JohnDoe2oddly enough no freezes since I put debian 11 on it. Must be some driver then but I can't help pin it down since there's nothing logged :(00:04
ravageno shame in running debian if it works00:04
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bn_workis there a way to apt install php7 on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS?02:07
rboxyou can install whats in the repos02:09
rboxif its not in the repos then you have to compile it02:09
sarnoldyou could install lxd, then install a focal instance, and then run php7.4 in that?02:10
bn_workrbox:  is it not in the repos for 22.04 LTS?  I'm not finding it... but maybe I'm doing something wrong :|02:10
rboxwell its not hiding...02:11
sarnoldwell, it kind of is annoying to figure out which versions are supported where02:11
bn_workor does someone publish a forward ported php7 ppa for 22.04?02:11
sarnoldI use a local archive mirror to figure out which versions of php we ship, and then use a security-team specific tool to figure out which releases ship those packages02:11
sarnoldit's possible ondrej does, but he might only bring newer packages to old releases, not old packages to new releases02:12
rboxbn_work: you mean backward port? no one sane is going to make old buggy vulernable packages for new dists02:14
bn_workrbox: php7 isn't that old and not everything is compatible with 802:15
bn_worksarnold: yeah, looks like his repo might help, thanks02:15
rboxthen switch to 20.0402:16
bn_worksarnold: hmm, ok found https://askubuntu.com/a/1455665 and added his PPAs but don't even see php7 when I do `apt list --all-versions php`?02:23
bn_workall I get is  https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/XzRzEn4e/apt%20list%20--all-versions%20php.log02:24
Rexodus Good morning. Ik have a RAID5 with BTRFS. The next picture tells what my problem is. What went wrong, I dunno. Prolly something with powerloss. The question: How do I fix this? https://ibb.co/BCpjCq702:27
sarnoldbn_work: hmm, looking through the web interface it looks like there ought to be *something* for you .. https://launchpad.net/~ondrej/+archive/ubuntu/php/+packages?field.name_filter=php7&field.status_filter=published&field.series_filter=02:28
sarnoldRexodus: check dmesg, maybe there's some details in there about what's gone wrong?02:28
arraybolt3Rexodus: Oh dear. You're using BTRFS on top of mdadm RAID5 or similar, not BTRFS RAID5, I hope?02:28
RexodusYes! There is. dmesg is full of lines with mismatches.02:29
RexodusOne moment.02:30
RexodusUploading new picture02:30
sarnoldBedMan: any chance you can fix your connectin?02:32
bn_worksarnold: ah, need to specify php7.4 in the command, I guess I was expecting `php` to stem out02:33
RexodusAfter I did a poging to repair https://ibb.co/ZHkFcJS02:33
sarnoldbn_work: aha! :) yay02:33
mybalzitchthat sucks Rexodus :(02:34
Rexodusarraybolt3: I'm not sure what you say02:34
sarnoldRexodus: yikes. I'm no btrfs expert but (a) I've heard their raid5 code is garbage (b) these messages sure look like "recover with backups" to me02:34
arraybolt3Rexodus: Nevermind, you're using mdadm, so that's good.02:34
arraybolt3sarnold: He's using BTRFS on top of an mdadm RAID5, so I think he *might* (big might) be able to troubleshoot the underlying RAID array.02:35
RexodusOk. So I made a big design mistake?02:35
sarnoldarraybolt3: are you *sure*?02:35
arraybolt3Rexodus: Can you check the status of the array via mdadm>02:35
arraybolt3sarnold: Well it's accessing /dev/md1 so yeah pretty sure.02:35
sarnoldarraybolt3: mmmmmm02:36
sarnoldarraybolt3: okay i'm more hopeful now :)02:36
arraybolt3Rexodus: Not necessarily. You might have had two disks fail or get corrupted though.02:36
arraybolt3Or maybe there's a command to fix things, I dunno.02:36
arraybolt3I would recommend backing up everything that's still readable before trying to recover though.02:36
RexodusIt's an array out a Astor AS6604 which I imported in Proxmox with turnkey FileServer.02:37
arraybolt3That sounds complex.02:37
Rexodusarraybolt3: That was what I was hoping for to get here02:37
mybalzitchwhat does cat /proc/mdstat stay02:37
* ravage wonders where Ubuntu is involved02:38
arraybolt3ravage: Probably an Ubuntu VM inside Proxmox?02:38
ravageit says debian02:38
arraybolt3Though I'm not sure what "turnkey FileServer" is.02:38
mybalzitchturnkey linux?02:38
arraybolt3ravage: Two different machines, I think.02:38
arraybolt3The one with the failures says "root@fileserver".02:38
