Srijan20Hello Everyone, need some help with user creation10:34
Srijan20My user-data file looks like this:10:34
Srijan20    hostname: snsr10:34
Srijan20    password: "$6$rounds=4096$sHfjZ5atZB1QJUOv$FGJHkHRSBIP/2yzQR449nuh84DQtbk.4yasF6hEMDw1hzxWivTumjW622dkdmPqliRXZi/NmWyCP8YTK0bzz7/"10:34
Srijan20    realname: snsradmin10:34
Srijan20    username: snsradmiin10:34
Srijan20  #user-data:10:34
Srijan20    #users:10:34
Srijan20    #- name: snsr10:34
Srijan20      #passwd: "$6$rounds=4096$rW3V4/wxxwA8rvzG$F704daG5i9V1fjsYPQ9xHuzv714oQeombq31LRbdQnYFOTdqCs3YXgw6DdON4z14M6Bq7xy1XvpWrUUP.YWkg1"10:34
Srijan20      #sudo: ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL10:34
Srijan20      #create_groups: true10:34
Srijan20      #lock_passwd: true10:34
Srijan20      #shell: /bin/bash10:34
Srijan20      #home: /var/lib/snsr10:34
Srijan20    #- name: snsradmin10:34
Srijan20      #passwd: "$6$rounds=4096$mzqVdykKa3Y58Sp.$13rd0J.ZunHzj061Hb0U4kKJU9QDy2yLv5VGv75nU8B6A2Y7Gm4Sc8vBge4AxUm7reVeQ7iOTakkfZDUQQ4xR."10:34
Srijan20It works only when identity is enabled. users not created using user-data:/users:10:35
dbungertSrijan20: for autoinstall with subiquity, it is invalid to create a user both with identity and in the user-data section.  We don't attempt to do merging.  If you have more complex user creation needs than what identity can do, I suggest doing user creation entirely using the user-data section12:44
Srijan20Let me comment out the identity section and create using the user-data section and will update in some time12:49
nico1i'm trying to automatise an install of ubuntu 22 LTS server on a physical server remotely with iLO. so i downloaded the ISO, i copied it into local disk on another machine, then i created a file iso/etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/99_customer.cfg with autoinstall parameter, then created iso with mkfs and put it on iLO. the install starts but it always failed with "cloud init" which failed and after 10mn,15:55
nico1i got a prompt for opening a shell 15:55
nico1is there any way to disable cloud init ?15:56
meenanico1: sounds like it's looking for different sources, like OpenStack16:01
dbungertnico1: you may be interested in https://github.com/mwhudson/livefs-editor, which has support for injecting autoinstall data into an existing ISO16:05
nico1why openstack ?16:19
nico1this is the conf i created: https://pastebin.com/kt5Cyvzx16:22
nico1i thought it would be very straight forward to automatise the install16:22
nico1maybe i should disable cloud init somewhere but no idea where16:22
dbungertwhat is autoinstall-v3 and autoinstall-verbose?16:23
nico1it was arg to have verbosity (i added that on last chance but it didn't do anything)16:23
nico1i guess it was ignored at the end16:23
dbungertcloud-config files want a `#cloud-config` header, so I'm not sure this file was processed16:24
nico1when booting on iso, i don't have the questions anymore at least16:26
nico1but i can try adding the header16:26
dbungertsystem-installation is not a recognized keyword for autoinstall, is that a more general cloud-init concept?  I may have missed that in the search16:26
nico1oops, what would be the parameter to tell autoinstall to install "server" and not desktop ?16:29
dbungertsubiquity can only install stuff on the iso, so if you're booting the live server iso you're going to get server16:29
dbungertthe ssh_pwauth bit is not quite correct unfortunately, https://ubuntu.com/server/docs/install/autoinstall has an example with a ssh section, you need that allow-pw keyword16:30
nico1ok great16:30
dbungertthere is a concept of a "source" in autoinstall, that's how you choose full or minimal, but it's going to be server either way16:31
nico1dbungert: https://pastebin.com/TsXAZqSU <== better ?16:34
nico1do you think some bad keyword could affect the install ? when running a shell, i saw a process running related to md5sum and casper. i noticed also the running syst has no ip adress configured16:35
