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ZaniHello there !03:22
ZaniBefore filling a bug report I would like some assistance to make sure i didn't miss something about extra mousse button configuration on ubuntu22 that looks impossible :03:22
ZaniButton 8 / 9 works fine on 20 but look to be intercepted by wayland on 2203:22
ZaniI map these button with xbindkeys. Tested with xev that confirmed the diagnostic03:22
ZaniNeither internet or chatgpt solved my problem03:23
ZaniSorry is someone seeing my above message or am I muted ?03:40
arraybolt3Zani: I can see you.03:44
arraybolt3I can also see your earlier message.03:44
Zaniarraybolt3 thanks. Do you know what would be the best place to get help on that problem or do you think i should report that as a bug ?03:44
arraybolt3Zani: Your problem sounds more like a Wayland limitation than a bug. Many X tools (xrandr, xbindkeys, etc.) are probably not going to work on Wayland because Wayland is not X.03:45
arraybolt3If you want to use Wayland, probably find a Wayland-specific way to rebind keys.03:45
arraybolt3Otherwise, you can switch back to X on Ubuntu 22.04.03:45
webchat36Thanks for the help. Some other shortcut works with xbindkeys, but I guess that some will not. Will look for an alternative tool then, thanks !03:47
arraybolt3Glad to help! And you can just switch away from Wayland and that will probably fix everything.03:47
webchat36Do you think long term wayland will get more and more support and x less and less ?03:50
arraybolt3Gah, I was just about to answer...03:54
zani2im still here03:54
zani2logged out to try to switch on xorg :)03:54
arraybolt3zani2: Oh, nice!03:58
arraybolt3zani2: I would suspect X will still be a thing for at least a while longer, as there are desktop environments that are incompatible with Wayland still.03:58
arraybolt3I can only speculate, but I think Wayland will *probably* end up being like systemd - most stuff will go with it, some people will hate it and cling to other alternatives. I'm personally OK with both, but prefer X.03:59
zani2Arraybolt3 alright let's see in the future.I guess we will see with time.04:19
zani2I did solve my problem so I was totally wrong : The button8 / 9 were working fine. xev didn't see the intput cause it was captured by xbindkeys i guess.04:19
zani2I configured these button to run the "overview" of the desktop (same as pressing Meta/Super key).  I find that super usefull.04:19
zani2I did trigger that with "dbus-send " command. This command is now more secure and cannot be used like that.04:19
zani2I go arround the problem by simulating the press with xdotool.04:19
zani2That is a dirty solution, future myself will find a better way to do that (NOPE i will just probably use this dierty hack until it don't work)04:19
arraybolt3zani2: \o/04:22
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murlidharcan anyone help me in changing the default booting distro in grub menu list ?05:43
murlidharalso i want to change the timeout to boot to the defalt distro05:43
EriC^^murlidhar: sure, type "cat /etc/default/grub /boot/grub/grub.cfg | nc termbin.com 9999'05:44
murlidharEriC^^: thanks. what would that do?05:47
murlidharnc is an editor ?05:47
EriC^^upload the files to a pastebin and return a link to share05:47
EriC^^nc is netcat05:47
murlidharEriC^^: https://termbin.com/mqgi05:49
murlidhari uninstalled ubuntu 22.10 and replaced it with the daily build of 23.0 . the firefox is crashing up there. i better wait till the stable version is released. uptil then i want to change the default distro to my alternative OS05:52
EriC^^what's the name of the os you want to boot?05:52
murlidhartill the stable version of 23.04 is released05:53
EriC^^it should be booting zorin by default via this grub file05:54
EriC^^murlidhar: type 'sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999'05:54
EriC^^murlidhar: it might be that the actual grub that's booting is ubuntu's and not this one's grub05:54
murlidharyes i manually selected this distro to boot05:56
EriC^^murlidhar: type 'sudo grub-install'05:56
murlidharis that it?05:57
murlidharEriC^^: ^^05:57
