slimguyhey would it be bad to use ubuntu pro on lubuntu 22.04?02:28
slimguy sudo pro attach #(&#(((** etc02:28
arraybolt3It's not supported by the Lubuntu team, but you can try it and I would guess things probably won't burst into flames.02:29
slimguyi mean would it override lubuntu packages or something02:31
slimguyif not I don't see the problem02:31
arraybolt3No telling. Depends on what Canonical puts in the Pro archives.02:31
slimguyi like that their supposedly putting out updates faster, debian and normal ubuntu take forever to patch their packages and deploy updates02:32
arraybolt3The Ubuntu community doesn't support Ubuntu Pro, as it is a proprietary service. We have no control over what will happen if you use it, or what they do with it.02:32
slimguykk makes sense02:32
arraybolt3Still, if you want to try it, there's nothing stopping you. If it works, great. You might try it in a VM first to make sure that it doesn't mess anything up.02:33
slimguyrn after a lubuntu update it says "these packages have security updates which you can only get with ubuntu pro!"02:39
slimguynot even joking02:40
arraybolt3Yeah, that's a known issue that we're waiting on to get fixed.02:40
arraybolt3(The updates to advertise Ubuntu Pro were applied a bit too broadly :P)02:40
slimguywuts the cheapest thing i can put lubuntu on02:45
slimguyfound some lenovo laptops on sale or $150 or so02:45
slimguymaybe there's some SBC that's cheaper02:45
slimguymaybe a used desktop or somethin off craigslist02:45
arraybolt3I've put Lubuntu on ~$70 Chromebooks off eBay before.02:49
arraybolt3You have to mod the firmware to get them to boot Lubuntu, and it only works on certain Chromebooks, but it works well in my experience.02:49
slimguylol i did that once and my laptop caught on fire02:54
slimguysomething where the right speaker would spark up if using the wrong driver02:56
slimguyprobably my fault but got scared of repurposing chromebooks after that02:56
arraybolt3Grief, I thought that was a joke at first :P02:57
aiyagariAsus C423 with Mr Chromebook firmware works but need to keep speakers at < 10%15:12

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