RikMillssomething to get stuck into for 23.10 :D https://github.com/canonical/ubuntu-flavor-installer17:04
ahoneybun[m]Are you happy about it RikMills ?17:05
RikMillsif we can customize it ok, then I guess so17:08
RikMillsthe shared front end means we will get the benefit of canonicals fixes17:09
IrcsomeBot<Rick_Timmis> I have a tiny bit of experience with Flutter, and am willing to give it a go. No idea how to package it into the ISO, or where to put the work once created. Should we just create a fork, and work from that ?17:09
RikMillsnot sure. the meeting notes said that budgie or xubuntu dev (forget which) can help with getting started17:10
RikMillsthe packaging is via creating a snap IIRC17:11
RikMillswhich we would seed on the ISO17:11
IrcsomeBot<Rick_Timmis> Ah ha OK, that makes sense17:11

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