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ShariffHow do I claim an unclaimed display (lshw) so I can use it? https://imgur.com/a/GYkeo8317:28
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wingarmacGreetings ! I need hel with repos and keyrings they got messed up. I've still another ubuntu 22.04 lts server where everything is ok. but my problem is on the main server: https://termbin.com/gm8xf here's my last output of apt update (I've my own mirror coverring the packages for ubuntu 22.04 LTS amd64 and my personal 3th party software mirrored.)21:49
wingarmacHow can I be sure that keys are always store like it should instead of the deprecated way ?21:50
ravagedont use legacy scripts to add repos21:51
wingarmacI've just learned that before you told me ;)21:51
wingarmacAny help to solve it ?21:52
wingarmacThe script ... is one I try to pounder with the info I found on the net. But some where outdated advices it seems.21:53
wingarmacThis was the script I've tried to apply https://github.com/wingarmac/wingarmac/blob/main/convert_keys.sh21:54
wingarmac apt install --reinstall ubuntu-keyring help me solve the issue for official repos. But still the others aren't working.21:58
wingarmacI made a copy with ssh from my host where the repos are still working like it should. This solved the problem.22:16
wingarmacBut still I have an issue to add a mirror of the google-chrome-stable package to my own mirror. It seems apt-mirror doesn't add the package for this 3the party repo: https://termbin.com/iu2x I tried many ways to add it. Other 3th party software like Webmin and eid where added without issues.23:05
wingarmacHere is what I did try before already: https://termbin.com/37eh823:08
wingarmacNo way to get the google-chrome-stable on my mirror.23:08

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