lotuspsychjegood morning02:58
oerheksoh noes.. https://flatpakremix.org/07:30
oerhekswhy not just install mint, i wonder07:33
leftyfbit's 1 package that can be installed in about 6 seconds13:31
oerheks1 package and 1 line to add the repo13:34
oerheksor install mint 🤣13:34
leftyfbthere's no repo changes needed13:36
leftyfbit's just: sudo apt install flatpak13:36
leftyfboerheks: also, are you a proponent of mint now?13:36
oerheksafter install flatpak, one need to add; flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo.13:38
oerheksso it is not just 1 package13:38
oerheks.. and a reboot?13:39
leftyfbthat repo has never been added from ubuntu or the installation of ubuntu packages. It's also not required to run flatpaks, only to more easily download flatpaks from the repo13:39
leftyfbin ubuntu 23.04 the only requirement to run flatpaks is to "sudo apt install flatpak"13:40
oerheksoh oke13:40
oerheksmint misses all the fun of snaps.13:40
HoodalooI have a 22.04 headless server but I'm thinking about using either virtualbox or kvm to setup a guest with a gui. Thoughts? This should be possible, right?15:17
daftykinsdo you mean to virtualise graphically atop that same headless host?15:21
oerheksheadless = without monitor..15:22
daftykinswhy do you feel the need to explain that? 15:23
oerheksif that guest wants to play youtube in a browser, the performance will be low15:25
oerheks* remote15:25
leftyfbHoodaloo: what's the use case?15:38

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