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sarnoldhallyn: hey :) we've got some CIS compliance tooling, eg https://ubuntu.com/security/certifications/docs/usg/cis/compliance -- I don't know how much we contribute to the CIS benchmarks themselves, but I wouldn't be surprised if we could communicate with them over specific pieces of bad advice23:16
sarnoldhallyn: I wonder if that "solution" is specifically a tenable suggestion or a CIS suggestion; blindly running a sudo find .. -exec chmod seems like a horrible suggestion23:17
konstruktoidI know that a couple of Ubuntu folks comment and help update CIS benchmarks23:19
konstruktoid> hey sarnold - just wondering, do you know whether you all have any involvment with this: https://www.tenable.com/audits/items/DISA_STIG_Ubuntu_20.04_LTS_v1r5.audit:a9e7d4a8941a4fee48cbec0b5e72484a ?23:20
konstruktoidBut this isn't CIS, but DISA STIG23:20
sarnoldI saw 'stig' and then my mind went blank on the details23:21
sarnoldwe've got some disa stig compliance tools, too https://ubuntu.com/security/certifications/docs/disa-stig/audit23:22
sarnoldthanks konstruktoid 23:22

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