CesdoHello all13:35
CesdoIs anyone here? :-)13:35
CesdoI want to be a maintainer13:36
CesdoSo I have some questions for you13:36
CesdoWhen I start ./Configure is it necessary to have "Yes" on each line before starting Make?13:41
bratnerCesdo, not really. Some tests are for optional features, some just figuring out what kind of system you have. If your system lacks something mandatory, usualy Makefile will not be generated at all.13:43
Cesdobratner: But have I try to include those all optional features to package?13:46
bratnerI want to maintain my own patch over ubuntu [patched over upstream] source of qemu. Is there an ubuntu git repo that holds the patched upstream source for each released package version that I can use as my upstream?13:47
bratnerCesdo: As it happens i'm now into qemu package. It has a lot of "auto-detect" features in it's ./configure script. Ubuntu uses specific "--with-feature" and "--without-feature" for each one. For all "--with-feature" the metadata files specifies an ubuntu package requirement.13:50
bratnerCesdo: I suggest having the same scheme. You want to avoid "autodetection" during build. So your binary package will always have the same features and dependencies.13:52
Cesdobratner: thank you14:10

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