murlidharit says no error reported and done05:57
EriC^^then type 'sudo efibootmgr -v | nc termbin.com 9999' again05:57
EriC^^nope no dice05:59
EriC^^murlidhar: type 'sudo ls -lR /boot/efi | nc termbin.com 9999'05:59
EriC^^for some reason it didnt add any new entry to the uefi menu05:59
EriC^^seems that zorin's efi file is ...ubuntu\shimx64.efi so i guess it might have overwritten the ubuntu one maybe06:01
EriC^^murlidhar: try rebooting see if it worked06:01
murlidharEriC^^: yes. it worked. thanks a lot :)06:04
EriC^^murlidhar: great, no problem :)06:04
annive1hello, what is the name of the cleaner tool with UI like ccleaner on windows?06:53
annive1it can clear firefox or chromium or apt cache and other things of the system with checkboxes.06:57
annive1QT or gtk app, can't remind the name.06:57
annive1bleach-bit ok.06:59
annive1found it back.06:59
LetiuteI have installed freebsd on one disk. Now i want to use raid0 to add another disk. So now my OS will be on 2 disks via raid0. Can I add the second disk in freebsd or I have to reinstall the OS again? note that the OS is disk encrypted via GELI I think. The other disk should be encrypted as well.08:12
oerhekswrong channel, #freebsd08:14
oerheksi see you tried in linux too..08:14
Letiuteyes, I am worried about zfs comunity support despite used by linux and bsd08:15
LetiuteI left #linux08:15
oerheksalso #zfs and #openzfs exist on #libera, good luck!08:16
Letiute I am worried about freebsd and zfs community support. Not much users as compared to linux08:16
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transhumanisthi! where do I get a linux-kernel that is from testing that has been tested pretty well that is signed? like 6.1.19 or 6.2... for instance08:39
M-Ira[m]<transhumanist> "hi! where do I get a linux-..." <- You want tested "really well" then you should use whatever is in the official repo.08:57
M-Ira[m]If you want bleeding edge install the "mainline" tool.08:57
M-Ira[m]For somewhere in the middle, look at alternative Ubuntu based distros. I run pop!_os and I got 6.208:57
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds09:00
oerhekstranshumanist ^^^09:00
pfSenseHelpI need to use netplan on Ubuntu for the underlying network setup09:56
pfSenseHelpThe requirement is to (ON BOOT) passthru incoming WAN connection on a physical port labelled enp2s0 to guest OS running in KVM. There should be no interaction with WAN on host OS yet, only KVM w/ pfSense OS.09:56
pfSenseHelpGuest KVM pfSense system needs to receive the incoming WAN connection, obtain an IP address from the WAN, create a local LAN, give itself (the guest) an IP, then feed back a newly created LAN IP to the host OS.09:56
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pfSenseHelpCan anyone help me with netplan for this?09:57
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pfSenseHelpHello, I am new to this channel, can anyone confirm this is functional?10:20
HabbiepfSenseHelp, hello10:26
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pfSenseHelpHello, I am struggling with netplan, I am trying to virtualize a pfsense router10:37
pfSenseHelpHabbie - Am I asking in a proper forum, or is this more germane to something else?10:37
Habbiewell, how is ubuntu involved in your problem?10:38
oerheksthere is #netplan also10:40
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BlueSmokeHi I'm running Ubuntu 20.04, in the last week the wired connection stops working randomly, it still says connected and wifi still works, currently, I have to reboot to get it to work again!  Any Idea where to start trying to find out why its happening or If it's a known problem ?    in the meantime is there a way to restart the networking instead10:50
BlueSmokeof having to do a full reboot10:50
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pfSenseHelpUbuntu is the base OS, I tried the netplan irc but nobody responded11:23
dsc_hi, how can I make 'Files' (default file browser) to show thumbnails of videos (.mp4)11:25
dsc_Files version 40.211:25
dsc_or maybe suggest me a better file explorer :)11:26
dsc_the defualt one really sucks11:26
dsc_ah, its "nautilus"11:27
