arraybolt3I have a rather strange request to make. I'm attempting to update the slideshow for Lubuntu 23.04's installer, and I want to make part of that slideshow include a screenshot of an IRC support session.17:11
arraybolt3By default, the IRC client in Lubuntu uses the #ubuntu channel. So I would like permission to do a "simulated" support session in #ubuntu.17:11
arraybolt3Basically that means I'll be joining as a user named "lubuntu" from a VM, make up a problem, and then using my arraybolt3 nick, attempt to solve the problem. So I'll be talking to myself.17:12
arraybolt3Is that OK? Or should I figure out an alternate way to do this?17:12
arraybolt3(Also note that the screenshot I end up capturing may (read: will certainly) have the nicks and possibly the words of other users from the channel.17:13
tomreynand possibly their ip addresses / hostmasks, too?17:13
arraybolt3Hrm, didn't think about that.17:14
arraybolt3I can set my IRC client to hide that.17:14
arraybolt3(By disabling join/part messages.)17:14
arraybolt3Or I could blur them out.17:14
tomreynthat or blur them later, i guess17:15
arraybolt3+1, I can do that easy.17:15
arraybolt3I think I will go with blurring them out since the screenshot is going to be shrunk down anyway and people won't really notice the blurring unless they look close, and that way it looks close to out-of-the-box like a user would normally see.17:17
tomreyni think it will be good if you announce on the channel that the user who is about to join will just pretend to seek support, and should be ignored.17:19
arraybolt3Good point, especially since I'm going to be using Lubuntu 23.04, which is off-topic in #ubuntu and it would be nice to avoid people waving me on to #ubuntu-next when I'm simulating a support session that would happen after 23.04's release.17:20
tomreynalso note there is a good chance someone else will be using this nickname at the time, or it may already be registered, resulting in th euser to be renamed to Guest...17:20
arraybolt3True, however while there is a registered "lubuntu" user already, they seem to not have nick protection so I can "steal" the nick temporarily, which shouldn't be a problem since it is the default nick in Lubuntu anyway so it should be obvious that it's a default.17:22
arraybolt3If it would be better, though, I could change the nick to some Guest12345 or whatever instead.17:22
arraybolt3OK. I think that should work. Thanks for your help!17:25
arraybolt3Nice, that went smoothly. OK, I think I'm done here, thanks for everything!17:30
Unit193IIRC I grouped lubuntu to the irccouncil account, but since it's not been used in a while enforce wouldn't kick in.23:54

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