daftykinsgood morning campers!10:03
daftykinsmy my, island wide power dip a moment ago - every client UPS reported in13:01
zxmpithis winter has seen 2 powercuts so far. most ever in time i've been in dublin barring the strike of leccy workers13:03
daftykinshad a few a year when i was a lad!13:08
zxmpito be expected on an island i supose. house i grew up in was 2min walk from a hospital and on same circut so when power went out for rest of town we still had it13:11
daftykinsooh nice13:11
daftykinsyeah we used to be run from the local oil/petrol/diesel maybe power station only, but there's the undersea link cable to France nowadays13:12
zxmpiyeah, ireland is looking to link up with france as uk power is less reliable these days13:18
zxmpiireland is still of course anti nuke power 13:19
daftykinsnot sure on my thoughts on that one, only seems to go wrong when greediness weighs in / regulatory fails13:26
zxmpii remember the protests when ireland considered nuke power plant in 70s-80s. we just didn't trust government enough to put real lead in radiation shielding. still don't :-)13:29
zxmpiwe have a tonne of untapped wind, solar, water, wave i'd like to see before we dabble with nuke. nuke has come on a long way but still bad when accidents happen13:32
daftykinswow that good eh? is it even that expensive o013:32
zxmpiyou know what the scrap value of lead is? it'd be gone in a month :-P13:32
daftykinsnot a clue!13:35
zxmpithat and our government likes going with lowest bidder on such things. it's why we're having power cuts right now.13:54
daftykinsmmm that figures13:58
zxmpii swear if russia were offering a free chernobyl style reactor to anyone who picked it up we'd find government wanting it14:07
daftykinscan't think of a better documented design ;D14:09
zxmpias long as you don't run safety tests on it, sure what could go wrong?14:12
daftykinswe'll call 'em "unsafety" tests!14:22
zxmpibrilliant! that's the type of management we expect14:23
daftykinsi've been known to drink Guinness, what more do i need to get a job in Irish gov? ;)14:28
zxmpia dad in irish governemnt14:30
zxmpireally helps14:30
daftykinshmm, well my cat is my child!14:32
daftykinsoh right that way around14:32
zxmpiyeah but cats are communists, well known that :-P15:59

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