ravageproxmox is debian too. not sure what that fileserver uses02:39
arraybolt3Maybe he booted it from a Debian ISO. Though, I guess we could just ask the question...02:39
arraybolt3Rexodus: Is this an Ubuntu machine or VM that has the disk failures?02:39
Rexodusarraybolt3: turnkey is making LXC containers02:39
arraybolt3Turnkey is making *unofficial* LXC containers most likely.02:39
arraybolt3They may have customized things in such a way where advice we give could end up being dangerous, depending on how they have things customized.02:39
Rexodusarraybolt3: no. It is debian Bullseye. Also the same as Ubuntu in this subject.02:40
arraybolt3Not necessarily.02:40
arraybolt3Debian != Ubuntu, and differences in design *could* lead to catastrophe if one of us makes an Ubuntu-based recommendation that doesn't work there.02:40
arraybolt3This is one of the central reasons we don't support anything other than *official* Ubuntu installations here.02:41
ravage!debian | Rexodus02:41
ubottuRexodus: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu/ubuntu-and-debian - !Repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!02:41
RexodusI don't really mind at this point. Been bussy with this for days now.02:41
ravagethere is also ##proxmox02:42
RexodusIf I lose everything, so be it.02:42
RexodusYes. But proxmox is not relevant at this moment.02:42
arraybolt3I think mdadm is supposed to be transparent if a disk dies or is corrupted?02:42
RexodusThe rest of the array is working fine.02:42
RexodusExept for those 3 directories.02:43
arraybolt3Rexodus: Does this help at all? https://askubuntu.com/questions/1405117/problem-dealing-with-corrupt-file-and-mdadm02:44
Rexodusarraybolt3: my knowledge is not sufficiant. And I'm googling for 2 days now. Pretty desperado. That's why I'm heren now.02:44
Rexodusarraybolt3: check02:44
arraybolt3There's a comment that might help.02:44
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Rexodusarraybolt3: I see I've tried this before. I count my losses and place one of my backups back. So I restart the whole project. What should I do? EXT4 on RAID5? What is your advice?02:57
RexodusOr anyone with good ideas, for that matter...02:58
ravageZFS works great for storage in Ubuntu02:59
ravageProxmox has great support for it too02:59
ravageSo I would stick to proxmox as tbe storage Provider02:59
ravageAnd not put any drives directly into VMs02:59
sarnoldI'm a big fan of zfs myself02:59
RexodusSo, not linking the disks one by one but the array?03:00
ravageI have no idea what your use case is03:00
RexodusReplacing the AS6604T firmare03:01
RexodusIt's garbage imho.03:01
RexodusAnyways, thanks for thinking with me.03:04
Fossilhttps://keyserver.ubuntu.com/ is down?03:12
toddcRexodus: assuming promox ZFS is built in but I only use raid 1 and had luck swapping drives with no other failures in many years many hosts03:14
sarnoldFossil: I think I heard one of the machines there was getting some maintenance03:15
Fossilsarnold ok. bad timing. Was just working on a Docker image :P03:15
sarnoldFossil: ugh :(03:16
toddcFossil: https://status.canonical.com/03:16
sarnoldoh hey how about that :)03:16
Fossiltoddc cheers03:16
Rexodustoddc: I had several powerfailures. I guess no FS is happy with that.03:18
FossilIs the keyserver a single machine? :-)03:18
RexodusNo, running in Proxmox.03:18
RexodusSry :P03:18
sarnoldFossil: try again?03:26
FossilYeah its back up :-D03:26
Fossiland my image works yay03:27
sarnolddouble \o/ :)03:27
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retrosenatori keep having this "update notifier"05:50
retrosenatoranyone know how to make that thing go away?05:50
oerheksrun updates properly, and it will go away, until next updates.06:04
Alexey_Biden, Diana, send Australia the fuck, they're fucking there, they're just sitting in paradise07:36
Alexey_Biden is the last white president in the US. 拜登是美国最后一位白人总统。07:39
oerheksAlexey_, this is ubuntu support, move that to #politics or something07:42
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:42
retrosenatorcan someone help me get rid of update notifier?07:43
retrosenatorit pops up every day07:43
oerheksso, update?07:43
retrosenatori dont want to update: ever07:43
retrosenatori will get a new computer when i update07:44
retrosenatorand even if I do update07:44
retrosenatorit will want to update again the next day07:44
oerheksor go into settings > notifications > do not disturb07:44
retrosenatorim on lxqx07:44
retrosenatorsorry lxqt07:45
retrosenatori cant find it07:45
