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slyonhello o/15:30
dviererbeHello o/15:31
cpaelzer#startmeeting Weekly Main Inclusion Requests status15:31
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cpaelzerPing for MIR meeting - didrocks joalif slyon sarnold cpaelzer jamespage eslerm15:31
cpaelzerwe are long term in FF, so hopefully this section is easy ...15:31
cpaelzer#topic current component mismatches15:31
cpaelzerMission: Identify required actions and spread the load among the teams15:31
eslermhi all o/15:31
cpaelzer#link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg15:31
cpaelzer#link https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches.svg15:31
cpaelzerall that was open last week now seems to have MIR bugs15:32
slyonlicensecheck -> libstring-license-perl looks ready for promotion15:32
cpaelzerwhich we will see in the next stage15:32
cpaelzerlike tracefs and traceevent15:32
didrocksslyon: did you see that it’s waiting on some feedback though?15:32
didrocks(about what is latest release)15:32
slyondidrocks: feedback was given15:32
slyon(a few minutes ago)15:32
didrocksoh, didn’t get the memo yet :p15:32
slyonthanks for your review!15:33
cpaelzerreading it, yes this should be ready15:33
didrocksyw, sounds straighforward enough!15:33
slyonI'll leave the status change to didrocks, if he's happy with the feedback given15:33
cpaelzerI've done it15:33
slyonack, thx15:33
sarnoldgood morning15:33
didrocks(update done)15:33
cpaelzerhehe two updates are better than none15:34
cpaelzerlet us agree who of us didrocks or I should promote it later ?15:34
didrocks@cpaelzer: I will let you the honor, you were faster than me commenting :)15:34
cpaelzerok with me15:34
cpaelzer#topic New MIRs15:34
cpaelzerMission: ensure to assign all incoming reviews for fast processing15:34
cpaelzer#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=NEW&field.status%3Alist=CONFIRMED&assignee_option=none&field.assignee=&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir15:34
slyonfoundations got one into the pipeline (by dviererbe)15:35
cpaelzerkanashiro: aren't 2008799 and 2009715 reeady as well to be reviewed ?15:35
cpaelzerok, right now we are looking for a reviewer on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/inetutils/+bug/200878915:36
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Launchpad bug 2008789 in inetutils (Ubuntu) "[MIR] inetutils" [Undecided, New]15:36
slyonautopkgtests are still failing in Ubuntu (no Debian) but we're actively working on fixing that. and we feel like MIR/sec review should already be started in parallel, as wee need some decision by final freeze15:36
slyonthis is kind of a special case due to a removal from debian and the see change already happened in Ubuntu15:36
cpaelzerWhich can't be me (PTO juhuu) nor slyon (reported it)15:36
cpaelzerso of the remaining people joalif or didrocks - would either of you ok to do a review15:36
joalifi can do it15:37
cpaelzerto be clear, this isn't all of inetutils, just athe subset that give telnet I think15:37
cpaelzerthanks joalif15:37
slyonalso we're looking to promote only the inetutils-telnet binary package and keep the rest of src:inetutils in universe, as suggested by sarnold15:37
dviererbeThank you joalif15:37
cpaelzerI might have two more in a bit once kanashiro confirms they are actually ready for review already15:38
kanashiro[m]cpaelzer: they are ready15:38
cpaelzerthanks kanashiro[m]15:38
cpaelzerI thought so15:38
cpaelzerfixing the status15:38
slyonI can take one15:39
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Launchpad bug 2009715 in libtraceevent (Ubuntu) "[MIR] Promote libtraceevent as a dependency of libtracefs" [Undecided, New]15:39
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Launchpad bug 2008799 in libtracefs (Ubuntu) "[MIR] libtracefs" [Undecided, New]15:39
cpaelzerThose two are up for grabs15:39
cpaelzerslyon: + didrocks: one each?15:39
didrockssoudns like a plan15:39
slyondidrocks: pick yours15:39
slyonI'll take the leftover :)15:39
cpaelzerI pick - hehehe15:39
slyonfine as well :)15:40
cpaelzerok, next section15:40
cpaelzerand there will be work for me later (I know what is coming)15:40
cpaelzerso it will be a fair share15:40
cpaelzer#topic Incomplete bugs / questions15:40
cpaelzerMission: Identify required actions and spread the load among the teams15:40
cpaelzer#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/?field.searchtext=&orderby=-date_last_updated&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITH_RESPONSE&field.status%3Alist=INCOMPLETE_WITHOUT_RESPONSE&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir15:40
