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alkisgIn which package would I report the "there's no keyboard shortcut for Konsole" issue? Not in konsole itself, but in some window manager or keyboard manager, right?04:38
alkisgI see https://docs.kde.org/stable5/en/khelpcenter/fundamentals/kbd.html, but I'm not sure which package it's in...04:38
alkisgHmm, I'm guessing these aren't used anymore: https://invent.kde.org/plasma/plasma-desktop/-/tree/master/kcms/keys/schemes04:43
arraybolt3alkisg: Might try systemsettings?04:47
arraybolt3I know I'm able to re-enable that shortcut through there at least.04:47
alkisgarraybolt3: do you happen to know the package name?04:48
alkisgNevermind I'll just download the .zip from git, https://github.com/KDE/systemsettings04:48
alkisgHmm no it doesn't appear to contain any shortcuts ...04:51
alkisgkonsole-21.12.3/desktop/konsole.khotkeys => Key=Ctrl+Alt+T04:52
alkisg...well I'll file it against konsole, maybe they should somehow call a registration procedure...04:53
alkisgAh, before filing it upstream, how can I check what "upstream" does? What's the closest-to-upstream distribution, is that KDE-neon?04:54
* alkisg tests with https://files.kde.org/neon/images/testing/20230214-0250/neon-testing-20230214-0250.iso ...04:55
arraybolt3alkisg: Yeah, I think Neon should do it.04:59
* arraybolt3 was busy with filing a couple of plasma-discover bug04:59
arraybolt3alkisg: Also the package name is "systemsettings" I believe.04:59
alkisgMeh I can't test from ubuntu gnome > vnc to ubuntu mate > virtualbox neon.05:07
alkisgUbuntu gnome wayland intercepts the keystroke; I think it's part of the annoying "simple apps like vnc can't grab the keyboard" wayland silliness for ...security... :/05:07
alkisgI'll test when I get to work05:07
arraybolt3I've had VNC wonkiness even on X.05:14
alkisgIt's a bit wonky when the xkb layout or state is different between the local and remote hosts, but if you learn its tricks, it's very usable05:41
arraybolt3Hmm, I did just realize when I was using VNC, it was from a Chromebook. And Chrome OS uses... Wayland!05:44
alkisgHehe, wow I didn't know that05:44
arraybolt3Forgot about that.05:44
alkisgIt doesn't work in neon out of the box either. So... the process to activate it is "system settings > add application > konsole". So, if it was there out of the box, like "dolphi", "emoji selector" etc, problem solved05:45
alkisgapt source systemsettings and grepping for dolphin shows nothing though; so maybe the integration is in the package, not in the settings; I'll file it under konsol05:45
arraybolt3I'm sure Konsole is the wrong package, though.05:45
arraybolt3Lemme find it...05:46
arraybolt3alkisg: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemsettings05:46
arraybolt3I mean I could be wrong.05:47
alkisgarraybolt3: nah, I'm not going to use launchpad for upstream issues. My success ratio with that was like 1 bug report of out 1000 getting any feedback05:47
alkisgIMHO launchpad should have a very big banner on top with "USE ONLY FOR DISTRO-SPECIFIC ISSUES"... :)05:47
arraybolt3Oh. Right, and you're going upstream since Neon had the issue.05:47
alkisgMeh. https://invent.kde.org/utilities/konsole/-/issues/new ==> all bug reports and feature requests should be filed on bugs.kde.org and should never be raised here05:49
alkisgA second sandbox of "never contact the devs" :D05:49
alkisgOK, reported https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=467263, wish me luck (or comment there if you like to see that happen as well :))06:00
-ubottu:#kubuntu- KDE bug 467263 in konsole "Ctrl-Alt-T doesn't launch konsole" [Normal, Unconfirmed]06:00
arraybolt3alkisg: +1, this issue has bugged me in the past so I hope it gets fixed too.06:01
momo90hello, I need help installing my epson L4150 via wifi on Kubuntu 22.10. thanks07:58
momo90Is there a link to a document I can use? I have installed the drivers etc but can't get it on to the wifi07:59
oerheksdo this from the epson? https://certsimple.com/how-to-connect-epson-l4150-printer-to-wifi/08:01
oerhekseasy to find; bing connect epson L4150 wifi to linux08:02
mparilloalkisg: Comment added.09:35
alkisgThank you mparillo , it's not there in the settings in kubuntu 23.04 nor in the latest neon test release.iso09:36
alkisgMaybe arch has a postinst script that adds it09:36
mparilloMaybe, but that would be a very unlike-Arch thing to do. Are you on bare metal?09:37
mparilloI would be more likely to believe it was a default at some point, that is no longer a default, and I have simply carried forward that default for a couple of rolling years.09:38
alkisgmparillo: yesterday I tested on bare metal; today on vm; but in any case ctrl+alt+t works fine after I add it to the settings, so it's not a VM issue09:39
alkisgmparillo: can you add a new user and test there, then delete that user?09:39
mparillosure. It might take a bit.09:41
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-ubottu:#kubuntu- KDE bug 467263 in konsole "Ctrl-Alt-T doesn't launch konsole" [Normal, Unconfirmed]09:51
alkisgOK, so I guess it was enabled sometime in the past and you carried the setting forward in your installation09:52
mparilloI suppose that is why a rolling release is not a good testing bed for things like that.09:55
alkisgEh, user settings are carried on even in non-rolling distributions. That's why I prefer to test with live CDs, where everything is "fresh"...11:17
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BluesKajHi all13:23
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> Hello:) Is this a appropriate place to ask for help? i'm a user with very little tech knowledge and fail to update. when i try through discover, discover crashes. when i try through konsole, it doesn't find updates.14:00
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> (discover finds 58.) i am using kubuntu 22.1014:01
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> i am happy about any help:)14:02
tomreynsalbeize: i wouldn't be able to help you with discover, but with apt, if you'd be happy to work on + with that, in a konsole.14:31
