, and all writes will be expensive19:59
cbreakwhile after clearing an ssd, all cells will be empty19:59
cbreakso writes will be much cheaper and easier on the disk19:59
cbreakalso, writing data onto your ssd will not overwrite everything19:59
wholeanjhutchins: aha! ;)20:04
wholeancbreak: my thinking is that if I don't write random junk then it will be the same as leaving TRIM enabled after a while20:05
cbreakwhat's the problem with trim?20:06
wholeanor rather: without writing random junk, it is the same as starting with TRIM enabled; with TRIM disabled, after a while the drive will be filled with random junk anyway20:06
jhutchinswholean: If you're really concerned about it, you need to read some industry articles (not user articles) on the current state of the art for SS storage.20:06
jhutchins_CURRENT_ industry articles20:06
cbreakhaving an empty SSD is _good_20:07
cbreaktrimming empty space is good for performance20:08
cbreakit's also good for SSD lifetime20:08
wholeanokay, methinks I maybe need to understand the answer to a different question: should disabling TRIM for security be paired with filling the drive with random data?20:08
cbreakwhy the hell would disabling trim be good for security?20:08
wholeanas I feel that one does not work without the other, and so if I don't fill it with random data then I should just bite the bullet and enable TRIM20:08
cbreakfilling the drive with random data is not good for security20:09
wholeanmy understanding is that TRIM is disabled with LUKS by default because of information leakage (i.e. which parts of the drive are empty, and so which parts can be predicted to contain certain plaintext from analysing that structure)20:10
cbreakif your encryption method stores plaintext, then writing random junk around it won't help.20:10
cbreakLUKS has headers. Headers which can be used to decrypt the volume.20:11
cbreakThey can be used to decrypt the volume no matter what kind of junk you put into free space, given the pass phrase. Or it wouldn't work. So brute force attackers would not be inconvenienced by it.20:12
cbreakthe only meta data you expose by having an empty ssd is how much space of your ssd (which blocks) are used up.20:12
wholeanthe encryption method doesn't store plaintext, but zeroing out where data is not allows brute force attackers to reason about which plain text may be in the remaining areas (e.g. data that ext4 keeps in specific places)20:13
wholeanwhich gives a known input and output to constrain a search20:13
cbreakI really hope you use an encryption method that's resistant to known-plaintext attacks20:13
cbreaksomething that has been written in the last few decades20:13
wholeanROT13 has never failed me yet20:14
cbreaksomething like AES-GCM, or some other AES mode20:14
jhutchinsJust make sure your security system will withstand a wrench to the back of your head.20:14
cbreakjhutchins: yeah! Write down your password safely, in case of wrench-induced amnesia20:14
cbreakalso write down where you wrote down that password, in case the amnesia is ... widespread20:15
jhutchinsI'll let you do your own xkcd search.20:15
wholeanokay, based on this, I might as well enable TRIM after all then?20:15
wholeanas if the drive is not urandom'd out, the empty spots are apparent anyway20:15
wholean(at least, initially)20:16
cbreakI see no reason to disable trim from a security standpoint. Maybe it's buggy in your setup and frees space that shouldn't be.20:16
cbreakthat used to be the case in the early days on MacOS ... wasn't fun :(20:16
cbreakon my system, I have autotrim disabled in zfs, and just trim periodically.20:17
wholeancbreak: ye, am starting to lean that way for my use case too, although the dm-crypt docs warning was definitely scary enough to make me think twice :P (at 'allow_discards') https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/v5.5/admin-guide/device-mapper/dm-crypt.html20:23
wholeanp.s. bs=1M brought the write speeds up to a sustained 550MB/s, so that was def a good shout :)20:24
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johnny_LinuxI see south africa is suffering rolling blackouts20:45
johnny_Linuxwill this effect ubuntu ??20:46
taeaadEh. No.20:46
johnny_Linuxtime will tell20:46
taeaadMarc Shuttleworth hasn't lived here for ages.20:46
johnny_Linuxdont be silly.. mark has no say20:47
taeaadHe lives in a little tax haven island and runs Canonical and I assume most of the funding is from Ubuntu Pro.20:47
oerheksplease move this conversation to offtopic, thanks20:47
johnny_Linuxmost pro useres these days are free20:47
taeaadClassic #ubuntu, the original question was on-topic.20:48
krytarikHahaha! :P20:49
krytarik(No, it was just fake ontopic.)20:49
* taeaad moves the conversation to #emacs.20:51
johnny_Linuxthe policies that are now in session are due to those who are publically schooled and come into session to disrupt.20:51
johnny_Linuxrelax the policies and rid of such.20:51
oerheksjohnny_Linux, please stop20:52
johnny_Linuxgrown men CAN conversate without being booted20:52
