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gnrpblack: hi13:10
blackwhat is this irc channel about ?13:10
blackahh nvm got it 13:10
black_hi, how can i improve my xubuntu audio to get more clarity ? (i have good speakers)13:34
gnrpblack_: What is missing?13:42
black__gnrp: i need to improve the base and surround of the sound because it cracks too much13:56
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piscvaumy laptop has a GeForce® GTX 960M GDDR5 2 Go  and there is also a graphics controler on the mother board. I have a problem with the handling of the dual monitor. when I slide a window on the additionnal screen I get many many shifted windows. And when I close this window, from the system perspective it is closed but the many many windows remain15:34
piscvauon the right screen and they blink!.... any idea?15:34
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