retrosenatoris there a command I can run or a file I can edit?07:45
oerheksoh, lubuntu has that too07:46
retrosenatorlxqt-config-configurationd: command not found07:47
oerheksthen i don' t know, join #lubuntu ?07:47
retrosenatoroh i have something ele07:47
retrosenatorlxqt-config-notificationd   works but doesnt help me07:48
retrosenatorthere it goes again "update notifier"07:52
retrosenatori want to delete the update notifier07:52
retrosenatorsudo rm /usr/lib/lubuntu-update-notifier/lubuntu-notifier.py07:52
retrosenatoris this the solution to my problem07:52
M-Ira[m]you probably  want to run update-manager and look at the configs.07:55
M-Ira[m]but not updating anything may not be smart security-wise. you want security updates at the very least.07:55
retrosenatordont worry i will get a new computer soon enough07:55
retrosenatorI can update then07:55
retrosenatornot every 20 minutes until then  thankfully07:55
retrosenatornow that i deleted the script :)07:56
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nrbhello, i have a bug on 22.04 and 22.10 (20.04 kernel as well), that whenever I type (console, firefox, whatever), the characters might disappear and reappear when i'm typing.08:01
nrbon 20.04 the bug occurs on 5.14 oem, i downgraded to 5.4 oracle and the bug disappeared. device is thinkpad p1 gen 4, any ideas?08:02
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AgenomotoMy system suddenly got into readyonly mode. The filesystem I mean. How can I debug and know what caused it? I cannot reboot08:45
EriC^^Agenomoto: anything in 'sudo dmesg'08:45
AgenomotoEriC^^ checking sir08:46
AgenomotoCurrently I am not in that os. I am using live cd.08:46
AgenomotoSo I think dmesg won't give that detail. In that case, what should I do?08:46
EriC^^Agenomoto: you could mount the root fs and see what's in /mnt/var/log/syslog08:59
AgenomotoEriC^^ https://termbin.com/bmdwb09:04
Agenomotooerheks ok09:04
EriC^^Agenomoto: dont see anything there09:06
EriC^^Agenomoto: sda went into read-only?09:07
iomari891Greetings, anyone have an elegant way of being alerted when a server on my network comes online?09:07
AgenomotoEriC^^ no, the nvme1p109:07
oerheksAgenomoto, update your bios. https://www.asus.com/motherboards-components/motherboards/tuf-gaming/tuf-gaming-x570-plus/helpdesk_bios/?model2Name=TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS09:09
oerheks4408  2022/11/2509:09
Agenomotooerheks ok, but that isn't causing it . is it?09:14
oerheksi guess not, but just for your information09:14
oerheksAgenomoto, so you are using ZFS?09:17
AgenomotoI do plan to use zfs though09:21
Agenomoto sudo btrfs check --readonly /dev/vgxubuntu/root09:24
AgenomotoOpening filesystem to check...09:24
AgenomotoERROR: cannot open device '/dev/vgxubuntu/root': Device or resource busy09:24
AgenomotoERROR: cannot open file system09:24
Agenomotolooks like drive is ok https://pastebin.mozilla.org/cG3b1JNj09:32
Agenomotook rebooting09:37
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AgenomotoHow to update firmware for ssd samsung as the magician software is not supported on linux?10:18
oerhekson gnome, softwarecenter got this covered https://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/upgrade-update-samsung-ssd-firmware/10:24
oerheksyour lubuntu might do it via commandline?10:24
oerheksalso, crossposting is sad10:24
ravagecommand line is described in the same article10:24
Agenomotooerheks thanks;  was in  panic10:25
oerheksfor your bios, i am not sure ubuntu can do that.10:25
ravagei would always do that via usb or the way your motherboard manual describes it10:26
oerheksif you follow that commandline method, it might pop up10:26
oerheksgood luck with advise in #linux10:30
Dr_CokeAnyone know why ChatGPT doesn't come back with as detailed answer on linux as macos10:34
ravagelinux users dont need detailed answers10:35
oerheksDr_Coke, chatGPT is stupid?10:35
ravageit is a smart AI10:35
Dr_Cokeoerheks, lol10:35
Dr_Cokeravage surely there's more to it then that10:36
oerheksi would ask the bing version10:36
ravagealso cross post + offtopic10:36
ravageso carry on10:36
M-Ira[m]All AI are stupid, by definition...10:38
AgenomotoHow can I change uuid of a drive? This has nothing to do with /etc/fstab.11:20
oerheksafter that, edit fstab, so it has something to do with fstab11:22
Agenomotosudo gdisk /dev/nvme0n1p3 -> GPT fdisk (gdisk) version 1.0.8 Partition table scan:  MBR: not present  BSD: not present  APM: not present  GPT: not present Creating new GPT entries in memory.11:27
