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arraybolt3Unit193, bluesabre: Is it normal for the Xubuntu 20.04 ISO to have options for trying Xubuntu or installing Xubuntu *in the GRUB menu*, rather than in Ubiquity?03:34
arraybolt3If not, then there's something funky with the Xubuntu 20.04.6 ISO.03:35
arraybolt3(I'll be doing a regression test just in case unless it's known that this is normal.)03:35
Unit193Urgh, I've picked up terrible habits.  I'm not aware of that, but sounds like an upgrade to me anyway. :P06:37
arraybolt3It wasn't a "regression" after all, and a bunch of other ISOs have it, so we're all good.06:41
arraybolt3Got one last UEFI smoke test to run, then I'm probably done testing for the night.06:45
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