cpaelzertwo updated 7 days ago15:41
cpaelzereverything else is older15:41
cpaelzerone will be fixed in Debian sooner or later - fine15:41
cpaelzerand one we assigned to oepnstack15:41
cpaelzerno action for us here15:41
cpaelzer#topic MIR related Security Review Queue15:42
cpaelzerMission: Check on progress, do deadlines seem doable?15:42
cpaelzer#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-security/+bugs?field.searchtext=%5BMIR%5D&assignee_option=choose&field.assignee=ubuntu-security&field.bug_reporter=&field.bug_commenter=&field.subscriber=ubuntu-mir15:42
cpaelzerInternal link15:42
cpaelzer- ensure your teams items are prioritized among each other as you'd expect15:42
cpaelzer- ensure community requests do not get stomped by teams calling for favors too much15:42
cpaelzer#link https://warthogs.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/SEC/boards/59415:42
cpaelzerfrom our teams POV @sarnold how does kea go on?15:42
sarnoldcpaelzer: kea is not yet started15:42
cpaelzersarnold: can I do anything to get it started?15:43
cpaelzerthis is a 23.04 item after all15:43
cpaelzerso my anxiety scales by the lack of days for the rest of this release :-)15:43
sarnoldcpaelzer: alas no, 360s and interviews are things I must do myself :)15:43
cpaelzerI can do your 360 rating me :-P15:43
cpaelzerbut ok, I understand15:43
cpaelzerif nothing but 360 and interviews blocks you I hope this will be started soon15:44
cpaelzeris that hope in vain?15:44
sarnoldit should indeed start this week, probably tomorrow, but we shall see what the calendar brings15:44
cpaelzerI'm asking you to escalate it in case something (in your calendar) tries to block you - ok?15:45
sarnoldcpaelzer: yes, sounds good15:45
cpaelzeranything else in here that is of concern to one of you?15:45
cpaelzerathos: ^^ FYI on isc-kea review hopefully starting super-soon15:46
cpaelzerI guess it is time for AOB15:46
cpaelzer#topic Any other business?15:46
didrocksnothing for me15:46
sarnoldnone here15:46
cpaelzerThe MIR process around https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pcs/+bug/1953341 is completed AFAICS15:46
-ubottu:#ubuntu-meeting- Launchpad bug 1953341 in pcs (Ubuntu) "[MIR] make pcs the default management tool for Corosync/Pacemaker clusters" [Undecided, In Progress]15:46
cpaelzerthat means 16 cases to recheck if really all is in place15:46
cpaelzerand then promotions accordingly - once the seed changes landed15:47
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: will do the seed change, then I'll do the promotion15:47
cpaelzerthat is my task which I knew will be coming15:47
sarnoldimpressive, wow. it's nice to take a step back and look at the landscape of things once in a while :)15:47
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: is that seed change already up as MR or landed but not yet processed by germinate or ... ?15:47
kanashiro[m]Hopefully the component-mismatch will be in place until tomorrow :)15:48
cpaelzerok, I'll keep the bug open and if I see it in component mismatch chack and act on them15:48
cpaelzergive me a ping once it landed15:48
cpaelzerand other other business?15:49
kanashiro[m]I am pulling pcs to main via a pacemaker dependency15:49
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: ok, so it will be seen in proposed via that update15:49
sarnoldare *all* packages brought into main via an 'installed by default' somewhere?15:50
kanashiro[m]waiting for the FFe approval15:50
cpaelzerjust checked, crmsh also isn't directly in the seeds15:50
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: since we wanted to keep crmsh "for now" and only drop it from main in 23.1015:50
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: you most likely need a seed change15:50
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: otherwise crmsh will auto-demote in 23.04 which is too early15:51
kanashiro[m]cpaelzer: ok, then I need to change my pacemaker uploading, I am demoting crmsh to Suggests15:51
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: for pacemaker it is ok to go to a suggest15:51
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: but something needs to hold it in main, that should be the seed15:52
kanashiro[m]ok, I will add crmsh to seeds15:52
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: and when you add it, maybe add a comment that this is just to hold it in 23.04 for now and will be dropped in early 23.1015:52
cpaelzerkanashiro[m]: just add it to the supported entries, no need to suddenly auto-install it anywhere :-)15:52
cpaelzer@sarnold you asked about installed15:53
