arraybolt3Can someone help me verify a Discover bug in Lubuntu Lunar? Open Discover, then click the "Office" menu. All of the items *should* have a normal icon visible. What's happening instead for me is that some of the icons are rendering entirely black.01:03
arraybolt3Would be nice if someone could check this on Kubuntu too.01:04
arraybolt3Additionally, I can't click on any app and see a detailed description of it.01:16
arraybolt3[m]teward, Simon Quigley: Sooooo... just did an update on my LXD container on DO, it told me that a system reboot was required, so I closed WeeChat and did a reboot... and now SSH is broken.02:13
arraybolt3[m]It tells me either "kex_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host" or "kex_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer" on every connection attempt.02:14
arraybolt3[m]It doesn't show any signs of letting me in any time soon.02:15
arraybolt3[m]Also I had been able to connect immediately before the reboot.02:16
arraybolt3[m]I guess I'll just give it some time, maybe it's still booting up and it's just taking it longer than normal.02:17
arraybolt3[m]Nope, still giving me the same error(s).02:21
lubot[matrix] <arraybolt3> Hrm. I guess I shoulda had my IRC working reliably locally before doing that ;P02:23
arraybolt3Alright, got Konversation up and running.02:35
-ubottu:#lubuntu-devel- Launchpad bug 2011380 in plasma-discover (Ubuntu) "Unable to view detailed app info on Lubuntu Lunar" [Undecided, New]05:00
arraybolt3^ that's gonna be a release blocker05:00
guivercarraybolt3, i just added a issue tracker on discourse (https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/lubuntu-lunar-lobster-23-04-issue-tracker/4085)  ; empty ; feel free to edit/add etc as needed.   Top list for more important ones, lower list for those we'll likely just note on release notes etc..05:14
arraybolt3Oh nice, thanks!05:15
arraybolt3guiverc: Should I add the above report to that?05:15
* arraybolt3 is currently dl'ing Kubuntu Lunar to see if it has the same problem05:15
guivercyou're choice... You're a developer  (you can rate top of bottom list, or amend as you feel appropriate)05:16
arraybolt3well I don't want to just run in and "take over" stuff though :P05:16
arraybolt3I'll make good and sure this is a regression from Kinetic and if so, I'll add it to the top (and probably try and debug what on earth is going on).05:19
guivercack & thanks.. not in your nature.. and likely obvious but my creating issue tracker (blank from kinetic) was because of your ^ comment so we have a place for it...05:19
guivercit's a wiki; so things can be edited/adjusted etc as required, more details known or changed etc05:19
arraybolt3Crud. This *is* a regression from Kinetic.05:21
arraybolt3Going to update my Kinetic VM and see if that makes the problem happen there too.05:32
arraybolt3Well, lovely. The problem is a missing package, "qml-module-org-kde-purpose". And installing *that* drags in a whole clump of extra KDE deps, including kde-connect (?!).05:54
arraybolt3Ah, because kdeconnect is a Recommends of qml-module-org-kde-purpose.05:55
arraybolt3RikMills: ^ could you demote that to a Suggests for us? That way Discover on Lubuntu will work without having to have KDE Connect installed.05:55
arraybolt3Or maybe remove it from being related entirely? (I mean I have no clue why a smartphone integration package would be even remotely related to an internal KDE component such that the component relied on the smartphone integration and not the other way around.)06:01
tewardarraybolt3: i still dont have access on the do node so cant help only Simon can11:58
tewardsince my keys are not it seems added to the box proper11:58
RikMillsarraybolt3[m]: ^^^12:25
lubot[telegram] <teward001> thanks RikMills14:00
arraybolt3RikMills: Thank you so much!15:59
arraybolt3Just noticed an email by sil2100 saying that 20.04.6 is hopefully going to be released in three days (!) due to the shim signing changes, so we should probably give that a thorough workout since technically 20.04 is still supported.16:04
* arraybolt3 sees if I can get the testing checklist wrangled16:04
