lubot[matrix] <kc2bez> It does indeed look like an improvement from what i saw on imgur.00:55
arraybolt3https://launchpad.net/~arraybolt3/+archive/ubuntu/lubuntu-slideshow/+packages Ready for testing! There are a couple of changes to one of the slides to improve the example desktop wallpaper and to change the text to be be more relevant.02:27
arraybolt3er... almost ready, LP is being slow about publishing it but, getting there.02:50
arraybolt3As a heads-up, those of us who use Lunar may notice that KDE Connect is now installed - this is a consequence of the Discover bug fix. The package that Discover needed to work right again had kdeconnect as a Recommends, and while it was demoted to a Suggests at the same time as the Discover bug was fixed, the Discover fix went through and the kdeconnect demotion got stuck in Britney.16:49
arraybolt3So if you notice kdeconnect installed for no apparent reason, probably just run an autoremove to get rid of it. Or remove it, it's not important or intentional.16:49
arraybolt3(I noticed this autoinstallation happen a few times during other testing.)16:49
RikMillsarraybolt3: sorry about that. I needed to get new frameworks built so I could do new plasma today16:51
arraybolt3Not a problem, and it's not even your fault. It's just Britney being Britney :P16:51
arraybolt3Thanks for fiddling with stuff for us!16:52
RikMillssort of. the fix upload would probably have migrated if I hadn't uploaded new frameworks on top shortly after16:53
arraybolt3That reminds me that XScreenSaver *still* needs fixing.16:54
arraybolt3(I had the SRU all fully ready-to-go and then jwz's code sprung a time bomb on us.)16:55
arraybolt3guiverc, kc2bez: In case it matters, I let vorlon know that we don't intend on having a 20.04.6 point release. Lubuntu is now listed as disabled on the 20.04.6 ISO tracker, so it is now officially skipped.22:55
* guiverc noticed that, but thanks for telling us arraybolt3 22:57
kc2bezThanks arraybolt323:00

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