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deviosI had previously set up a wifi scanner for my ubuntu laptop and can't remember what ip address I used. is there a config file or some other wau to see what it was so I can set up the ip assignment on my new router?02:53
rboxwhat what was02:53
deviosrbox, I figured it out.  sudo brsaneconfig4 -q03:05
pltQuestion: What file has the login attempts for mysql?06:24
pltIts no in the /var/log/mysql directory06:25
pltI found it06:34
SircleI am doing `for i in {1..65000}; do systemctl create some service` . I get " Failed to reload daemon: Connection timed out" and "Failed to enable unit: Transport endpoint is not connected".  non of the sudo commands are running. I can't login as root either. What should I have done to solve07:30
alkisgSircle: do you mean that you exhausted your OS resources? And you want want, to prevent that from happening when someone else is root, or to get it back to working without rebooting it?07:43
oerhekscreating a service without root?07:44
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SenaatoI created many tor instances via `tor-create-instance` command. How can I disable them all? They are 65000 and the command just does not work? Is there a file that systemctl creates? so Ican just delete them?08:56
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SircleI wonder why I get this when adding new tor instances via  `sudo tor-instance-create tor123`  -> `groupadd: invalid group ID '-1' adduser: `/sbin/groupadd -g -1 _tor-tor11000' returned error code 3. Exiting.`  Is there a limitation to users that can be added to a system or group? It added about 748 instaces. Then started giving error later one11:53
Sirclewhile I was adding about a 1000 instances11:53
Sircleref https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man8/tor-instance-create.8.html11:53
BluesKajHi all13:23
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_ifindbom dia  pra geral.14:46
_ifindalguém tem servidores irc BR?14:46
leftyfb!br | _ifind14:47
ubottu_ifind: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.14:47
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hoolu811I have a headless 22.04 server but I'm thinking I'd like to setup either virtualbox or kvm (both headless) and host a vm with a gui within it. Thoughts?15:11
leftyfbhoolu811: it really depends on your use case and personal preferences. Feel free to discuss in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic. This channel is mainly for support questions15:14
hoolu811leftyfb: Thank you.15:14
Guest75Hi, If I add a user using adduser with --disabled-login, can others still su - to this user?15:25
minoutGuest75 diff in auth system. you can disable more with setting /sbin/nologin15:26
minoutas us er shell15:26
jhutchinsminout: I thought that was insecure and deprecated in favor of a force-exec statement or something in the sshd.conf15:35
jhutchinsNo, I guess that's not a shell security answer.15:35
RexodusGood morning. Ik have a RAID5 with BTRFS. The next picture tells what my problem is. What went wrong, I dunno. Prolly something with powerloss. The question: How do I fix this? https://ibb.co/BCpjCq715:38
leftyfbRexodus: look in dmesg. Looks to me like a bad drive15:39
tomreynor broken raid15:40
tomreynor just broken file system (but probably not just that)15:40
jhutchinsI would agree that it looks like hardware.15:42
jhutchinsI/O error isn't likely to happen at a filesystem level.15:43
jhutchinsRexodus: How many drives in the array?15:43
Rexodusleftyfb: indeed. dmesg is filled with lines like: [88973.048842] BTRFS error (device md1): parent transid verify failed on 44466176 wanted 65161 found 6515715:43
Rexodusjustache: 415:44
leftyfbRexodus: look for ata errors15:44
leftyfbRexodus: in dmesg15:45
minoutjhutchins while creating a user auth object why do means to you in code15:45
minoutoh shit15:45
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minoutoh mg15:45
* minout is not sexually any mor e :(15:45
jhutchinsShouldn't the raid controler give some indication of drive health?15:46
minoutsprakles in the night15:46
leftyfbminiplease stop15:47
leftyfbminout: please stop15:47
Rexodusleftyfb: Looks fine to me, but maybe you wanna have a look yourseld. https://pastebin.com/raw/k6B1Nq7k15:47
* minout Stopping ...15:47
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tomreynstopPING: please read out IRC Guidelines at https://ubottu.com/y/gl and stay on topic here - ubuntu support. (there are many other channels, many of them are less strict about it.) thanks.15:51