oerheksstandard nautilus does that, only on your computer, see nautilus - preferences11:28
oerheksnot network or external drives, AFAIK, but you can change that11:29
dsc_oerheks: https://plak.infrapuin.nl/selif/s1t0gyr1.png11:29
oerheksi bet those are youtube mp4 movies?11:30
oerheksthat would be the 1st frame11:30
dsc_hmm no, they were recorded via OBS11:30
dsc_mp4, avc1, Lavf58.76.100, 1920x108011:31
dsc_oh, you think its the first frame? could be11:32
BlueSmokeok I think im connected11:32
BlueSmokeHi I'm running Ubuntu 20.04, in the last week the wired connection stops working randomly, it still says connected and wifi still works, currently, I have to reboot to get it to work again!  Any Idea where to start trying to find out why its happening or If it's a known problem ?11:32
oerheks!info ffmpegthumbnailer11:36
ubottuffmpegthumbnailer (2.2.2+git20220218+dfsg-1build1, kinetic): fast and lightweight video thumbnailer. In component universe, is optional. Built by ffmpegthumbnailer. Size 11 kB / 42 kB11:36
oerheksdsc_, sorry, i forgot i installed that thumbnailer11:36
supayhi, ubuntu is unable to detect my external ssd which is formatted to exfat. i've installed exfat-fuse and exfat-utils as well..11:39
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supayoh, brb, i might have disabled this i/o port in my bios to save some power or whatever. stupid me.11:42
oerheksexfat is now in the kernel, AFAIK11:45
oerheks5.7 and up11:46
pfSenseHelpHow do I passthru the network connection in netplan so that it is established on a KVM virtual machine running on the host os?11:53
BlueSmokegot disconected again grrr11:54
BlueSmokeAny help on how to find out what is causing it to keep stopping ?11:55
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BlueSmokeHow would I find out why my wired connecton stops working? browser says no connection, it still says connected and wifi still works but have to sudo nmcli networking off and then sudo nmcli networking on  to get it working again12:14
supayoerheks: yeah, sorry, my issues was that i disabled the port at the bios level. ty :)12:17
Guest99hello im having issue installing ubuntu serverver on a pc12:21
BluesKajHi all12:45
BlueSmokeHow would I find out why my wired connecton stops working? browser says no connection, it still says connected and wifi still works but have to sudo nmcli networking off and then sudo nmcli networking on  to get it working again12:47
tosarajaHas ubuntu picked along a fix for libvirt where you can't do VMs with 16 VCPUs? https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/197848912:48
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1978489 in OpenStack Compute (nova) "libvirt / cgroups v2: cannot boot instance with more than 16 CPUs" [Undecided, In Progress]12:48
tosarajai've been trying to go through patches to libvirt, but it doesn't look like they have12:48
SteelRoseHi all! I have a simple question - can you please check https://dpaste.org/pjA0w ?   Thanks!12:56
leftyfbSteelRose: try #bash12:58
SteelRoseleftyfb: that is bash...12:58
SteelRoseah OK12:58
BlueSmokeWired connetion stopps working randomly in about the last week how do I find out what causes it ?13:01
BlueSmokewifi still works and it still says wird connected but all browsers say no internet13:03
taeaadI have an issue on Ubuntu 22.04. I install the Python dependencies (e.g. here: https://kfields.netlify.app/blog/pyenv_on_ubuntu_22) but when I install Python 3.11 with Pyenv my system complains about missing bz2, tkinter, ncurses, ctypes and lzma.13:03
taeaadIf I try to reinstall Pyenv completely, or recompile (install) Python 3.11 with Pyenv, I still get the same issues.13:04
BlueSmokeits very frustrating and I dont know where to start to find out whats happening its ubuntu 20.0413:04
leftyfbBlueSmoke: how often does it happen? Can you reproduce it? Did you look through any logs? I would try disabling wired completely and make sure that works on it's own13:08
leftyfbsorry, make sure wifi works on it's own with wired disabled from the start13:08
oerhekstaeaad, how did you install 3.11? deadsnakes ppa?13:09
