OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: Thats an interesting solution...16:07
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Yeah, it'll work, and it's easy.16:08
EickmeyerJust utilizes the postinst/prerm scripting I put in ubuntustudio-pipewire-config.16:09
EickmeyerAlso guarantees the services are taken care of.16:11
OvenWerksThat was my thought as well16:12
EickmeyerWhat inspired me is that Ubuntu Desktop decided to install pipewire-audio which is the metapackage created upstream in Debian, which installs pipewire-alsa which conflicts with pulseaudio. With that, it means studio-controls is useless *unless* a meta like this gets installed.16:13
OvenWerksI need to set up development on my LT. If/when I can get PW to bridge to Jack, PA can fade into history16:14
EickmeyerYep, that would be so nice.16:15
OvenWerksIf push comes to shove, Making something like zitta-ajbridge that hits a PW pseudo ALSA device may be the way to go.16:17
OvenWerksbut PW is supposed to be able to bridge already, I have just not heard or read of anyone actually doing it.16:18
OvenWerksGot myself a new guitar amp... 100watts, $56CAD, 3x4x1in.16:26
EickmeyerOooo! Nice!16:27
EickmeyerDecent deal too!16:27
OvenWerks(Its actually supposed to be a sub woofer amp, but it has a full range switch and my 12in speaker limits the high end anyway16:28
EickmeyerI've accidentally thrown full-range through subs before in the middle of events. Not pretty. Mostly during system discovery.16:28
OvenWerksI'm feeding a cabinet emulator into it that acts as a preamp.16:29
OvenWerksI have found that using a 12 inch speaker makes a big difference to the sound.16:31
EickmeyerIt does.16:31
EickmeyerI've even used a single input, taken that into two different amp emulators and tweaked each one to have a slightly different sound to give it a stereo effect. It's really cool.16:32
EickmeyerOh! For the Ardour export issue, a simple workaround is to switch it from using Jack to ALSA for exporting if Pipewire is the audio engine.16:33
OvenWerksEickmeyer: Yes That works. Except... if the person is using a jack application such as rosegarden, hydrogen, etc. as part of their work chain.17:28
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I'm talking about if it's already recorded and processed.17:29
OvenWerksEickmeyer:  It is possible to run the export in RT as well.17:29
EickmeyerFreewheel is supported now though?17:29
OvenWerksthere are a number of people who run hydrogen as jack master17:30
OvenWerksfree wheel is suposed to be supported, even with the version I use but Ardour still freezes... seems to freeze the whole audio chain.17:31
EickmeyerWell, using the metapackage should switch our audio stack back to the previous non-pipewire behavior.17:35
EickmeyerAlso, 23.04 will have Wayland installed, but not selected by default.17:36
OvenWerksI don't think wayland will be a problem. I have been using it with 22.10 for a while. The only problem I have had is everything is so small be default17:38
OvenWerksIt is probably in setup somewhere.... but I use ctl/+ a lot17:38
EickmeyerThe display scaling in Plasma 5.27 is much, much better.18:14

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