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Guest81does anyone have any FOSS home printer recommendations? I looked at openprinting.org and there are alot of options. my current printer I cant find the wifi card to replace. I think it is by design.....01:47
arraybolt3Guest81: HP printers generally work well in my experience - I have two printers and one scanner that all Just Work with Ubuntu.01:52
arraybolt3They're all older models but still do their job.01:53
oerheksavoid canon01:53
Guest81i have an hp printer now. I cant find the wifi card to replace it... I am trying to adhere to driverless and foss (*cue eye rolls*)01:53
oerheksreplacing wifi hardware? not an ubuntu issue01:54
Guest81im running ubuntu02:05
barisHi, I have to kill nautilus frequently... How can I debug what may be the problem? 22.04.202:44
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tomreynbaris: why do you need to kill it - does it freeze? have you tried running it from a terminal, to maybe get to see some warnings when it stops working?03:05
baristomreyn, spawned windows show that dialog box ... wait or kill03:07
barisnew windows cannot be spawned at that time03:07
tomreynbaris: i do not know what "that dialog box is", since it's a GUI application, maybe post some screenshots? you can use imgur.com for example03:11
tomreyndo you have nautilus / gnomr file plugins installed?03:12
baristomreyn, sorry I thought you could remember the dialog, when an app becomes non rsponsive...03:12
baristomreyn, not sure let me check03:13
tomreynright, i know this dialog03:13
tomreyndoes the dialog come up immediately after starting nautilus?03:13
tomreynif not, what seems to trigger it?03:13
barisI just ran it from terminal. I do not have any logs in terminal but the window got non-responsive03:14
barisI do not have file plugins installed03:14
barisI have something in syslog, wait03:14
barisnautilus[286395]: Connecting to org.freedesktop.Tracker3.Miner.Files03:16
barisdoes this make sense, I have many lines from nautilus but this is the last03:16
tomreyndoes this line get logged at the same time nautilus freezes?03:16
tomreyn<tomreyn> does the dialog come up immediately after starting nautilus?03:17
barisnot sure about the first question, I can try the second one03:17
tomreynmaybe you can reproduce it, and keep a tail -f running on syslog (or journalctl -f)03:18
barisAnswer ias no to the second question. I have tail -F /var/log/syslog open waiting for a freeze03:18
barisSorry, no is for the first question...03:19
tomreynso it doesn't freeze as a result of interacting with the application but at seemingly random times, without you touching nautilus, too?03:19
barisIt does not immediately print tracker3... stuff03:19
tomreynbaris: try this: close nautilus. run    killall nautilus    in a terminal emulator. run    tracker3 reset --filesystem     in a terminal emulator. start nautilus again, and see whether this made any difference.03:24
tomreynthis is based on https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/nautilus/-/issues/255403:24
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Issue 2554 in GNOME/nautilus "Nautilus freezes when searching" [Opened]03:24
tomreynif the "tracker3" command above fails because the command is not available, you can run this instead there:    rm -r ~/.cache/tracker303:27
baristomreyn, thank you! I'll try. I verify that freeze happens right when it's trying to connect to Tracker.3.Miner.files03:27
bariswhich happens when I click on search icon03:27
barisand type03:27
barisrm -r ~/.cache/tracker3 did not help I already have tried that one03:28
barisas well as  rm -r ~/.cache/tracker03:28
bariswhich seems to be tracker203:28
tomreynso "tracker" is the file system indexing tool and index. i assume there's some systmed user service for tracker which nautilus connects to, to query the index.03:29
tomreynif the index is corrupt or the tracker service stalled, this could lead to this apparent freeze03:30
baristomreyn, reset --filesystem seems to have worked. I tried searching after the reset and did not observe any freze yet03:30
barisThank you!03:30
tomreynsweet, hope it stays this way.03:31
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xubuntu14dI ned help04:54
xubuntu14dHelp m04:55
Bashing-om!ask | xubuntu14d04:55
ubottuxubuntu14d: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:55
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luna__Dear friends, I have noticed that sometimes I want to put a shortcut to a webpage on the desktop, using chrome. I notice that in Gnome,  the desktop files produced are/is useless and may be empty and has a really weird name.  I noticed that in MATE the shortcut file on the desktop is normal, works, and has the name of the page.  YOU MUST GET THIS FIXED.05:26
luna__luna is morgan05:27
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matsamanmorgan-acer: what about using chromium?05:28
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tomreynmorgan-acer: you could file a bug report on this06:21
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ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.06:21
xMopxthe consequences will never be the same !06:22
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aqueryHello all, I got the dialogue "would you like to upgrade ubuntu to the latest version" and clicked upgrade. The upgrade attempt failed (went into a loop and crashed at some point)09:19
