pfSenseHelpHello!   I am trying to create a virtual router and have the host OS be part of the LAN - I cannot find an example out there close enough to this tweak to make it work.09:32
pfSenseHelpThe requirement is to (ON BOOT) passthru incoming WAN connection on a physical port labelled enp2s0 to guest OS running in KVM. There should be no interaction with WAN on host OS yet, only KVM w/ pfSense OS.09:32
pfSenseHelpGuest KVM pfSense system needs to receive the incoming WAN connection, obtain an IP address from the WAN, create a local LAN, give itself (the guest) an IP, then feed back a newly created LAN IP to the host OS.09:33
pfSenseHelpSo its BOOT HOST > auto boot pfSense router KVM > enable NIC, establish WAN conn in pfSense virtual > Establish LAN in pfSense virtual > give virtual and host IPs and internet access09:35
pfSenseHelpMany thanks in advance if someone can help put a netplan together that can do this09:35
slyonnikolam: You journalctl log doesn't show anything about the configured IP address (only, which seems to be "foreign" to networkd). Could you share the generated netplan config from /run/systemd/network/10-netplan-eno1.network ?13:14
nikolamslyon, ls /run/systemd/network/ ls: cannot access '/run/systemd/network/': No such file or directory13:32
slyonnikolam: interesting... that is after running "netplan apply" (or after re-booting)?14:03
slyonfrom the netplan YAML config that you shared it looked like you'd be using the systemd-networkd backend renderer for Netplan, so there should be something inside this directory (and it should exist!)14:04
slyondo you have anything in /etc/systemd/network instead? (e.g. manually configured)?14:04
nikolamslyon, /etc/systemd/network/ is empty14:15
slyonnikolam: interesting. I wonder how networking is being configured on your system then? do you have any custom scripts installed? systemd-networkd is apparently unused. and it's only logging "foreigen IPs" in the journal logs, too.14:25
pfSenseHelpI need to configure netplan to host a KVM as a virtual router, I need to bypass the host until the KVM gets a WAN IP, and is ready to route. Where do I start?14:38
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slyonpfSenseHelp: I'm not exactly sure about your specific setup, but it sounds like you'd need a bridge to connect your physical port (enp2s0) and your virtual KVM interface. Do not put any (IP) configuration on the bridge or enp2s0, but use your KVM guest to connect to the WAN.14:42
slyonCan you share your current setup and configuration that is failing?14:43
Floating4Its hard to do that here, the machine is currently isolated and net is not working.14:47
Floating4>> but use your KVM guest to connect to the WAN. >> I am doing it that way now, 2 bridges, 1 for WAN, 1 for LAN, both dhcp no... 14:48
Floating4I changed username, sorry14:50
nikolamslyon, I used to use Network manager GUI (Xubuntu) and then I deleted those settings and I moved to defining netplan configuration. Currently in the 'Network connections' , I see 2 netplan generated interfaces and also 2 more "Auto Ethernet" interfaces. 14:52
slyonnikolam: I see. Could you share the other files in /etc/netplan/*.yaml ? Looks like you're using NetworkManager backend after all14:55
slyonnikolam: I'll try if I can reproduce your issue using the NetworkManager backend later today..14:56
nikolamhi slyon https://bpa.st/4AVBS15:01
nikolamrenderer: networkd is in 01-netcfg.yaml, but in 01-network-manager-all.yaml it says renderer: NetworkManager15:04
slyonnikolam: right. that explains the situation. 01-netW... > 01-netC... so the "renderer: NetworkManager" is being used. Possibly NetworkManager's dhcp client is overwriting the static IP configuration. I'll try to reproduce that.15:59
slyonIt could be an option for you to define "renderer: networkd" inside your eno1: definition. this way that interface will be handled by systemd-networkd (if that's an option for you), which didn't reproduce the issue for me16:00
slyonnikolam: doesn't reproduce on the NetworkManager renderer for me neither... Could you share the contents of /run/NetworkManager/system-connections/netplan-eno1.nmconnection ?16:14
slyonThis should contain the following:16:14
slyonnikolam: this is looking good. and the setups works inside my Jammy reproducer... I wonder if you can spot anything suspicious in "journalctl -u NetworkManager"?16:46

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