test46Hello all,07:09
test46I have a rocky9 based custom image and I tried to add a cloud-init user script to it. But the user script is not getting executed. I can also not find the script anywhere in the /var/lib/cloud/* directory. However, `curl` (it's an OpenStack setup) shows the userscript I was trying to execute. Can someone help07:09
test46me with how to execute the userscript?07:09
meenatest53: I assume you're test46… first off, you can change your nick to something easier to distinguish than testNM. secondly:11:33
meenawhat does cloud-init have in /var/run/cloud? did it download the correct data11:34
meenadoes the data validate? what does the log say?11:34
meenathere's a lot of questions here, many of which the log can probably answer11:35
test53meena Thanks for the reply!12:21
test53I was able to resolve the issue. The reason why cloud init was not getting executed was that the datasource was set only to noCloud. As I was using openstack, I tried deleting the file where datasource was set so that it could pick any source. It worked with the change.12:21
esvhey folks, I'm trying to access the reference  pages for 22.1 at cloudinit.readthedocs.io but the older versions seem to be gone, was that on purpose? 19:15
falcojresv: should still be there19:50
falcojrOn the newer docs, on the left sidebar there's a small "v:latest" at the bottom that will expand if you mouse over it19:51
esvit's restored now, wondering whether I hit a hiccup somewhere20:14
esvyep,  I'm aware of the version changing method, thanks either way. 20:16

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