Agenomotothat drive is a dd clone of OS drive.11:27
Agenomotooerheks I upgraded bios fw11:28
Agenomotoand drive fw11:28
Agenomototomreyn what am I supposed to do here/11:29
tomreynAgenomoto: i don't know what you're meaning to do there. i tried to explain how you can update partition UUIDs11:30
Agenomotoc: says no partitions11:30
tomreynwhat is "c:"?11:30
AgenomotoCommand (? for help): x                                       # enter x to change to experts menu11:31
AgenomotoExpert command (? for help): c                                # enter c to change PARTUUID11:31
tomreynAgenomoto: you chose a partition as a target device for gdisk11:32
tomreynyou should instead choose a storage device11:32
tomreynsuch as /dev/nvme0n111:32
Agenomotooh done11:33
Agenomotothanks :)11:33
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Guest50I created an Ubuntu instance on AWS and installed Wireguard on it. I want to ping another instance on AWS with a private IP that is in the same subnet. (This instance is not a wireguard client.) The error I received is:" Destination Host Unreachable Ping: sendmsg: Required key not available." May I ask for any hints? How can I resolve it?12:47
tomreynGuest50: if you're trying to send traffic through the wireguard VPN, both systems will need to be running wireguard13:04
tomreynif those are systems on different VPCs, just using the same private subnet won't help - they'll have no way of communicating with each other, won't automatically join the same subnet, just due to they're both on ip addresses on a sbunet with the same address range. those are still separate subnets then.13:08
tomreynbut that's more an #AWS / #wireguard / #networking question really, i guess13:08
Galamany Linux book that is recommended for beginners?14:15
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laurusHi, I use MATE, and I'm wondering if anyone could recommend a web browser that respects the MATE theme in use? My main issue is that I want the scrollbars to look like they do on the other GTK applications I use.14:27
laurus(I don't care if it has almost no functionality, as long as it can read HTML pages with CSS it's fine.)14:27
enyclaurus: hrrm  epiphany-browser  maybe?   What is going on with ''themes'' anyhow/14:30
laurusenyc: Unfortunately Epiphany browser ignores the themes, it's one of those weird GNOME-centric applications with the giant titlebars14:31
enycthinking.. MATE was Gnome-2 GTK-2 etc originally14:31
laurusThe themes I'm talking about are things like this: https://github.com/jpfleury/clearlooks-phenix14:31
enycwondering how that has changed, since.14:31
laurusThe one I'm using is this: https://ubuntu-mate.community/t/creating-traditionalok-color-variants/2593914:32
enycfun ;o14:33
laurusWell, they give a traditional interface, in particular, the nice clickable scrollbars.14:33
laurus(with the buttons at the top and bottom as well)14:33
enyclaurus: poteniotlaly one of:  netsurf-gtk surf palemoon14:35
laurusI have used Pale Moon before, maybe I'll go with that since it looks like Netsurf hasn't been updated in two years.14:36
laurusThanks for these recs!14:37
hwpplayer1hi people !14:47
oerhekshi hwpplayer114:48
hwpplayer1How it is going on oerheks14:48
oerheksfine, how are you doing?14:49
hwpplayer1Thanks I feel good too oerheks14:50
hwpplayer1Are you a programmer oerheks ?14:50
oerheksa little, i do more support here.14:52
hwpplayer1Did you saig Ubuntu code of conduct oerheks ?14:53
oerheksyes; https://launchpad.net/~oerheks14:54
leftyfbhwpplayer1: feel free to discuss in #ubuntu-discuss or #ubuntu-offtopic. This channel is for support issues.14:54
oerheksneed any help with that?14:54
hwpplayer1Okay thanks14:54
bancroftI just got a notice that apt-key is deprecated except for apt-key del. How can I get the equivalent of `apt-key adv --refresh-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com`?15:16
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tomreynbancroft: good question, actually. i guess the 'right' approach would be either already having the current keys (via the keyring package) or manually downloading it from a trusted location via https15:31
tomreynbancroft: maybe try #ubuntu-security, too, since they may have a better answer15:31
i6869xp97planyone online?15:31
bancroftThank you tomreyn15:32
tomreyni6869xp97pl: hi, do you have an ubuntu support question?15:32
tomreyni6869xp97pl: okay, please note this very channel is for this purpose only.15:32