aqueryAfter restarting, I have no X, but even worse - I have no network interfaces (apart from lo and some docker interfaces).09:19
aqueryIf I could get the network up, I think I stand a chance of rescueing this system, but I'm not sure how to get the network interfaces back.09:20
aqueryIs there anyone who might be able to point me in the right direction?09:20
lotuspsychjeaquery: try to get into recoverymode with root shell and networking enabled09:36
lotuspsychjeaquery: or try booting into a previous kernel from grub stage09:38
lotuspsychjewelcome usuario10:01
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litteulblackHello ^^10:29
litteulblackI have question10:30
litteulblackit is possible to create a tunnel with a VPS trougt wireguard and a webserver self hosted with my ISP10:31
litteulblackand have access on the webserver with ip address of VPS10:31
litteulblackthank you in advence for awnser10:31
litteulblackI found many articles about VPN but not to redirect all trafic10:32
blebluxhi all getting crazy trying to reach what nmap says is a filtered port from outside my 20.04.5 LTS10:51
blebluxsudo nmap localhost -p 878710:51
blebluxStarting Nmap 7.80 ( https://nmap.org ) at 2023-03-12 10:36 CET10:51
blebluxNmap scan report for localhost (
blebluxHost is up (0.000043s latency).10:51
blebluxrDNS record for [machinename]10:51
blebluxPORT     STATE SERVICE10:51
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blebluxhi all getting crazy trying to reach what nmap says is a filtered port from outside my 20.04.5 LTS. nmap from localhost says port is open but, when I do the nmap from outside the machine it says that the port is filtered. the port answers as expected when i try to reach it teleneting locally, but no answer when the telnet is done form outside the10:58
blebluxlocal machine, even with a computer in the same local network segment.10:58
blebluxno ufw installed10:59
blebluxiptables shows accept in the INPUT, FORWARD and OUTPUT10:59
Guest375I have installed ubuntu 20.04. Have Ubuntu One account. Facing some issues. Wanted to post my issue on https://ubuntuforums.org When I tried login with SSO, I get this error message -11:01
Guest375    The following errors occurred during your registration:11:01
Guest375    That username is already in use or does not meet the administrator's standards. If you are hsubuntu1 and you have forgotten your password, click here.11:01
Guest375why I am not able to login on ubuntuforums.org - login with sso not wkg for me.11:02
ravageGuest375: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=223000411:21
Guest375I have already checked that. But WHY my existing SSO login is not working for forums ?11:23
Guest375Even not able to contact forum moderators .. :(11:23
Guest375it says, first login, only then I can contact moderators.11:24
Guest375is there any forums support email id ? where I can send email for help.11:25
nb-benhow would I configure gtk-3 touse the 256x256 version of Adwaita, for instance?11:31
nb-bengtk-cursor-theme-size doesn't seem to have any effect11:31
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BluesKajHi all13:08
valued-customerHowdy y'all.  I have just been confronted with locked files when attempting to upgrade and update as root.  As a new user, I am concerned about security, and would appreciate some guidance.13:54
tomreynhi. can you show the errors you ran into, as text on a pastebin or screenshots on an image board?13:56
valued-customerYou mean not paste the text here?13:57
tomreynideally with any context, such as which commands you ran or what you did that may have triggered it13:57
tomreynright, you can pipe text into   | nc termbin.com 9999   and get a url that way13:58
tomreynor copy and paste it to dpaste.com13:58
tomreynthen submit it there and copy and paste just the url here13:58
aqueryHello all, I had to reinstall my laptop due to a botched upgrade attempt. I've backed up my home directory and copied it back when the fresh install was completed. But my side panel doesn't look like it used to. What file has the settings for the side panel?13:59
valued-customertomreyn can you provide the specific syntax of the command I need to use to | copied text?13:59
valued-customerI am not competent to write such commands14:00
tomreynvalued-customer: if you help me with this: what's the command you were running that triggered the error message.14:00
valued-customersudo apt upgrade && sudo apt update14:00
bratneraquery, i'm guessing here but it maybe ~/.config directory14:00
tomreynmy guess, too14:01
bratnervalued-customer, what happens if you run: "sudo apt update" again?14:02
aquerybratner: ~/.config is a big place. Inside it there's only one good candidate: dconf/. It contains only one (binary) file and I've imported it, but it still doesn't work.14:02
tomreynvalued-customer: okay, can you run this: (sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -ys ) &> /tmp/apt && nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/apt14:02
valued-customerit ran, and all files are up to date14:02
valued-customerbratner it ran, and all files are reported up to date14:03
valued-customerI do not see that it interacted with the locked files reported when I used the && command14:04
bratnervalued-customer, command1 && command2 means "run command1 and if it succeeds run command2"14:05