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johnny_Linuxone last note:  the big bank failed.. 169 billion of unsecured FDIC funds , vanished... musk got revealed as a ccp vendor .. dont look good. i stifle.20:59
oerheksnobody cares here, johnny_Linux21:02
johnny_LinuxThank you for your time and efforts21:02
krytarikjohnny_Linux: If I see any more deliberate offtopicness from you here, borderline or otherwise, I'll make the effort and ban you.21:04
johnny_LinuxBack on topic:  My main concern was,,, if this was the case..... will and how ubuntu will continue to operate.21:05
johnny_Linuxkrytarik,  Thank you for your intellectual response, We as a ubuntu groupe look foward to your intel an we requested. Thank you for your time and efforts.21:14
SkyrableHi um ChanServ do you op me reason I'm a good boy and other things21:16
oerheksSkyrable, no.21:17
SkyrableJust a question21:17
Skyrableonly a question no need to be mad at me21:17
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krytarikjohnny_Linux: So your actual ontopic question was if Ubuntu can run without electrical power?21:23
johnny_linux1I see expressvpn has done things.. and it effects ubuntu.. it usually updated every 90 days.. it hasnt for some time.. and now has severe issues21:28
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: do you have an actual ubuntu support question?21:28
johnny_linux1nothing you can answer, considering the last 3 questions.. thank you.21:29
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: ok, great. Feel free to take any further discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic or any other channel21:29
johnny_linux1My questions.. in the allocations of the rules apply21:30
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: right, so offtopic. Please /join #ubuntu-offtopic and continue there21:30
johnny_linux1,y system keeps locking up.. why21:31
johnny_linux1AND i have PRO21:31
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: please run the following on your machine and paste the resulting URL here:   ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; pro status ) | nc termbin.com 999921:32
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: when and how does it lock up? When was the last time?21:34
johnny_linux1started the last kernel21:35
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: please give more detail21:35
johnny_linux1everything was fine.. till i updated21:36
johnny_linux1and UPDATED VIRTUAL MACHINE21:37
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: ok, let us know when you are actually interested in troubleshooting21:37
johnny_linux1WELL. SHOOT21:37
johnny_linux1I was under the impression pro was to do THAT job21:39
johnny_linux1anyway shoot21:39
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: pro gives you support through Canonical. You are welcome to contact Canonical for pro support if you like. Or you could put some effort into troubleshooting here and we'd be happy to help you.21:40
johnny_linux1I have this crappy new board.. MAG tomahawk board21:44
johnny_linux1garbage bios21:44
johnny_linux1chyna crap=ware21:44
johnny_linux1we all know21:44
oerheksstill no support question ...21:45
johnny_linux1do i need one with the last 8 posts ?21:46
cbreakjohnny_linux1: you do not need to have a support question. But if you have one, you need to tell us that question for it to be possibly answered.21:48
johnny_linux1I just proclaimed my issue.. are you new ??21:49
cbreakyour issue is that you have a crappy new board? That's not an ubuntu problem.21:50
johnny_linux1scroll further.. not that long21:50
oerheks" <johnny_linux1> I see expressvpn has done things.. and it effects ubuntu" ... contact them?21:50
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: you said your system "keeps locking up". I asked you when it locks up, as in what are you doing when it happens and how does it lock up? You didn't answer either question.21:51
johnny_linux1I said.. my system locks up after the last kernel...  how on gods green earth did you miss that21:52
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: how does it lock up? What are you doing when it happens?21:53
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: ok, so you're just sitting at your computer, looking at "nothing" for an unspecified amount of time, not touching your keyboard or mouse and it just "locks up" and that "locks up" looks like "nothing"?21:54
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: if you're not using your computer, how can you tell it "locks up"?21:54
johnny_linux1i opened a browser.. and it locked up21:54
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: define "locked up"21:55
johnny_linux1lol.. its the browser "contact them"   right ?21:55
johnny_linux1I cant even do a ctl+f1..f2.. otherwise21:56
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: which browser?21:56
johnny_linux1ff or vivaldui21:56
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: can you reproduce this locking up at will?21:56
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: so it's intermittent?21:57
