OvenWerks(or alsa_out)00:01
OvenWerksalsa_in/out does not do as good  SRC as zita does.00:04
OvenWerksActually it looks like you can leave the -r 4800 in there from using -h is a bad option but still gives usage :)00:05
OvenWerksEickmeyer[m]: I have not had any trouble with any audio device but I have heard of someone elses experiece that zita was distroted and alsa_in/out was fine.00:12
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Huh.00:14
OvenWerksAlso note that all of my USB devices are 1/2 i/o at 16bit and probably USB 1.1 Audio spec.00:15
OvenWerksMy main dayly drive audio device is either a delta 66 (ice1712 based) or AudioFire 12 (firewire).00:17
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JensStutte[m]Thanks a lot, I'll need to find some time and will report back.08:55
JensStutte[m]No, I always appreciated studio controls to keep me away from that hassle ;-)08:56
JensStutte[m]OK, I made a first test. I configured QJackCtl to use the UMC404 and then I started `alsa_in -j "UMC2" -d hw:U192k_1 -q 1` in a terminal, which made appear a new device in the QJackCtl Graph Window and in Ardour (but under "Other", not under "Hardware"). That seems to work in general, but I did not yet test to do a real recording with n microphones to check for quality and latency. If instead I launch zita-a2j on the command line I11:36
JensStutte[m]get the same overdrive distortion. So it seems to be definitely something weird with zita-aj2.11:36
OvenWerksJensStutte[m]: I am not sure what the best way to talk to Fons, He does read the Linux Audio Users email list14:42
OvenWerksThat was not the page I was expecting. I think theu have upgraded the web page14:47
OvenWerksJensStutte[m]: also, I was thinking of adding a switch to studio-controls that uses alsa_in/out rather than zita. However, I have been working on adding pipewire instead (a much bigger project) I think hoping pipewire would take the place of pulse and add extra devices as well. But it is begining to look like PW with jack bridge will be the way to go.14:51
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JensStutte[m]Having the option to switch to alsa_in/out would be a nice feature, if pipewire is going to take longer!18:17
EickmeyerJensStutte[m]: Features are frozen for 22.04, hence each release has a "Feature Freeze" about 2 months prior to release.20:21
EickmeyerUsing strict alsa_in/out is a feature built-in to Ardour.20:22
gordonjcpardour looks pretty epic these days22:28
gordonjcpI remember being blown away by a3 to a4's changes22:28
gordonjcpthere really needs to be an open-source video editor as good as Ardour22:28

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