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tomreynvalued-customer: that's in response to my command? let's try ignoring errors so the paste gets online. try this: (sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade -ys ) &> /tmp/apt; nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/apt14:06
valued-customertomreyn I apologize for not @'ing you specifically when replying.  N00b mistake.  I have run sudo apt update again, and it completed without error, per @bratner's suggestion.  I will now run the command you have specified.14:08
tomreynvalued-customer: no need for @, but you can mention me with just "tomreyn" as you did.14:09
tomreynhi cyborg14:10
tomreynvalued-customer: okay, you should get a termbin url this time14:10
valued-customertomreyn https://termbin.com/jh27w14:10
cyborgI was here on Pop os just saw this chat I never used this before and thought to see what it is14:11
cyborgI never knew it existed14:11
tomreynvalued-customer: there seems to be no error, but the second command was just simulated. let's try actually running itthis time: (sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade -y ) &> /tmp/apt; nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/apt14:12
tomreynaquery: did you install the same ubuntu version you used to have when you created the backup?14:13
valued-customertomreyn nc: getaddrinfo for host "ttermbin.com" port 9999: Name or service not known14:14
valued-customeroops.  Nm14:14
tomreynaquery: is it even the same graphical desktop (gnome-shell + mutter) you used to have?14:14
Jeremy31valued-customer: only one t in termbin.com14:15
valued-customertomreyn https://termbin.com/trop014:15
valued-customerJeremy31 Yes, I only noticed after I pasted the result here.14:15
tomreynvalued-customer: you should be abele to copy and paste to and from the terminal emulator (probably gnome-terminal), so don't actually need to type these commands14:16
tomreynvalued-customer: in gnome-terminal, you'll need to ctrl-shift-c /-v (not just ctrl-c/-v)14:16
valued-customertomreyn I seem unable to copy from text here using Hexchat, so type commands out.14:16
tomreynvalued-customer: oh hexchat is special, you just mark text with the mouse then press middle mouse where you want to paste it14:17
tomreynvalued-customer: the output shows no error message or warning about locks14:17
valued-customertomreyn i see no errors in the output, but also see no interaction with the reported locked files that prompted my concern14:18
tomreynthe commands i had you run are effectively    sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade14:18
valued-customertomreyn yes, I understand14:18
tomreynwhich locked files are or were reported?14:18
valued-customertomreyn Could not open lock file /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (13: Permission denied)14:19
valued-customerthat was the first of four error messages I received14:19
tomreynand this is still happening now?14:19
leftyfbtomreyn: it was probably just unattended-upgrades14:19
valued-customertomreyn I have not seen the error messages again.14:19
tomreynyou would see this message is you ran apt without sudo14:19
tomreynso i'm guessing you maybe just forgot you need sudo for apt update and upgrade commands14:20
leftyfbor that14:20
KeeperoftheKeysI have a weird issue not sure where to raise it.... I configured my laptop to use secure boot and it uses the Canonical key for that just fine, for DKMS modules (VirtualBox) I created another key and I manually added it with mokutil, it works fine for a while and then the key disappears from the enrolled list14:21
valued-customertomreyn I note that I did indeed missreport using sudo after the && in the original command.  I apologize for taking your valuable time, and appreciate your kind consideration in enabling my understanding14:21
tomreynleftyfb: i think you'd see a different error message when the lock file was put there by some other apt process, but not 100% sure14:21
tomreynvalued-customer: you're welcome, no problem ;)14:22
KeeperoftheKeys(running Ubuntu 22.10, considering upgrading to 23.04 already due to issues with standby, Ryzen 4700U, LUKS encrypted nvme storage)14:23
tomreynvalued-customer: because this came out wrong earlier somewhere: make sure you first run "apt update", then "apt upgrade" (or better yet, "apt full-upgrade"), not the other way around14:23
tomreynboth with sudo though14:23
valued-customertomreyn thank you.  I seem to have missordered the commands.  I will endeavor to keep the order correct going forward14:24
tomreynKeeperoftheKeys: try a bios upgrade first, and this:14:24
tomreyn!acpi_osi | KeeperoftheKeys14:24
ubottuKeeperoftheKeys: If your system is unstable or power management does not work well and logs show ACPI issues, you can try to make the Linux kernel pretend it was Windows during boot (which can help on hardware which was only tested with Windows): http://iam.tj/prototype/enhancements/Windows-acpi_osi.html14:24
KeeperoftheKeysBios is already the newest version that was released (over a year old by now but not holding my breath for Asus)14:25
tomreynvalued-customer: alright, you can also do this using the GUI if you prefer / it's easier for now. on the other hand, it's good that you're learning your way around the terminal14:25
tomreynthe shell rather14:26
KeeperoftheKeysubotto: that is a very interesting idea, will definitely have a look at that :)14:26
KeeperoftheKeysI wish I still had S3 sleep14:26
