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Bashing-omUWN: Issue 778 up for review and final edits: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue778 :D19:27
krytarikBashing-om: I'd put the Xubuntu Minimal post in the Press section, since it's not really new and rather kind of a review.19:37
krytarikhttps://ubuntu.com//blog/operator-day-kube%60%60con-europe-2023 - this link is dead.19:40
krytarikhttps://web.archive.org/web/20230301140810/https://centrolinux.pt/post/2023-fevereiro-workshop-flutter/ - and is there a reason why the web archive is used here rather than the original link which also works?19:42
krytarikhttps://ubuntu.com//blog/operator-day-kubecon-europe-2023 - seems to be the correct one for the first.19:44
Bashing-omkrytarik: Fixing ^ :D19:53
Bashing-omUWN: Next edits :D20:05
EickmeyerBashing-om: Do you want anything about Edubuntu daily builds now available?20:07
Bashing-omEickmeyer: Ya got else than the Twitter notice ?20:08
EickmeyerSadly, no. Not even a website yet, still waiting on Canonical IS to do that.20:08
EickmeyerBut, we have builds at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/daily-live/current/20:09
EickmeyerOnly official flavors are allowed to have daily builds.20:09
Bashing-omEickmeyer: Looking - see what we can do :D20:10
EickmeyerThe installer still uses the Ubuntu slideshow until a new release of ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu gets released, which should include the edubuntu slideshow.20:14
Bashing-omEickmeyer: krytarik: ^ I see no reason we can not make the availability advisement in the "Other Communuty News" section.20:15
krytarikBashing-om: Yeah, you could of course word something yourself there and then just link to the publish tree - that works for me.20:19
Bashing-omEickmeyer: krytarik: Not much I can say .. how about like this ?20:22
Eickmeyer"The flavor is officially renewed and is now available for testing" ?20:23
Bashing-omEickmeyer: Yeah !20:24
EickmeyerI'll probably be posting a bigger post on discourse in the future with some screenshots on how it's actually relevant this day and age.20:24
EickmeyerHad to block someone on Twitter for calling it "useless" when they clearly don't understand the scope is not simply "Ubuntu with wallpaper and a bunch of apps."20:25
Bashing-omEickmeyer: Edit made - and yeah -- there is always that 10% of nay-sayers - a cross we bear :(20:27

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