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guruprasadvalorie, any specific files to check?05:06
guruprasadEverything under ~/.config seems to be owned by my user account05:07
mmikowskiguruprasad: Check them all with this: cd ~/.config; find ./ -printf '%u %p \n' |grep -v "^${USER} ";05:44
mmikowskiguruprasad: Sorry if that's too remedial, btw. I thought it might help.05:45
guruprasadmmikowski, as expected, there was nothing returned for the find command. So the permissions appear to be in order.05:54
mmikowskiyup, so that's a no-go.06:06
mmikowskiRecently, had a customer report he had to run locale-gen.06:06
mmikowskito fix a locale issue (Canadian English, IIRC).06:07
mmikowskiGood luck!06:09
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Hi all06:49
IrcsomeBot<Omar> I wanna add fedora to my grub i've tried os-prober but it only findes windows which is already added to grub is there any way to do it ?06:53
IrcsomeBot<Omar> I don't wnat to use fedora grub it is messy06:53
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BluesKajHi all12:45
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djibbHi all. Have some issue with suspend. When I've installed 22.04, between June and February is has worked as expected : when suspend was called, my laptop had LED blinking, then after woke up, ask me my password. Now... suspend via systemd doesn't work anymore, LED is always on, screen is black, the only thing I can do is power off at button ( have no try magic keys).  uname : 5.19.0-35-generic   hwinfo : https://pastebin.com/haDjdjyR14:33
djibbI can suspend with pm-suspend, hit hit, then quickly close the screen... then it's suspended... ;) If i am too slow, had to reboot...14:34
WJC42I'm running Kubuntu 22.04. I have a few snap packages installed. 2 of them keep giving me notifications 'Pinding update of "firefox" snap. Close the app to avoid disruptions (6 days left)'. I have closed the apps and rebooted a bunch of times and they keep giving me the same annoying notifications. I have also run sudo snap refresh. That results in it telling me "all packages are up to date" and ironically it triggers the same annoying notifications about17:11
WJC42pending updates. Any ideas?17:11
albahi im new on kubuntu, can i ask here for support?17:50
IrcsomeBot<Omar> Yeah of course (re @IrcsomeBot: <alba> hi im new on kubuntu, can i ask here for support?)19:11

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