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sylvain31Hello, I created a zip archive with Engrampa from xubuntu 22.04 Engrampa Archive Manager 1.26.0 with password. But it doesn't seem to produce an archive workable under windows OS archive manager. Did I miss some option? Where should I report a bug?11:14
diogenes_Vx15sylvain31, define "workable"? do you even have zip archive manager installed on windows?11:31
sylvain31diogenes_Vx15, hello, I ship the generated zip to someone I know she working under windows. She send me screenshot with some errors, non managing to extract the file from the archive she received. I tested my self, and windows (default) archiver complain about the file generated by engrampa.11:35
diogenes_Vx15sylvain31, try: 7-Zip and see if it works that way.11:37
sylvain31diogenes_Vx15, graphical or from command line? I did install a 7z archiver from apt. I never used it. Or engrampa is a fronted on it? with zip output format right?11:44
sylvain31I gonna leave for lunch I come back later and will post some feedback11:44
diogenes_Vx15sylvain31, i mean on windows install 7-zip and try unzipp it there.11:44
sylvain31diogenes_Vx15, that's not my point. I don't want to tell anyone else than me to install a new software to unzip a password protected archive I made. I want to be able to build an archive suitable to be remotely open en unprotected by anyone. What I you trying to accomplish here? 13:02
diogenes_Vx15sylvain31, and my point is to see in windows default archive manager can even extract a password proceted zip archive because i have no clue.13:06
sylvain31diogenes_Vx15, with zip -e it works, windows default software, I don't know what it is, works. It asks for password, but not with the one made by click with the graphical one engrampa.13:08
diogenes_Vx15sylvain31, then try file-roller archive manager on Linux.13:09
sylvain31I didn't try to rebuild an archive from engrampa after installing 7z, is still needed?13:10
sylvain31diogenes_Vx15, the failure screenshop of the unzip on windows side, from a zip made by file-roller Freshly installed on my xubuntu. https://pasteboard.co/Fq83GvAXZW8P.png14:02
diogenes_Vx15sylvain31, unfortunately i can't test it myself because i don't have any win machine so can't help you there.14:17
sylvain31diogenes_Vx15, remember my original question? where should I report the bug?16:16

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