RikMills'An error occurred during a connection to launchpadlibrarian.net'14:26
RikMillsand came back. must have been a glitch14:27
realtime-neilWhen a git repository tells me that "The next import is scheduled to run as soon as possible.", is 30 minutes too long? Remote in question: https://code.launchpad.net/~realtime-robotics/rtr-system/+git/rtr-system21:00
cjwatsonrealtime-neil: Looks like some of the import workers have got stuck.  I can't deal with it right now, but will sort it out as soon as I can21:08
realtime-neilOkay, understood.21:09
cjwatson(Just going by https://code.launchpad.net/+code-imports/+machines where only one of the six online workers seems to be doing anything)21:09
realtime-neilHm. Can confirm. I'm interested in helping, if Canonical will have me.21:11
cjwatsonrealtime-neil: Probably just dispatchers getting stuck after network outages.  We'll reboot the dodgy workers shortly and then they should catch up quickly enough21:46
cjwatsonThanks for reporting, we do need slightly better monitoring here since graphs indicate it's been a bit suboptimal since late January or so21:47
cjwatsonrealtime-neil: fixed22:32

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