arraybolt3Meh, I don't know what I'm doing :P I'm just going to leave the testing checklist as-is so that I don't break anything.16:10
arraybolt3guiverc, LeoK[m], and others: I'm making an updated Lubuntu installer slideshow, and would like to get some feedback on how it looks once I've finished. Would it be preferable if I were to put it in a PPA and ask for you to install it on the ISO for testing, or should I just upload it and revert/update it if it needs tweaking/scrapping?20:43
guivercyour choice... via PPA seems the correct way to me.20:45
arraybolt3+1, will do.20:45
arraybolt3(It dawns on me I can also upload things to Imgur or whatever and share them so that people can look at them without having to do an involved test procedure.20:45
arraybolt3hmm... Calamares is cutting off the bottom of each image.21:21
lubot[telegram] <teward001> you sure it's Cala and not just your screen res being crap?21:21
tewardarraybolt3: arraybolt3[m]: ^21:22
arraybolt3teward: Yeah.21:23
arraybolt3Because if I maximize the Cala window, then it looks right.21:24
arraybolt3There's also blank space at the top :P21:24
arraybolt3The slides all expect that everything will be visible, though I guess they do tolerate missing stuff at the bottom.21:26
arraybolt3Currently trying some QML hacking.21:27
arraybolt3Meh, that's not doing anything :P Well I'll PPA this and also send some slide pictures. It still looks nice, except for one small boffo I made that I need to fix.21:30
arraybolt3Anyway, teward, guiverc: https://imgur.com/a/y0F55sX21:43
arraybolt3Gah, I just spotted another goof (a bit of light teal in the Welcome screen background that shouldn't be there - GIMP's yellow dashed lines around the image hid it from me)21:43
teward*injects trollface into the world*21:45
* tsimonq2 shoots teward with Many lasers21:45
arraybolt3OK, I need to stop slideshow fiddling and get ready for the Flavor Sync meeting.21:46
arraybolt3Of course I'd have to wait until the last 13 minutes to get prepped...21:47
* teward shoves tsimonq2 out the airlock22:12
* arraybolt3 drags teward into the active Flavor Sync meeting22:24
* guiverc just notes a 20.04.6 release is upcoming.. I take it Lubuntu won't have one...23:28
kc2bez[m]Were we planning to? With ~1 month of support it doesn't seem to make a ton of sense.23:40
arraybolt3guiverc: I hadn't thought about skipping it and was originally planning to test for release, but... yeah, if it's unsupported anyway, I guess we don't care if people can't install it.23:41
kc2bez[m]I am not sure any of the flavors were planning to. That was the general sense I got out of this morning's flavors meeting.23:42
arraybolt3And Secure Boot isn't on everywhere, and can usually be turned off. If someone needs 20.04 that badly, they can do that.23:42
kc2bez[m]If you install .5 and update you get to the same spot.23:43
guivercwe've participated once before (that I recall; if I recall correctly; 18.04.6 maybe) in one of those, but it makes little sense given we're about to complete focal's support next month23:43
arraybolt3Right but Secure Boot may prevent booting .5 if one boots a 22.04.2 ISO.23:43
guivercit'll only impact those needing to install with sucure-uEFI  (20.04.5 will have deprecated key), but they can turn secure-mode off as I see it23:44
kc2bez[m]It seems like a bunch of extra work for the short gain. If we have the option I am all for skipping it.23:45
guivercI don't feel a need for us to be involved kc2bez[m] 23:45
kc2bez[m]We bionic.6 to address a security issue. Spectre/meltdown stuff.23:45
arraybolt3If we're voting, I'm on board with skipping focal.6.23:46
* guiverc suspects most users don't use secure-uefi anyway; those that do possibly use later releases23:46
kc2bez[m]I agree 23:46
kc2bez[m]We should probably start drafting an EOL statement in the coming weeks/days.23:47
guivercconcur kc2bez[m] 23:54
arraybolt3In the meantime, I'll get the packaging changes with the new slideshow packaged for testing. (Did it look like an improvement over what we had before?)23:56

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