valued-customertomreyn when I allow the gui to attempt to update my system, it reports that I have no available space on the drive.14:26
tomreyn!cookie | ubottu14:26
ubottuubottu: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!14:26
valued-customertomreyn however, I am able to update and upgrade using the terminal14:27
KeeperoftheKeyswhat about disappearing MOK keys?14:27
tomreynvalued-customer: hmm, maybe your /boot file system is a bit small. whihc ubuntu release did you say you have there?14:27
valued-customertomreyn ubuntu 20.04 lts14:27
leftyfbvalued-customer: please run the following command and paste the resulting URL here:   ( uname -a ; cat /etc/os-release ; df -h / ; df -h /boot ) | nc termbin.com 999914:32
tomreynvalued-customer: what does this report?  grep COMPRESS /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf14:32
valued-customertomreyn # COMPRESS: [ gzip | bzip2 | lz4 | lzma | lzop | xz ]14:33
tomreynKeeperoftheKeys: to me it's not clear what you're asking regarding 'disappearing MOK keys'.14:33
tomreyn(i know what MOKs are)14:33
valued-customerleftyfb https://termbin.com/g8q9i14:34
leftyfbvalued-customer: apt list --installed |grep linux-image | nc termbin.com 999914:35
valued-customerleftyfb WARNING: apt does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts.14:35
tomreynvalued-customer: unfortunately the installer creates a rather small /boot file system, and you can't really resize it post-install if you use (almost) full disk encryption, as you seem to be  doing.14:36
leftyfbvalued-customer: sudo apt remove --purge linux-image-5.15.0-60-generic && sudo apt install linux-image-generic-hwe-20.0414:37
valued-customerleftyfb just to be sure I understand, this command will remove the older 5.15 image and install the new 20.04 image?14:38
leftyfbvalued-customer: actually, I just checked, you are already running the latest kernel14:40
leftyfbso I'm not sure why your system would be complaining about space14:40
valued-customerleftyfb I am also unaware of any substantive reason for the error, as I seem to have sufficient space presently14:41
tomreynusually when upgrading the kernel, the new initrd gets created first, then the old one removed14:42
valued-customerleftyfb So, I have not run the purge && install command, as I understood you to confirm I am presently running the correct version.14:42
tomreynthat way you can run into a situation where temporarily, little or even not enough disk space can be available on /boot14:43
leftyfbtomreyn: they're running the latest kernel, I see no reason why we should be touching /boot at all unless we're just regenerating initrd, at which point it shouldn't be complaining about space14:43
tomreynthe best way to solve that would be to ensure there is space for three kernels and initrds14:43
valued-customertomreyn is it possible my reversal of the order of update and upgrade commands has caused this error message to persist?14:43
leftyfbvalued-customer: unrelated14:44
valued-customerleftyfb I see14:44
KeeperoftheKeystomreyn: I enrolled a MOK key that I sign my DKMS modules with but every once in a while it "magically" (and extremely frustratingly) disappears from the enrolled key list forcing me to do another reboot to re-enroll the key14:44
tomreynleftyfb: i'm thinking of this scenario: valued-customer was running an outdated kernel image, had that and the older one installed, as usual. then apt noticed there is a kernel update, installed that and generated the initrd, which resulted in too little space on /boot until the oldest kernel + initrd was removed.14:45
leftyfbtomreyn: they're running the latest kernel14:45
tomreynvalued-customer: no, this won't be related14:45
valued-customertomreyn thanks14:45
leftyfbvalued-customer: ( sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade 2>&1 ) | nc termbin.com 999914:46
tomreynleftyfb: right, and they're not seeing the "out of space" message anymore, i would think. maybe the "little space left" message is still present14:46
tomreyn(because thats the case)+14:46
leftyfboh wait, we're troubleshooting a past message that we can't reproduce?14:46
valued-customerleftyfb https://termbin.com/vput14:47
leftyfbwell that didn't work out the way it should have14:47
leftyfbvalued-customer: I think you are good to go now14:47
tomreynleftyfb: i don'T know this for sure. valued-customer mentioned receiving a warning or error about insufficient disk space during past GUI updates.14:47
valued-customertomreyn No, I am currently told the GUI cannot update my system when it tries to do so, and can only update and upgrade via the terminal presently14:47
tomreynvalued-customer: so that's still the case when you try to update on the GUI now?14:48
valued-customertomreyn correct.14:48
tomreynvalued-customer: hmm, weird, can you post a screenshot?14:48
valued-customerIt just happened which prompted my attempt to update and upgrade via the terminal.14:48
tomreynleftyfb: apt takes too long to run on most systems, you'll need to dumpt the output to a temp file and make nc read from there. i posted the command above, we went over this, yet14:49
valued-customertomreyn I do not know how to instigate the GUI to attempt to update the system.  It just does so at regular intervals.14:49
tomreynvalued-customer: ah, you can run this from a terminal emulator : update-manager -c14:50
KeeperoftheKeysIs github having issues?14:51
