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mwhudsonahasenack: the hack is to not have ubuntu in DEB_EMAIL I think :-)21:14
arraybolt3Did someone just make changes to livecd-rootfs that might have accidentally loaded directories named "arch", "include", "install", and "scripts" into the root directory? I'm seeing all of these strange-looking folders on the latest Lubuntu Lunar ISO.21:47
arraybolt3There are programs inside /scripts, /scripts/unifdef and /scripts/basic/fixdep.21:52
tsimonq2xnox: ^^^^^^^^ this is src:linux21:57
mwhudsonwait what21:59
arraybolt3linux-libc-dev is dumping files directly into / for some odd reason.22:00
PaulW2Uarraybolt3: that's bug 200935523:11
-ubottu:#ubuntu-devel- Bug 2009355 in linux (Ubuntu Lunar) "linux-libc-dev is no longer multi-arch safe" [Critical, Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/200935523:11
arraybolt3tsimonq2: ^ probably don't need to file a bug about LFS non-compliance then23:12
mwhudsonoh yikes23:42
mwhudsoni wonder when the next kernel upgrade is due23:43

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