jotoHello everyone, I accidently deleted my fonts.conf file. Would someone mind sending me theirs? It is located in /etc/fonts/fonts.conf16:29
leftyfbjoto: sudo apt install --reinstall fontconfig-config16:30
jotooh nice16:31
jotogoing to try it out16:31
jotoleftyfb: unfortunatly I don't see the fonts.conf after invoking that command16:34
enarth86maybe try dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config16:35
leftyfbjoto: or sudo apt install --reinstall fontconfig16:36
jotothat did regenerate the fonts cache but I see no fonts.conf still16:36
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jotomaybe it is because i'm using this popos deriviate16:38
leftyfb!popos | joto16:39
ubottujoto: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/16:39
iorialet's play then: sudo apt install --reinstall -o Dpkg::Options::="--force-confask,confnew,confmiss"  fontconfig-config16:39
ioriaor simply Dpkg::Options::="--force-confmiss"16:40
jotothat worked ioria!16:41
jotothank you so much16:41
jotogod my fonts look okay again16:41
jotothe rendering on linux is a bit off but maybe that's just me16:41
stopPINGOS: 64 bit Windows 11 Professional (Version 10.0 2009 Build 22000.1516)16:46
stopPINGwry wrobg hThread16:46
arraybolt3Just a heads-up, I'm trying to help update Lubuntu's installer slideshow and am wanting a snapshot of an IRC support conversation, so I'm going to do a short "simulated" support session where I'll basically be talking to myself using two nicks. The "fake" user I'll be using will be named Guest3187, so please ignore them. This shouldn't take long, and I'll pack up and wait for a better time if a real support session starts.17:27
arraybolt3bah, hold on, slight difficulties...17:28
Guest3187hey how do I set my taskbar to only show programs from the current desktop17:29
arraybolt3Guest3187: What OS is this?17:29
Guest3187arraybolt3: lubuntu 23.0417:29
arraybolt3Guest3187: OK, Lubuntu. Try right-clicking on the taskbar and then click Configure Panel.17:29
arraybolt3Then click on Widgets, select Task Manager, and then click the Configure... button (it's a small round black button with three dots in it on the right side of the screen).17:29
arraybolt3Then check the "Show only windows from desktop" box.17:29
Guest3187ok hold on17:29
Guest3187that worked thank you so much17:30
arraybolt3Glad to help!17:30
arraybolt3Thanks, all done.17:30
jhutchinsarraybolt3: Not bad.18:42
weedmicwill there be a problem if I take a windows computer that has the boot disc encrypted with bitlocker and install ubuntu on it if i am going to delete all the windows partitoins?19:09
jhutchinsweedmic: Probably not.  Linux can address the disk at the hardware level to take control.19:11
jhutchinsYou do NOT intend to use dual boot, right?19:11
arraybolt3weedmic: AFAIK, BitLocker doesn't (and can't) do anything weird to the disk to make it incompatible with Linux - it just changes the way Windows saves data to the disk. So yeah, if you wipe the whole disk, Ubuntu will be able to use the blank space, no problem.19:12
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Alteriswow radio silence19:54
jhutchinsAlteris: Dead air? We get a lot of that here.19:59
MICROburstIn a network-disptacher script ... How do you determine the bridge of the interface?20:07
relipsehi, i installed brave browser, but how do I open it?20:08
relipseok I can run it by typing "brave-browser" in console. but how do I make an icon to my bar20:09
jhutchinsrelipse: You install something that's actually built for Linux desktops.20:10
relipseit is20:10
jhutchinsrelipse: You can add items to the gnome menu or to your shortcut bar.  It's gnome, so I can't tell you the details.20:10
jhutchinsrelipse: If the brave package you installed were actually built for a linux desktop, it would have included the .desktop file that generates those entries.20:11
jhutchinsThat's part of the linux standard these days.20:11
arraybolt3relipse: How did you install Brave?20:13
arraybolt3There's a Snap package of it.20:14
jhutchinsAnybody remember the reason the main line distros don't distribute it?  License?20:17
arraybolt3jhutchins: Doubt that it's the license - their code is Chromium + MPL-licensed customizations.20:18
jhutchinsStill, it's been around for seven years.20:19
jhutchinsMust be some reason.20:19
jhutchinsMaybe they're just not friendly.20:19
arraybolt3Might be the trademark rules.20:20
jhutchinsarraybolt3: You're thinking iceweasel?20:20