taeaadoerheks: Pyenv.13:12
taeaadSo, from source.13:13
oerheksand python3 3.11 ?13:13
taeaadoerheks: Yes. 3.11.2. But I get the same problem with 3.10.x again using Pyenv.13:13
oerheksbasicly it needs several steps, besides just install ..update-alternatives13:14
oerheksoh and back to 3.10 ?13:15
BlueSmokeits random no cant just make it happed dont know what logs to look trough.... when it says no internet a tablet can still conect via wifi13:15
taeaadPyenv allows concurrent installations. But any version I try to install across 3.10 or 3.11 give those warnings at compile time.13:15
BlueSmokeI was having to reboot to get it going but found sudo nmcli networking off, and then sudo nmcli networking on  to get it working again13:18
BlueSmokeits ubuntu 20.0413:19
SnakesAndStuffHello, can I get some insight/help on a package that will not uninstall?13:19
leftyfbBlueSmoke: I would start with disabling wired for a while and make sure wifi works fine on it's own and is stable for a period of time you think wired would have failed13:19
leftyfb!ask | SnakesAndStuff13:19
ubottuSnakesAndStuff: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:19
SnakesAndStuffSorry, I was getting the info to paste.13:20
SnakesAndStuffand then got distracted looking to see what pastebin here is preferred13:20
BlueSmokeI dont have wifi on the pc.  I just meant I can conect to the router with a tablet via wifi and it works while the wired connection on the pc is not working13:21
oerhekstaeaad, one needs these dependencies; sudo apt install libbz2-dev libffi-dev liblzma-dev libreadline-dev libsqlite3-dev libssl-dev tk-dev zlib1g-dev13:21
SnakesAndStuffThat is the output of trying to purge a package13:21
oerheksalso, this guide gives a simple script to install, and more steps to configure https://itslinuxfoss.com/install-use-pyenv-ubuntu/13:22
taeaadoerheks: Yes, I have all of them installed. "0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 5 not upgraded."13:22
oerheks5 not upgraded..13:22
leftyfbSnakesAndStuff: try --force13:22
oerheksBlueSmoke, with weird connection issues, check cable, and perhaps reboot your router?13:23
BlueSmokerebooted the pc and router several times pulled the cable in and out a few times both ends too  as soon as I do sudo nmcli networking off and then sudo nmcli networking on  to get it working again13:25
SnakesAndStuffleftyfb: Is there a way to manually examine what is failing though? rather than just force it?13:25
leftyfbSnakesAndStuff: broken unsupported package13:26
leftyfbBlueSmoke: this could verywell be a bad cable or port. If the cable is bad, it could lose connection for a moment and restarting networking would get you back online13:26
taeaadoerheks: I don't think they are the issue, but let me try to autoremove and then upgrade again.13:27
leftyfbBlueSmoke: I would try wiggling the cable along it's entire length to see if it drops. Maybe run this in your terminal and watch:  sudo dmesg -TW13:27
oerhekstaeaad, as you gave no info what is held back..13:28
BlueSmokeits a long cable and I dont have a second one to try it so if I wiggle it while its on and see if its cuts out is about the best I can do on that but I dont feel like it would be the cable is there any log I can chack to see if some sofware made it happen13:29
taeaadoerheks: https://bpa.st/YQ44Q13:29
taeaadI autoremoved and then ran apt with the libraries you mentioned.13:30
oerheksapt list --upgradable13:30
BlueSmokeoh I was typing about checking that cable befor I saw what you wrote ok let me try that command13:31
taeaadoerheks: https://bpa.st/AM7J613:31
oerheksoke, those are not related, still you can install them manually.13:32
taeaadNo idea what is wrong?13:33
ubottuSince Ubuntu 21.04, APT may hold back some updates on some systems while they are being phased in. This is called "phased updates". See https://ubottu.com/y/phased and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.13:34
oerheksno worries13:34
taeaadOK, let me try 3.9 and see if it works.13:37
oerheksehm, bad idea, stick to 3.1013:37
taeaadoerheks: OK, but I can't install it?13:38