leftyfbKeeperoftheKeys: that would be a question for ##github and is unrelated to ubuntu14:52
valued-customerHuh.  I found the Software Updater in the Applications menu, and ran it.  It proceeded to update without reporting errors.  I then selected Upgrade, but canceled when it offered to install 22.04, because I don't want to fix anything no broken.14:53
KeeperoftheKeysjoin /#github14:54
tomreynvalued-customer: so i assume the errors are gone for now14:54
tomreyni also assume they will return :-/14:54
tomreynhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/partman-auto/+bug/1959971 should fix this for future installations14:55
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1959971 in partman-auto (Ubuntu Jammy) "[FFE] increase /boot partition size" [High, Triaged]14:55
valued-customertomreyn I believe so, after using terminal it seems there is no longer a space issue.  I also am confident the problem will reoccur when the scheduled GUI update does.  I will see if I can take a screenshot then, and perhaps can discover the genesis of the error thereafter14:56
valued-customertomreyn, leftyfb, and bratner, I thank you for your kindness and help14:58
tomreynvalued-customer: i'm pretty sure what i discussed earlier with leftyfb is what is the cause of the messages: you normally have two kernel images and initrd's (a small file linux user space which is used for e.g. unlocking your encrypted file systems), and that's when you have your /boot filled by 72% as seen at https://termbin.com/g8q9i14:59
tomreynwhen apt or the gui apt updater then detects that a new kernel image is available, it will attempt to install that additionally, but it won't fit anymore on your 704 MB /boot, thus triggering these errors.15:00
tomreynyou can, after these errors occurred, use    sudo apt update && sudo apt --purge --autoremove install      which should remove the outdated kernel and make room to complete installation of the newer one.15:01
valued-customertomreyn I can but assume that makes sense, as I have little understanding of how this process works.15:01
tomreynthe --purge --autoremove will ensure the oldest kernel image is removed and then installing the newer one can actually succeed, because enough space will be available again.15:02
AzertyUAHehe this work15:03
tomreynAzertyUA: could you please run your tests in #tests15:03
valued-customertomreyn then purging with that command now will enable the next GUI update cycle to complete without error?15:03
tomreynAzertyUA: thanks. if you have an ubuntu support question, this is the right place, however.15:04
tomreynvalued-customer: no, because apt keeps the current and the previous kernel image installed by default, even when you specificy these options15:04
tomreynvalued-customer: that's a safety mechanism because you will always be able to use the grub menu to boot into the older kernel in case a newer one does not work for some reason15:05
tomreyna fresh install with current installation media should hopefully get you a larger /boot though15:06
valued-customertomreyn So, only upon the initial error when the GUI attempts and fails to update will that command be able to rectify the error?  I will endeavor to remember to seek advice prior to using terminal to update at that time, if that is the case.15:06
tomreynvalued-customer: that's correct15:07
valued-customertomreyn tyvm15:07
tomreynyou're welcome15:08
tomreyni suggest you consider a fresh install of 20.04 LTS or 22.04 LTS at some point to get this issue solved.15:09
valued-customertomreyn as I am not a competent coder, or competent linux user, I recall the horrors of fresh installs wiping out settings M$ inflicted on me many times.  It is this that causes me to be hesitant to fix anything that is remotely functional.15:12
valued-customerIt is a trifle to resort to the terminal to successfully update the system - if I could do so successfully LOL15:14
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tomreynvalued-customer: you're hopefully backing up any data meaningful to you. usually, that's at least /home and /etc15:18
tomreynif you just retore those to a new installation of the same major ubuntu release (so 20.04.x LTS), thngs should just work again like they used to, with the exception of applications missing which you had installed.15:19
tomreyn(you can also store which ones were installed and reinstall them when recovering backups, but it's a bit more involved)15:21
valued-customertomreyn I do have a 10T external drive I acquired for the purpose.  However, when I attempted to backup my old M$ computer, I found it did not operate as I expected a normal HD would, and created some kind of file that did not make the backed up data available to the linux file management system.  I have been discouraged thereby.15:21
valued-customerI have not ascertained how to use wifi to network the two computers, and so am prevented from accessing the data on the M$ system I would like to have available to the new linux system.15:22
tomreynhmm, i don't know what may have gone wrong there exactly. maybe there was a file system on the disk which was not mounted writable, or could not be mounted at all, or there just was no file system on the disk15:22
tomreynif you want to exchange data between a windows and ubuntu system (two separate systems which can run simultaniously), then the easiest option is to setup an openssh-server on ubuntu and use winscp on windows15:24