dbungertI think the storage section is still not quite right.  This part is so verbose.16:35
dbungertYou may find it easier to do a manual install with the partition layout you want and look at /var/log/install/autoinstall-user-data and get the storage section from there16:35
nico1for storage, i want 2 partitions, 512M for /boot and 20G for /16:35
dbungertright, but in that config nothing formats partition-016:36
dbungertI suspect the rest of the autoinstall is valid if the storage section is fixed16:37
nico1you mean i should add type:format for partition-0 and -1 ?16:37
nico1oh it is already there for -116:37
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dbungertright, you have a format and mount for -1, you need one for -016:37
nico1i can duplicate the line and just replace -1 by -0 right ?16:38
nico1if i put a section ssh: with install-server:yes then no need of packages: with -openssh-server ?16:40
dbungerthttps://paste.ubuntu.com/p/qdCW673MNp/ I think for storage, and yes install-server:yes should handle openssh16:43
dbungertthough there is a bug right now where openssh-server gets installed anyhow16:43
nico1i don't have login on paste.ubuntu.com to see your pastbin :/16:47
nico1should i also mmodify grub.cfg ? for now i added autoinstall and md5sums=noverify:16:50
nico1 linux   /casper/vmlinuz autoinstall md5sums=noverify ---16:50
nico1the pastebin storage is the one that i should put instead of mine ?16:50
dbungertI think the pastebin storage is what you want, yes.  I added some missing elements curtin is going to want.  Review it carefully though, I was quick about it.16:51
dbungertI don't know who processes a md5sums=noverify argument16:53
dbungertcasper has a fsck.mode=skip ? https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/jammy/man7/casper.7.html16:54
nico1i joined the line that were split on 216:54
dbungertyou can rejoin those lines, I don't think it matters16:54
nico1i see it is almost the same about what i had. you put the format after each declaration, and corrected the path16:55
nico1let me try to boot with that16:55
nico1md5sums=noverify <= the intention was to not do a md5sum on all files on the iso when installing16:56
nico1there is this file on the root of the iso: md5sum.txt16:56
dbungertright, that's the fsck.mode item to control that16:57
dbungertit's failing because you modifed it :)16:57
nico1i can delete all the files i want from this file ?16:57
nico1i mean all the files declared in md5sum.txt16:58
dbungertI presume that would work but have never tried16:58
nico1great, i just did it and a generated an new iso... now booting17:00
nico1dbungert: i got always a strange error about useradd and uid out of range :https://imgur.com/a/tBg1rmW17:16
nico1and got error with Snap Daemon and Disk Manager: https://imgur.com/a/T78a6MJ17:18
dbungerthmm, if you don't get those snap and disk problems with the unmodified iso, I wonder about the iso creation process you're using17:22
nico1dbungert: and it finishs with this screen: https://imgur.com/a/k0RZWKJ17:22
nico1dbungert: mkisofs -r -V "Ubuntu server 22.04 custom" -cache-inodes -J -l -b boot/grub/i386-pc/eltorito.img -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table -o /var/www/html/ubuntu-server-22.04-custom-ALE-node2v2.iso /opt/ubuntu-server-22-ALE/subiquity-iso/17:23
dbungertnico1: building custom isos is hard.  I don't know the contents of your subiquity-iso, and I'm not going to be able to verify it.  please consider the livefs-editor tool I linked before for modifying ISOs, which I use heavily for this sort of task.17:29
nico1dbungert: for now, it is just a copy of the /mnt/iso which was where i mounted the original iso files17:29
nico1i didn't modify anything17:29
nico1livefs-editor, let me check it17:30

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