linux_dreamhi people, Im trying to help my mother (not a computer woman at all). her disk is full, ubuntu won't boot to her desktop. so she can only get a tty with ctrl alt F320:20
arraybolt3Then again they're fine with unofficial ones so :shrug:20:20
arraybolt3jhutchins: Nope, was going off a mailing list. It looks ilke there's just no one interested in packaging it?20:20
linux_dreami told my mother to remove or move a file into another hard disk but she was unable to find a file.  can she do sudo apt-get uninstall firefox, let's say, to free up space?20:21
linux_dreamwill that delete most of the files?20:21
arraybolt3linux_dream: That's not really recommended.20:21
arraybolt3She can't find any files? OK, hold on...20:21
linux_dreamI know arraybolt3 but what else do you suggest20:21
arraybolt3(there's a way to find what's eating all the space)20:21
linux_dreamright. my brother installed shitty games with steam, that's where most of her disk comes from20:21
linux_dreamthere are games taking Gb of shits20:21
arraybolt3linux_dream: Well then uninstall one of those :P20:22
linux_dreamshe cannot run steam20:22
jhutchinslinux_dream: Ah, obviously remove steam + games.20:22
linux_dreamhow do you uninstall the games?20:22
arraybolt3Hmm... well this is a tight spot...20:22
linux_dreamwithout being able to run steam20:22
linux_dreamI was thinking that if she removed, say firefox, ubuntu would boot to her desktop20:22
arraybolt3jhutchins: The system only boots to a TTY, so the Steam thingy can't be launched to remove them.20:22
linux_dreamfrom which she could then remove games on steam20:22
arraybolt3linux_dream: Yeah, I see your point, but it *could* result in losing all bookmarks and whatnot.20:22
arraybolt3I'm trying to think...20:22
linux_dreamhmm I see20:22
jhutchinsarraybolt3: That sounds suspiciously like more than just space.20:23
linux_dreamis there another program she might have installed but not using?20:23
arraybolt3linux_dream: Maybe, but let's start with something easy. Give me just a sec.20:23
linux_dreamstartx fails20:23
jhutchinslinux_dream: firefox is a bad choice because it's pretty essential for rebuilding the system.20:23
linux_dreamfiles .Xauthority does not exists (when she tries startx)20:23
jhutchinslinux_dream: With what messages?20:23
arraybolt3linux_dream: Try "cd ~; du | sort -g". That will help you identify where most of the files are.20:23
arraybolt3jhutchins: Zero disk space can do things like this.20:24
linux_dreamdisk is 100% full20:24
linux_dreamaccording to df -h20:24
arraybolt3linux_dream: Right but df -h doesn't tell you *where* the files are that are eating the space.20:24
arraybolt3du | sort -g will.20:24
jhutchinslinux_dream: Have you tried logging in as a different user?20:24
jhutchinsAh, I thought you'd been working on that.20:25
linux_dreamI know.  I already told her to run ls -something to see the size of files but she is unable to pinpoint something to move or delte20:25
jhutchinsYou could purge the firefox cache files.  (Not an FF user so I don't have details)20:25
linux_dreamnope jhutchins I haven't.  she lives 800 kmaway from me. and she takes 30 minutes to enter "startx"20:25
arraybolt3jhutchins: That's a good idea.20:25
linux_dreamwhat other user can I use ?  the only other one I know would be admin20:26
jhutchinsI _think_ the cache files are simply hidden in $HOME20:26
linux_dreambut I'm not sure I had set up these things when I installed her ubuntu backin the days20:26
jhutchins(From having watched copy/backup of them.)20:26
linux_dreamhmm so I could remove firefox then?20:26
linux_dreamit wouldnt remove the bookmarks20:26
linux_dreamand it would remove several mb ?20:26
linux_dreamwith sudo apt-get uninstall firefox20:27
linux_dreamI can't really think of another program she might have installed.  maybe the office suite but...20:27
arraybolt3linux_dream: What version of Ubuntu is she on?20:27
linux_dreamor maybe she can try to remove steam ?20:27
jhutchinslinux_dream: Does $HOME/.Xauthority exist20:28
linux_dreaman LTS version arraybolt3 i forgot which one20:28
linux_dreamI don;t think so jhutchins according to the error message at least20:28
linux_dreamI'll tell her to type sudo apt-get uninstall steam20:28
linux_dreamdo you think this could work ?20:28
jhutchinsIf that is true, you should be able to touch that file, which should then let you log in locally.20:28
linux_dreamassuming the OS is able to create an empty file that is20:29
jhutchinslinux_dream: Better yet xauth generate :0 . trusted20:29
linux_dreamnvm for now, I;ll tell her to remove steam20:29