tomreyncou can also setup an openssh server on current windows versions, though, it's available as an optional installation component15:25
tomreynthen access thatusing nautilus (GNOME Files) on ubuntu15:26
tomreyna third option are windows file system shares (cifs/Sambe), but that's a bit involved to setup15:27
valued-customertomreyn I don't know. It's just an Easystore 10T drive.  I hoped it would make it facile to simply plug into the M$ box, transfer files, and then plug it into the linux box and transfer files, but when I attempted to transfer media files not all of them would end up on the 10T drive, so only some of them were available to the linux system.15:27
valued-customertomreyn I am quite unfamiliar with any of the listed possibilities for networking, and reckon I should do some reading based on your suggestions.15:28
tomreynno idea what may have gone wrong there...15:28
hans_think i found a bug in the ubuntu 18.04 libmysqlclient-dev installer: /usr/bin/mysql_config is not +x by default, i have to run chmod +x /usr/bin/mysql_config15:28
hans_hmm no, seems i got another problem, maybe with $PATH, nvm15:31
tomreynhans_: right. /usr/bin/mysql_config is executable by default. and on my 18.04 LTS system it is also available in the path by default.15:32
tomreyn$ which mysql_config15:32
hans_tomreyn: thanks for checking15:36
tomreynyou're welcome15:37
bratnerIt seems like ubuntu source packages are an upstream source tar and a set of ubuntu patches. How can I replicate the way the upstream source tar was created?15:53
bratnerSpecifically i wonder how this file was generated: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/q/qemu/qemu_4.2.orig.tar.xz15:53
tomreynbratner: most likely by     wget https://download.qemu.org/qemu-4.2.0.tar.xz15:56
tomreyn-O qemu_4.2.orig.tar.xz15:57
bratnertomreyn, hmm... so there is no interfacing with the upstream( e.g: qemu) git repo?15:57
tomreynnot sure, but the checksums on these files match15:58
tomreynyou'd need to look into the build recipes on launchpad for more details15:58
bratneroh.. they do15:59
bratnertomreyn, but they do take patches from qemu git, or are those just ubuntu integration patches? Do you happen to know how I find the build recipes on lunchpad?16:01
bratnerI think i found something: https://code.launchpad.net/qemu/+recipes16:04
tomreynhttps://launchpad.net/qemu tracks upstream and then there is https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qemu for ubuntu integration16:04
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gneeriiloeepdeerhow do I find out if my machine has hplip installed? I got a hp printer as a present. hplip: https://developers.hp.com/hp-linux-imaging-and-printing/17:24
leftyfbgneeriiloeepdeer: apt-cache policy hplip17:25
gneeriiloeepdeerthank you. now, to test the printer!17:26
leftyfbgneeriiloeepdeer: you can also use:  apt list --installed hplip17:27
gneeriiloeepdeermy new printer is 12 years old, apparently17:29
gneeriiloeepdeerbeggars cant be choosers I guess17:29
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theoremI installed ubuntu on a new hard drive in a machine.  Now I want to add the old hard drive back to do a dual-boot scenario.18:38
theoremhow do I add the win7 drive as a boot option in grub ?18:38
alkisgtheorem: run this: sudo -i; GRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false >>/etc/default/grub.d/local.cfg; update-grub18:44
alkisg* I forgot an "echo" before the GRUB_DISABLE...18:54
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linux_dreamhi people, my mother has filled her ssd disk, her ubuntu pc won't fully boot. she can access a tty by pressing on ctrl alt F4  , from which I guided her into some of her folders with the hopes to remove some videos or something20:01
linux_dreambut we're not making progress as to which file is taking up so much space (250 Gb)20:02
linux_dreamis there a command line tool that could assist us ?20:02
linux_dreamobviously she cannot install anything else.  disk is 100% filled20:02
rboxplain du works too20:02
linux_dreamthank you20:06
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jhutchinsBooting to rescue mode from grub also doesn't try to log to the disk.20:59
jhutchinsLogrotate can help too, but he gone.21:00
wingarmacGreetings, due to some other software I messed with my repo keys on host1.  I have host1 and host to on the same lan with the same user account. How du I sinc their respective repos and keyrings ? Ubuntu 22.04 lts21:01
wingarmacwithout this apt-key deprecated error on my host121:01
oerheksindeed deprecated21:02
wingarmacSo since I've no eroor on host2 and they have the same repos and keys, how can I sinchronise the hosts for these informations ?21:03
jhutchinsoerheks: What replaced it?21:03
wingarmaca bash script I tested to replace the deprecated keys all at once.21:04
wingarmacSince I've deleted every info related to try to restore it from the other host21:04
oerheksjhutchins, nothing, there are tutors how to handle those like this https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-handle-apt-key-and-add-apt-repository-deprecation-using-gpg-to-add-external-repositories-on-ubuntu-22-0421:05
oerhekscopy /usr/share/keyrings to the new account?21:05
oerheksor; wget -qO- https://repo/key.asc | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/reponame-key.asc21:07