tomreynif there are issues there as well, this could be the root cause for discover crashing14:32
IrcsomeBot<kurt_peters_1996> Where can i see the latest updates for kubuntu ?14:39
tomreynkurt_peters_1996: i'm not sure i'm getting the question right, but the latest packages updates available for your system are listed in the "discover" app14:42
tomreynkurt_peters_1996: maybe you mean something else, though, like what the latest kubuntu release is and such information. there's kubuntu.org for that.14:43
oerheks apt list –upgradable ( on your machine)14:46
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> yes i would try through konsole too! (re @IrcsomeBot: <tomreyn> salbeize: i wouldn't be able to help you with discover, but with apt, if you'd be happy to work on + with that, in a konsole.)14:46
tomreynoerheks: fwiw, your irc client seems to replace "--" (two dashes) to "–" (single long dash)14:47
IrcsomeBot<kurt_peters_1996> I will clarify, i saw a red dot on the update arrow icon that is placed at the right bottom side of the screen (near the wifi icon). I clicked on it then it opened discover and it told me that it needs to restart the computer. Now i want to know what has been updated ?! (re @IrcsomeBot: <oerheks>  apt list –upgradable ( on your machine))14:49
tomreynsalbeize: can you run this please:   (cat /proc/version*; lsb_release -ds; sudo apt update; sudo apt -f install; sudo apt -sy full-upgrade) &> /tmp/apt; nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/apt14:50
IrcsomeBot<kurt_peters_1996> Also when the computer was restarting, it kept updating something and them rebooted again14:50
tomreynsalbeize: this would post some info on your system and your apt state on termbin.com, a pastebin-like site, and print a url you can copy here.14:50
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> https://termbin.com/weyym3 wow thats cool14:52
IrcsomeBot<kurt_peters_1996> Indeed (re @salbeize: https://termbin.com/weyym3 wow thats cool)14:56
IrcsomeBot<kurt_peters_1996> Are you sure this is the correct command (re @IrcsomeBot: <tomreyn> salbeize: can you run this please:   (cat /proc/version*; lsb_release -ds; sudo apt update; sudo apt -f install; sudo apt -sy full-upgrade) &> /tmp/apt; nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/apt)14:57
IrcsomeBot<kurt_peters_1996> Something is wrong (re @IrcsomeBot: <tomreyn> salbeize: can you run this please:   (cat /proc/version*; lsb_release -ds; sudo apt update; sudo apt -f install; sudo apt -sy full-upgrade) &> /tmp/apt; nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/apt)14:57
oerheksby date; less /var/log/apt/history.log ( and scroll to the end)14:59
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> Is this directed at me? Should I copy what comes out somewhere? (re @IrcsomeBot: <oerheks> by date; less /var/log/apt/history.log ( and scroll to the end))15:03
oerheksyes salbeize15:03
oerheks less /var/log/apt/history.log15:03
oerheksand scroll to the end. those are the latest updates by date15:03
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> Start-Date: 2023-03-01  13:35:5215:06
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> Commandline: packagekit role='update-packages'15:06
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> Upgrade: python3-pivy:amd64 (0.6.7-0.1, 0.6.7-0.1ubuntu0.1)15:06
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> End-Date: 2023-03-01  13:35:5415:06
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> Start-Date: 2023-03-02  09:40:4115:06
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> Commandline: packagekit role='update-packages'15:06
tomreynsorry kurt_peters_1996, i needed to put out some virtual fire there. ;)15:27
tomreynand sorry salbeize, too.15:29
tomreynso, you have two package repositories configured which *may* provide packages incompatible to your kubuntu release: "http://packages.microsoft.com/repos/code stable" and "https://packagecloud.io/filips/FirefoxPWA/any any" - have you verified that that's not the case?15:31
tomreynsalbeize: ^other than that, apt seems to be happy. you could run    sudo apt full-upgrade --purge --autoremove    to see whether there are pending upgrades, yet.15:32
tomreynsalbeize: as previously mentioned, i'm afraid i won#t be able to help with "discover", though. maybe someone else here can help withthis.15:33
tomreynsalbeize: note also that when you post multiple lines at once right into the chat, this gets blocked on IRC (where many of us are enjoying this chat from, rather than telegram), meaning we only get to see the first few lines of what you pasted. you can prevent this by posting a file attachment or using a "pastebin" service such as dpaste.com.15:51
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> thank you very much, tomreyn  and oerheks! ❤️16:04
tomreynyou're welcome :)16:05
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> this is my crowded discover app if anyone has ideas: https://wetransfer.com/downloads/edcc071d9d1ff0a12b1c956d1d48cbff20230313160918/3c03ba/preview/115f77c496935466c427530a3e9ef4df20230313160933 to me it seems discover is struggeling with apt packages too16:12
tomreynsalbeize: this looks more like you're about to install a different linux distribution.17:03
tomreyn8.5 GB downloads17:04
tomreyni guess you need to fix your apt sources17:04
tomreynthe last part sounds like it's snaps or flatpaks17:05
JohnDoe2hey guys what should I be tailing or the journalctl command to watch for the logs while I catch this 22.10 freeze? I'm looking at the last boot's log in journalctl after I power cycle the machine and nothing jumps at me.21:03
JohnDoe2just FYI it really does freeze, it's not just x11, I'm connected to it via ssh when it happens but again, not sure where to look.21:04
bpromptJohnDoe2: no quick ideas per se, try #ubuntu, more folks presence21:06
IrcsomeBot<salbeize> ok i will try thank you (re @IrcsomeBot: <tomreyn> i guess you need to fix your apt sources)21:10

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