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arraybolt3Just a friendly reminder to all that the Flavor Sync Meetings are tomorrow. (Also this is me verifying that we are still intending to do those.)18:54
FallenYes we are!18:55
FallenEickmeyer: I saw some chatter about the artwork, will check in tomorrow how things are going 18:56
arraybolt3Fallen: Hey, could you let me into the flavor sync meeting notes?18:56
arraybolt3You should see a request for access from arraybolt3@gmail.com.18:56
EickmeyerFallen: Thanks!18:56
Fallenilvipero can take a look when he is at work tomorrow. I'm on mobile and just getting back from a conference 18:57
arraybolt3K, no problem. (I should probably have thought to ask a week ago :P)18:58
aaronprisk[m]Should be good to go now  arraybolt3 @arraybolt3:matrix.org: 19:34

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