wingarmacI need the keys and the repos so I will need /usr/share/keyrings and /apt/sources.list and /apt/sources.list.d/* how to cover all the needs to a tar and send them with ssh to user@ip21:07
wingarmacI would like to not forget any source and be able to extract into the right folder afterwards.21:08
oerheksonly keys published on launchpad are accepted by add-apt-repository21:08
wingarmacis there a command to get the keys back from the official repos itself ?21:08
oerheksor; curl -sL https://repo/pubkey.gpg | gpg --dearmor | sudo tee /usr/share/keyrings/repo.gpg >/dev/null21:09
oerhekswingarmac, sure, if you know what guide/url you used.21:09
wingarmacoerheks can you translate the command for ubuntu 22.04 jammy ?21:09
oerheksofficial - published on launchpad, unofficial see above21:09
akikwhat process is responsible for the useless "system problem detected" that appears sometimes on login?21:10
oerheksakik whoopsie?21:10
akikoerheks: yea i'm asking21:10
oerhekswhoopsie it is.21:10
wingarmacoerheks I've both to set back. I should start with the official ubuntu 22.04 lts repos and multiverse.21:11
oerhekscopy /usr/share/keyrings to the new account?21:11
wingarmacwill this suffise ?21:11
oerheksweird that you messed those up21:12
oerheksyes, i guess so21:12
wingarmacwell the script did mess up with all files in /etc/apt21:12
theoremdid lninux_dream leave ?21:12
theorembecause the other thing to check is emptying the trash --- it's non-intuitive , and trash is in a dotfolder -- which can be irnogred by du if you are not careful21:13
theoremalkisg: k, trying ..21:13
wingarmacoerheks  This was the script I've tried to apply https://github.com/wingarmac/wingarmac/blob/main/convert_keys.sh21:14
theoremalkisg: ok, no joy on that command, good idea though21:16
oerhekswingarmac, i hope you still can login, as that script might messed up more than just repokeys..21:18
theoremalkisg: I have ubuntu booting with uefi , and it *Seems* like the win7 drive wants me to use the legacy boot option to start -- but ... I can't seem to figure out how to get the grub bootloaded to load the older legacy style boot ...21:18
theoremos_prober does not seem to find it -- not sure why ?!21:18
akikhow do i change the keyboard shortcut for "switch to next tab" in gnome terminal (ubuntu 22.10) the shortcut list just shows what the current shortcut is for that21:18
theoremctrl+tab ?21:18
oerhekstheorem, os-prober is disabled, due to security risks...21:18
theoremoerheks: yes, of course21:19
Jeremy31theorem: With 2 HDDs you might need a custom grub entry for legacy21:19
theoremJeremy31: happy to write it -- where am I editing ?  /etc/grub.conf ?21:19
oerheksGRUB_DISABLE_OS_PROBER=false to /etc/default/grub21:19
wingarmacoerheks apt install --reinstall ubuntu-keyring debian-archive-keyring This solved the problem with the official keys21:19
theoremoerheks: have done so , it still does not appear to find the os21:20
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oerheksand update-grub21:20
theoremoerheks: ok, have done, but how can I see what it has added ?21:21
theoremthe update21:21
theoremI want to see the kernel boot params -- for example21:22
Jeremy31theorem: current ones can be seen with> cat /proc/cmdline21:22
theoremJeremy31: no, want to see grub config21:23
Jeremy31theorem: /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:23
oerheksafter update grub, your  /boot/grub/grub.cfg should show windows? i have no windows to check21:23
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub221:24
theoremoerheks: checking21:24
ravageupdate-grub also outputs something like "Found Windows Boot Manager on /dev/sdb1@/EFI/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi" if it worked21:25
theoremravage: I was not presented wit hthat21:25
akiktheorem: i found more info here https://help.gnome.org/users/gnome-terminal/stable/adv-keyboard-shortcuts.html.en but gnome terminal preferences don't allow me to put ctrl+tab for switch to next tab21:25
ravagethen it did not detect your windows installation21:25
theoremravage: correct21:26
theoremoerheks: https://termbin.com/mim0021:26
alkisgtheorem: it's not possible to select between uefi and bios mode from grub. It needs to be done from the bios boot manager, not grub21:26
alkisgChange ubuntu to bios too.21:26
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ravagesudo os-prober21:27
theoremalkisg: must I boot windows with the legacy method if I'm already handing off to UEFI to grub ?  Seems like a flaw ..21:27
ravageis called by update-grub21:27
theoremravage: I've done this already, nothing.21:27
ravageyou can run it manually too. make sure you have the ntfs-3g package installed21:27
akikctrl+tab works in firefox though21:27
oerhekstheorem, both should be installed in uefi mode, ofcourse21:27
theoremoerheks: they are not.21:28
ravagedoes win7 even support efi?21:28
oerhekswin7 is EOL, why bother?21:28
theoremthere's the drive, sda21:28
theoremoerheks: the OS has a software license attached to it worth a few thousand dollars (still).21:29
Jeremy31theorem: Might need to use a BIOS boot menu to switch between Ubuntu/Windows in this case21:29
ravagetheorem: https://askubuntu.com/a/62973321:29
ravageyou can manually add it21:30
oerheksJeremy31 +1 ... or put windows7 in a VM21:30
theoremyeah, I tried it as a VM, it did boot, but it complain about a lot of hardware changes, then told me to go fix it with other tools ...21:30