i6869xp97plok, misclick, wrong channel15:33
tomreynbancroft: note that you *can* download updated copies of keys you already have off https://keyserver.ubuntu.com - specifying them via their fingerprint15:33
tomreyn(so you can be sure you're downloading the right key) and place them in /usr/share/keyrings/15:34
tomreyn(i just don't know whether that would be the *recommended* approach for your scenario)15:36
bancroftI don't know either, but I asked in security so we'll see I supose15:36
tomreynvery well15:36
bryangood morning everyone15:41
elias_aGood evening.15:57
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leftyfbGREGBBFRHH: test failed16:59
GREGBBFRHHbonjour, quelqu'un a t il déjà utilisé kangas  ?17:00
GREGBBFRHHc un module python17:00
leftyfb!fr | GREGBBFRHH17:01
ubottuGREGBBFRHH: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:01
GREGBBFRHH Hi, someonehas already installed kangas ?17:02
jhutchinsGREGBBFRHH: Surely someone has.17:02
leftyfbGREGBBFRHH: kangas is not an officially support package. You'll have to contact the vendor for support17:03
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hans_> i   python3-software-properties Recommends unattended-upgrades19:41
hans_why? python3 is completely unrelated to unattended-upgrades x.x19:41
hans_(not the other way around tho)19:41
Habbiepython3-software-properties is not python3, it just happens to be written in python 319:47
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unixbsdis there a ubuntu aarch64?20:44
unixbsdarm64 only? can we find aarch64?20:45
unixbsdi dont want arm64, but I need AARCH64. is there a rootfs?20:47
oerheksARMv8/AArch64  = arm64 iso ?20:48
ravagethey are the same thing nowadays20:49
EriC^^same thing unixbsd20:49
unixbsdarm64 is not aarch64 ~20:50
EriC^^the ubuntu link for aarch64 actually is arm64.iso20:50
unixbsdyeah but arm64 and aarch64 are different assembly code20:50
oerhekssee server install image20:50
oerheksno, you want the arm6420:51
unixbsdlook https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/461179/what-is-the-difference-between-different-implemetation-of-arm64-aarch64-for-linu20:51
oerheksyou look .. https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/683360/why-does-hostnamectl-return-arm64-but-uname-returns-aarch64-ubuntu-20-04-2-on20:54
oerheksgood luck!20:54
EriC^^unixbsd: in your link the answer says "So aarch64 and arm64 refer to the same thing."20:54
ravageto answer your question about a simple rootfs: sudo debootstrap --arch=arm64 --foreign jammy jammy20:55
ravage(if you are not on arm64 when running debootstrap. if you are you can remove --foreign)20:56
lemurjust tring for the first time21:59
itsagundamdWhat's up y'all?22:02
Sm1982does anyone know about apache rewrite rules to strip query strings?22:13
noxvilleHi there, is there a recommended guide/path to install  KDE Plasma 5 on Ubuntu (as a secondary desktop environment)?22:15
jhutchinsnoxville: Which release of Ubuntu?22:17
noxville22.10, sorry22:17
ubottuKubuntu is the Ubuntu flavour using KDE Software and the KDE Plasma Workspaces.  See https://kubuntu.org for more information - For support join  #kubuntu - See also !kde22:17
Sm1982ravage thanks I am trying on this URL https://domain.com/news-and-events/news/?id=/nodle/ to remove the ?id= part so it's just https://aag.ventures/news-and-events/news/nodle/22:17
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is an open community that creates and maintains software including the Plasma desktop.  To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install  kubuntu-desktop », or see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See  http://kubuntu.org for more information.22:17
Sm1982anyway, will look at that link thanks22:17
noxvilleAlrighty, cheers @jhut22:18
jhutchinsI really liked KDE 3.5.22:20
transhumanistso brand new install of LAMP on ubuntu , several tries purging and reinstalling , seems to have an issue creating the mysql /var/run/mysqld22:39
webchat39i need help in ubuntu pro22:41
webchat39-_- +22:41
transhumanistmysql:x:132:142:MySQL Server,,,:/nonexistent:/bin/false   mysql:x:142:  space is a minimal 10 gig for all items, no process found for mysql and it starts up Active green accrding to systemctl22:44
fengshaun_how do I install qt5 development headers? libqt5{core,dbus,gui,...} are all installed, yet dpkg -L doesn't show any of the header files22:51
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