johnny_linux1i suspect the graphics card update21:57
johnny_linux1no.. it happens when i look at videos on either browsers21:57
johnny_linux1hense.. graphics update21:58
johnny_linux1my system is running special processor now22:00
johnny_linux1nice is @ 20 %22:00
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: so this is what I want you to do. Use your computer normally. The next time this happens, reboot. Once it's back up, run: ( sudo journalctl -T -b -1 ) | nc termbin.com 999922:00
johnny_linux1leftyfb,  my nice processor is running 30% right now22:01
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: then ask someone here to take a look at the URL and tell them exactly what applications were open at the time it "locked up" and what exactly you were doing22:01
johnny_linux1ok.. will do.. thanks22:01
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: irrelevant to the troubleshooting at hand22:01
johnny_linux1its starting to lok up now22:02
leftyfbjohnny_linux1: define "starting to lok up"22:02
oerheksthe virtual machine or the host?22:03
oerheksrunning around in circles..22:04
Jeremy31johnny_linux1: you might want to have this running in terminal before it happens to see if there are clues> tail -f /ver/log/syslog22:04
Jeremy31johnny_linux1: you might want to have this running in terminal before it happens to see if there are clues> tail -f /var/log/syslog22:05
leftyfbJeremy31: that's what journalctl -b -1 does22:05
leftyfbJeremy31: it's kernel messages from the previous boot22:05
Jeremy31leftyfb: Missed seeing that posted22:06
tcurdtI would like to install and use "blocky" as dns server - but systemd-resolve is running on port 53 already22:07
tcurdtI guess I could have it listen on the public interface instead but I am wondering what the indented is to set this up22:07
leftyfbtcurdt: is this for a desktop or server?22:07
tcurdtwould I point systemd-resolve to the other dns server?22:07
leftyfbtcurdt: disable systemd-resolved22:08
tcurdtand that won't break things?22:08
leftyfbtcurdt: only local dns caching. But you're running a DNS server on it, and it's a server so it's unlikely you need that anyway22:09
johnny_LinuxI missed the last command when it locked up22:09
tcurdtleftyfb so the benefit of system-resolve over the old style is mostly just caching? (I am still struggling with the systemd world)22:11
leftyfbtcurdt: systemd-resolved and resolvconf are just caching servers. Not DNS servers.22:11
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johnny_Linuxyou know.. im in my 60's.. and when we were confronted with problems.. we solved them.. no whiny bitches and no men in tights.. your organization had better get its stuff straight or.. its over.. have a good day22:16
tcurdtleftyfb that's clear ... but do I just stop/disable the service or do I need to disable the stub DNSStubListener=no?22:17
leftyfbtcurdt: just stop the service. And either point /etc/resolv.conf at your local DNS once it gets setup or point it to a public nameserver22:17
leftyfbtcurdt: sorry, disable the service, not just stop it22:18
leftyfbtcurdt: you could always mask it as well22:18
tcurdtbut wasn't it that resolv.conf gets overwritten/dynamic? or is that systemd-resolved ... so it will become static?22:20
tcurdtfound this https://askubuntu.com/questions/907246/how-to-disable-systemd-resolved-in-ubuntu ... has a few more details22:21
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leftyfbtcurdt: you only need to disable the service and edit resolv.conf as I suggested22:23
leftyfbtcurdt: most tutorials are for disabling it when you have Network Mananger installed and suggest you wipe /etc/resolv.conf so it gets recreated by NM. In your case, that won't happen and you won't have local DNS22:24
leftyfbtcurdt: ah, ok, I see one issue. Yeah, you'll want to delete /etc/resolv.conf which is a symlink. But you'll want to recreate /etc/resolv.conf point either to localhost for your DNS or a public resolver22:25
tcurdtjust for fun I just tried turning off the stub ... that seems to work as well22:31
tcurdtbut question is if the systemd-resolve is of any use without it22:32
tcurdt"work" as in not binding to 5322:32
leftyfbtcurdt: you'll need to disable and stop systemd-resolved22:34
tcurdtleftyfb that's what I did after22:35
tcurdtbut just turning off the stub might have also been enough22:35
leftyfbit's not22:35
leftyfbtcurdt: but also, define "turning off the stub"22:35
mybalzitchusing a hp scanner under 22.10 is infuriating22:36
tcurdtleftyfb DNSStubListener=no in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf and it won't listen on 53 anymore22:36
mybalzitchexcept the gnome scanner software decided it might work22:37
tcurdtthat said - I am not sure what else it does then :)22:37
leftyfbtcurdt: I would just leave that be, disable the systemd-resolved service and edit /etc/resolv.conf22:37
tcurdtleftyfb sure sure ... I was just curious and tried that beforehand22:37
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n008Thanks for responses23:57

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