cpaelzer@sarnold some things are depended on by ubuntu-minimal, ubuntu-sevrer, ... those will be auto-installed15:53
cpaelzer@sarnold but others are just listed in the various supported-* entries15:53
cpaelzer@sarnold those are in main, but not default installed15:53
cpaelzer@sarnold germinate picks it up, but none of the image-building or meta package processing will15:54
cpaelzer@sarnold does that answer the question?15:54
meetingologycpaelzer: You've given me 5 invalid commands within the last 60 seconds; I'm now ignoring you for 10 minutes.15:54
sarnoldcpaelzer: it does, thanks :)15:54
cpaelzersorry, muscle memory slowly converts to mattermost and now meetingology complains15:54
cpaelzersarnold: you did see my messages that talked about supported-* seeds right?15:54
sarnoldcpaelzer: yes15:55
cpaelzernow I guess AOB is done as well15:55
sarnold*I* won't ignore you!15:55
cpaelzerthanks didrocks joalif slyon sarnold cpaelzer dviererbe !15:55
sarnoldthanks cpaelzer, all :)15:55
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cpaelzernow, can I end the meeting if he is ignoring me ...15:55
cpaelzerthanks sarnold15:55
eslermthanks all o/15:55
joalifthanks cpaelzer, all :)15:55
slyonthanks all!15:55
* vorlon waves19:59
rbasakI'm still on leave so no progress on anything from me. I should be back properly next week. But I'm around now if anyone needs anything from me.20:00
vorlonhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/TechnicalBoardAgenda not updated but I checked the logs to confirm rbasak chaired last time so it's to me now20:03
vorlon#startmeeting Technical Board20:03
meetingologyMeeting started at 20:03:42 UTC.  The chair is vorlon.  Information about MeetBot at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology20:03
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vorlon#topic Action review20:03
vorlonACTION: amurray to propose amended Ubuntu Backporters Team Charter20:03
vorlonamurray: are you there?20:04
vorloncarrying over20:04
vorlonACTION: seb128 to help draft an exception to the "must build on all architectures" requirement for snaps20:04
vorlonseb128: any update?20:04
seb128still no progress there sorry20:04
vorlonack, carrying over20:04
vorlonACTION: seb128/amurray/sil200 to help drafting the snap-store Ubuntu-specific tracks usage20:04
vorlonACTION: rbasak to raise any on-going blockers with third-party seeded snap security policy20:05
vorlonrbasak: ?20:05
vorlonyou said last week that this is waiting on you being back from leave, so I'll just assume carryover20:05
vorlonACTION: sil2100 to start a draft summarizing the OEM archive portion of the meeting which x-nox and TB will review, edit, and ratify before we move on to figuring out the next step20:05
vorlonno sil210020:05
vorlonACTION: rbasak to draft a proposal of the DMB-proposed inactivity expiration policy for TB ratification20:05
rbasakCarry please20:06
vorlonACTION: rbasak to create initial bugs against the LP techboard project to track third party repo and DMB expiration policies20:06
rbasakCarry please20:07
vorlonmeanwhile I've updated the wiki page to at least point to https://bugs.launchpad.net/techboard20:08
vorlon#topic Scan the mailing list archive for anything we missed20:08
vorlon#link https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/technical-board/2023-March/thread.html20:08
vorlonthere's some back-and-forth regarding the Backporters Team charter; hasn't closed out but there's at least discussion20:09
vorlonoh and I should've done the apologies as a topic, and also remembered that amurray said he wouldn't be here20:09
vorlonso as amurray had the action to work through that I don't think there's anything else on the mailing list requiring action from folks present20:10
vorlon#topic Apologies (out of order :P)20:10
vorlonamurray sent his apologies to the list20:10
vorlon#topic Check up on community bugs and techboard bugs20:10
vorlon#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-community/+bugs?field.assignee=techboard20:10
vorlon#link https://bugs.launchpad.net/techboard20:11
vorlon#topic Select a chair for the next meeting20:11
vorlonstandard rotation has it as sil2100 chair, amurray backup20:11
vorlon#info sil2100 chair, amurray backup20:11
vorlon#topic AOB20:11
vorlonanything to actually discuss, or is that the end of our pro forma meeting? :)20:11
seb128efficient meeting :p20:12
vorlonmaybe I should've had more mulligatawny stew20:12
meetingologyMeeting ended at 20:12:53 UTC.  Minutes at https://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2023/ubuntu-meeting.2023-03-14-20.03.moin.txt20:12
vorlonseb128, rbasak: thanks20:12

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