linux_dreamwhat would be the command to do so?20:30
arraybolt3linux_dream: Tell her brother to get his own PC :P20:30
jhutchinslinux_dream: If your goal does not include a working steam system, you could just start deleting associated files.20:30
linux_dreamsorry I haven't used uibuntu in years20:30
arraybolt3linux_dream: Depends on how he installed it. "sudo apt remove steam" or "sudo snap remove steam".20:30
linux_dreamfrom the software center20:30
linux_dreamthe GUI interface I suppose20:31
arraybolt3linux_dream: Then try apt and if that fails try snap.20:31
linux_dreamthank you very much20:31
arraybolt3(The GUI interface can do either >_<)20:31
linux_dreami told her to remove steam 2 mins ago.  see how long it's gonna taker her to enter this command20:33
linux_dreamdamn... she will try tomorrow... but ok.  very nice guys, I took note of the 2 commands20:33
arraybolt3What a mess. Sorry this happened.20:34
linux_dreamyeah.  i messed up.  i told her to buy a new HD. but II messed up the installation20:34
linux_dreami should have put it to mount in /home/user20:35
linux_dreaminstead, it's just like an external HD (but it's internal)20:35
linux_dreamso she didn't have to reflex to move her stuff in there. and teh games were installed on the small ssd instead20:35
linux_dreamfilling it20:35
linux_dreamsee you guys and thank you very much20:36
jhutchinsI wonder if he can get ssh running.20:42
jhutchinsor vnc - once the main issue is fixed.20:42
AavarCan someone tell me what the "pcp"-package is and if I need it? It fails to start and I believe I can just remove it...20:50
bpromptAavar: well, I don't have it, so :)20:53
bpromptAavar: https://pcp.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html20:53
Aavarbprompt: I still don't quite get it but... I removed it and hope for the best :)20:59
bpromptAavar: like I said, I don't run it, everything here works smooth, kubuntu 20.0421:00
jhutchins!info pcp21:00
ubottupcp (5.3.7-1, kinetic): System level performance monitoring and performance management. In component universe, is extra. Built by pcp. Size 2,531 kB / 12,493 kB21:00
JohnDoe2hello guys, got a kubuntu 22.10 freezing on me (for real, not just x11), trying to tail the logs from an SSH session in case I can figure out what the culprit is. Or is there a journalctl command I should use?21:06
Alteriskubuntu is a real distro or you misspelled it?21:09
Alterisjust curious21:10
JohnDoe2you've never heard of the flavor?21:10
JohnDoe2it's one of the many flavors offered by the ubuntu folk, it runs KDE by default21:11
bpromptAlteris: Kubuntu is just Ubuntu with KDE and QT preinstalled, nothing esoteric21:11
Alterisbut I just used Linux for the first time like 3 weeks ago21:11
JohnDoe2yup froze again, nothing logged.21:12
bpromptAlteris: well, there are quite a few flavors, Lubuntu and Mathbuntu is another21:12
JohnDoe2starting to feel like a CPU problem.21:12
bpromptJohnDoe2:  could also be a daemon, you could start by disabling a few non-critical daemons21:14
bpromptJohnDoe2: also if you allow autoupdates, it could have been a kernel autoupdate, and sometimes just going back to the old one may do, reason why I don't do autoupdates, only manually do them21:16
JohnDoe2it's a fresh install, barely anything running on here outside of ssh. I did select "download updates while installing" so it has the latest...21:16
jhutchinsJohnDoe2: Might look into getting some hardware monitoring  set up.  Anything in common when it freezes?21:20
jhutchinsJohnDoe2: How long have you left it frozen to see if it would recover (some process maxing out resources?)21:21
jhutchins!info atop21:22
ubottuatop (2.7.1-2, kinetic): Monitor for system resources and process activity. In component universe, is optional. Built by atop. Size 173 kB / 488 kB. (Only available for linux-any.)21:22
bpromptJohnDoe2: could be a videocard driver incompatibility, the driver in use may not work as well, you could always check for an alternative from the manufacturer, AMD or Nvidia would have one21:22
jhutchinsJohnDoe2: Allows you to see historical resource usage, possibly look back and catch something using up resources.21:22
JohnDoe2jhutchins there is no obvious cause, it happens randomly. Temps are ok, fans don't go crazy. This laptop has been running a hackintoshed macOS for the past 3 years without hiccups, uptimes of months at a time. Laptop is an 8th gen i7 vPro with the embedded gfx chipset.21:23
bpromptjhutchins: not to meddle, but he dunnos where to or what to start monitoring yet21:23
