dd_rescuezoltix[m]: yep doing photorec right now.. all i need is 1 file00:50
dd_rescuemanaged to get 41G out00:50
dd_rescuerun out of space on the rescue disk.. so off to the store.. and i got a 1TB nvme on a stick00:51
dd_rescuemy amazon bill will be terrible this month00:51
dd_rescueTrend compared to prior month arrow 185.7%00:52
dd_rescuei "may" need my ssh keys - for convenience sake00:54
blahdeblah+1 photorec 02:28
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JanCI remember when my sister & brother-in-law called me in panic that their digital camera crashed and all the photos of my niece's birth & the days after were gone from the memory card...03:29
JanCwith photorec I saved all of them  :)03:30
JanCthere are also a couple other similar tools now, I think03:31
sarnoldyay, the hero! :D03:31
sarnoldI used the sleuth kit / autopsy for something similar03:31
sarnoldphotorec might be easier03:31
JanCthere is also magicrescue, etc03:33
sarnoldoo I like magic03:33
JanCI remember photorec was quite impressive though03:34
JanCand back then there wasn't anything similar that was open source, I think03:35
JanCthere were a bunch of commercial ones for Windows that cost several hundreds of dollars/euros03:35
JanCthey had a nice GUI, but otherwise they probably weren't better than photorec  :)03:36
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samy1028Hello all.  On our Ubuntu 20.04 FIPS VM's, we are deploying the Zabbix-Agent2 package.  Due to restrictions we are implementing it with active checks where the client reports back to the central Zabbix server.  It fails with an SSL/TLS mismatch.  I found one suggestion from RedHat FIPS to use TLSCipherPSK or TLSCipherPSK13 in the config file and specify the TLS ciphers.  However, on Ubuntu 20.04 it states this option is 13:45
samy1028invalid.  Is there some reason this option is not supported in the Zabbix Agent for Ubuntu 20.04 FIPS?13:45
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