theoremso, the VM route was VERY close.21:30
alkisgtheorem: yes it's a flaw in Windows but there's nothing that grub can do about it21:31
theoremJeremy31: giving that a try, looks promising21:31
alkisgtheorem: Ubuntu doesn't have that problem though so it's easy to switch it to bios mode21:33
wingarmacoerheks https://termbin.com/gm8xf here's my last output of apt update (I've my own mirror coverring the packages for ubuntu 22.04 LTS amd64 and my personal 3th party software mirrored.)21:34
theoremalkisg: yes, hang on a sec, might have it ..21:34
akikmy ctrl and pageup/down are on totally different sides of the keyboard. how is this ergonomical to force users to use that key combo to switch tabs?21:35
arraybolt3switch tabs? In what program?21:36
akikarraybolt3: gnome-terminal and mate-terminal21:36
arraybolt3I'm guessing your system doesn't have a right ctrl key.21:37
akiki have both a left *and* right ctrl key :I)21:37
arraybolt3If the key combo is ctrl+pageup/down, why not use right ctrl?21:37
akikyou're kidding right21:37
arraybolt3I mean it's no more difficult that Alt+Tab on the keyboards I have, maybe even easier.21:38
akikno it's not21:38
ravageakik: you can change the shortcuts to whatever you like21:38
akikravage: show me how21:38
akikravage: nothing happens when i press ctrl+tab in the preferences/shortcuts21:39
ravagefor gnome terminal: preferences -> shortcuts. click on the one you want to change. enter new shortcuts21:39
leftyfbakik: you're complaining about a hotkey in an application being non-ergonomical because the keys are on opposite sites of the keyboard. It's been pointed out to you that all the keys are in fact on the same side of the keyboard but that's still not good enough. What is the issue exactly?21:39
akikleftyfb: i want to use the left side ctrl+tab to switch tabs21:39
akikas i do in plasma and firefox every day21:39
leftyfbakik: ok, so change it21:39
akikleftyfb: the preferences/shortcuts doesn't allow it. nothing happens when i press ctrl+tab there21:40
ravagei guess that is already occupied by gnome as global shortcut21:40
ravageyou would need to change that first21:40
akikthe preferences/shortcuts allows me to put the original shortcut ctrl+pageup/down for it21:41
leftyfbakik: file a bug with gnome-terminal21:41
leftyfb!bug | akik21:41
ubottuakik: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.21:41
akikravage: in the preferences of gnome somewhere or dconf?21:41
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akikleftyfb: this fixed it https://askubuntu.com/questions/1362653/change-shortcut-to-switch-tab-in-gnome-terminal/1362715#136271521:50
akiknow i need the same fix for mate21:50
akiklegacy <321:51
akiki found the similar place in dconf-editor: /org/mate/terminal/keybindings but i don't know why that doesn't come active if i change those21:52
akikthere's actually i kid you not "ctrl-tab-switch-tabs" in /org/mate/terminal/global21:53
akikproblem solved by enabling that21:53
akiknow they show up as "Invalid" in mate-terminals keyboard shortcuts21:54
CeeClearhave a question. Whenever I try to burn a iso file with Brasero I get this error message SCSI error on write(0,16): See MMC specs: Sense Key 5 "Illegal request", ASC 21 ASCQ 04."21:55
CeeClearDoes anyone know the reason why or dealt with this before21:56
ravageCeeClear: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/brasero/+bug/196455421:57
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1964554 in brasero (Ubuntu) "Brasero does not burn ISO IMAGE. Error message; 'SCSI error on write(0,16): See MMC specs: Sense Key 5 'Illegal request'" [Undecided, New]21:57
ravagefirst of all try a newer Ubuntu release. 18.04 is on its way to EOL21:59
CeeClearIs there a solution in that comment ravage ???22:01
ravagethe comments in the bug report dont offer any solution yet i think22:02
leftyfbCeeClear: 18.04 will be EOL in 33 days. I would upgrade to 22.04 before it does or else the upgrade process gets more difficult. Though at this point, I would recommend a fresh install of 22.0422:04
akikCeeClear: at which speed do you burn it?22:07
akikCeeClear: i've had good success with k3b, some years ago22:10
CeeClearakik  I have it set to 16X22:10
akikCeeClear: try a slower speed maybe22:10
akikhttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/k3b seems to be updated22:11
carl_@akik . Nope that didn't work22:14
FKAShinobiDoes anyone know what this is about - Download is performed unsandboxed as root as file '/home/xxxxxx/Downloads/net.downloadhelper.coapp-1.6.3-1_amd64.deb' couldn't be accessed by user '_apt'. - pkgAcquire::Run (13: Permission denied)23:09
Jeremy31FKAShinobi: Trying to run from Firefox?23:09
ravageit is telling you exactly why really23:10
FKAShinobiJeremy31: downloaded with FF. using shell to install23:10
ravageusually apt install in a sandbox with user _apt23:10
FKAShinobifile has perms 77523:10
ravageyour file cant be read by that user23:10
ravageso it does not use the sandbox23:10
FKAShinobiSo why would it not be able to read it with perms of 775?23:11
ravageit does not affect the installation at att23:11
ravageso you can just ignore it23:11
FKAShinobiah ok23:11
FKAShinobiFor my own edification, is there something I need to do to stop the error, or is it something the package maintainer must do?23:12
oerheksgood luck with that23:13
FKAShinobioerheks: works great for me so far23:25
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