JohnDoe2I was watching htop and journalctl -f to see if anything gets logged but there isn't anything.21:24
jhutchinsJohnDoe2: Invariably the logging function is one of the first things to go.21:25
JohnDoe2yeah I was hoping for some kernel panic over a driver or another...21:25
JohnDoe2but it could end up being something silly like a RAM stick going bad21:25
jhutchinsJohnDoe2: Good hardware is always rock solid - until it's not.  History is no guarantee of future performance (as they say in the investing world).21:26
jhutchinsJohnDoe2: Wouldn't hurt to re-seat things, make sure the interior is clean.21:26
JohnDoe2yup, exactly. Right just got my compressed air and screwdriver here21:26
jhutchinsJohnDoe2: Remember if you decide to run memtest it needs to go overnight or more.21:27
bpromptJohnDoe2: to rule out bad RAM, you could just try a LiveUSB session, if that goes bunk, then it's a good probability is ram, if it's stable, isn't it21:27
JohnDoe2gotcha, yeah memtest is next then. bprompt thanks, that might be a quicker check21:28
jhutchinsJohnDoe2: That's a little like having run the hackintosh on it though, doesn't really tell you what's wrong with the actual installation.21:28
jhutchinsIt's something to eliminate though.21:29
bpromptJohnDoe2: if it has been working fine for 3 years, I'd suspect something autoupdated, like a new kernel21:29
JohnDoe2true. bprompt those 3 years it was running a bootlegged macOS, but I did allow ubuntu to get the latest updates on installation so it definitely is running the latest released packages, kernel included.21:30
bpromptJohnDoe2: I mean, updates update, you only know they don't work when something breaks in the process, most of time they work, but sometimes could be compatibility with the hardware and the new drivers updated21:30
bpromptJohnDoe2: I run Kubuntu 20.04, runs like a breeze, I don't run Kwin though, well, kinda, I run LXQT which is faster21:32
jhutchinsSo action plan is clean and reseat, test, run a live image, maybe run memtest -  does that sound about right?21:34
JohnDoe2yup, also trial a debian install since that's focused on stability21:35
JohnDoe2and I'll be abusing the CPU and RAM with one of these stressors to see if I can get it to crash.21:36
jhutchinsWhen we started using linux we discovered that a lot of what we blamed on Microsoft was actually crap hardware.21:37
jhutchins(and/or drivers).21:38
bpromptJohnDoe2: dunno, last I checked, a while back mind you, Debian is a great distro, but lacks the some pre-installed drivers Ubuntu includes, so on that sense out-of-the-box Ubuntu has more hardware support, just for pre-packaged reasons21:43
teppersonhello, I am trying to run coz plot on my ubuntu 22.04 system. it tells me to do xdg-open /usr/share/coz-profiler/vierwer/index.htm, then my web browser says the file doesnt exist (it does exist). what can i do?21:43
jhutchinstepperson: Browse to that file?21:44
jhutchinstepperson: Open the browser, enter "file://...21:45
teppersonjhutchins: firefox says file not found, but ls -la finds it no problem21:46
jhutchinstepperson: Sounds like an ownershop/permission problem.21:47
jhutchinstepperson: Can you see it in your file browser?21:48
jhutchinsShould be able to open it from that.21:48
bprompttepperson: why is the system telling you to open that file btw?21:48
teppersonbprompt: not sure21:48
teppersonjhutchins: I can see it in my file browser21:49
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bprompttepperson: xdg-open is more of a handler than an app IIRC, sorta like a handler for MIME extensions, usually you'd get those messages in a webbrowser when clicking on a link to an external resource21:49
teppersonbprompt: its from the command "coz plot"21:55
bprompttepperson: sounds like jhutchins said, a permission issue, I strongly doubt it, no uncommon though, check if the file is there, does it have any content? is it valid html? but any browser should be able to open it, assuming is not binary21:59
teppersoni can cat it, it looks like html content, i can open it with gedit22:01
bprompttepperson:  you can try to drag-n-drop from the file manager to Firefox22:10
EriC^^tepperson: is that a typo there? seems like it might be 'viewer' xdg-open /usr/share/coz-profiler/vierwer/index.htm22:12
teppersonyes, thats a typo22:13
teppersoni think it is a permissions problem with the coz-profiler package, copying /usr/share/coz-profiler/viewer/* to another path, and giving ownership to myself made it work22:14
* jhutchins introduces tepperson to chmod and chown22:19
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