BlueSmokeso should I start be unplugging the ethernet cable and pluging it back in to see what im looking out for, then do the stop start then look for that msg in that dmesg log again after wiggling it13:42
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leftyfbBlueSmoke: nobody suggested unplugging the cable at all. We're trying to diagnose a problem with the cable. You run the command in your terminal which will watch the kernel logs in realtime while you wiggle the cable(slowly, not fast) and see if anything pops up in the log13:44
BlueSmokeI only said about unplugging and plugging it back in first to see what sort of msg id be looking for then star fresh and do the slow wiggling13:45
taeaadoerheks: Sorry, I had connection problems. Any further ideas why it can't pick up the installed libraries?14:24
lotuspsychjetaeaad: oerheks linked you the phased updates, is that whats happening to you?14:26
ubottuSince Ubuntu 21.04, APT may hold back some updates on some systems while they are being phased in. This is called "phased updates". See https://ubottu.com/y/phased and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PhasedUpdates for more info.14:26
oerheksoke, those are not related ( to python3) , still you can install them manually.14:27
taeaadI updated the packages that I could, but they are not Python related. My issue seems to be something else. I have bz2, tkinter, ncurses, ctypes and lzma but only my system Python can see those packages. Any Python version that I install across 3.9.x, 3.10.x and 3.11.x give me errors that those libraries could not be found. The phased updates would make sense; these problems I have started with the last couple of updates, I suspect.14:29
taeaadBut what can I do about it?14:29
taeaad(All using Pyenv.)14:29
oerheksi gave you 2 urls for pyenv, and howto install and set them correctly. as pyenv is not supported, no clue.14:31
oerheksbasicly one should stay on 3.10...14:31
taeaadThank you for the help.14:31
oerhekstry a fresh VM ?14:32
taeaadI think I will have to.14:33
oerheksi would, when messing with python14:34
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iomari891greetings. How can I tell notify-send to stop popping up a message that I have already closed. eg: a down server will continue to notify as long as it's down.14:44
leftyfbiomari891: you change the script you wrote that calls notify-send to not message you as much14:49
iomari891leftyfb: the script just pings the servers and the ones that are down are sent to notify-send.15:13
leftyfbiomari891: ok, so make it only notify you once15:14
leftyfbiomari891: this has nothing to do with ubuntu and everything to do with your custom script. It's not even a problem with notify-send. It's your script notifying you every interval that some check has failed15:15
leftyfbiomari891: notify-send has no mechanism to determine if you "have already closed" a message, including informing your script15:16
leftyfbiomari891: in this context, treat notify-send as you would echo15:16
LinkeHow do private ppas work exactly?15:59
jhutchinsLinke: Well, first you have to fill the boiler with water.  Then build a small pile of kindling, with some larger sticks handy to add.16:08
leftyfbLinke: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA16:09
leftyfbjhutchins: unnecessary16:09
jhutchinsleftyfb: You're no fun.16:09
LinkeShould I even bother with a ppa or just make a private snap package instead? leftyfb.16:10
leftyfbLinke: since you've provided no context, I can't answer that.16:11
Linkeleftyfb, there's a few GTK2/3/4 patches I want to apply, but since some packages (like firefox) are snaps only 22.04 and later, not sure which route I should take.16:12
oerheksa snap can be run on other linux versions.16:12
thes_realaii boiz how r u?????16:31
thes_realtype /join #thes_real to jion me channel16:31
leftyfb!ot | thes_real16:31
ubottuthes_real: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:31
peacefulmancryptsetup needs more than 1 gig of ram? o_O17:12
oerhekspeacefulman, yes, is that weird?17:18
leftyfbpeacefulman: https://ubuntu.com/download/desktop17:18
oerheksbasicly 64 bit desktop needs 4 gb.17:18
peacefulmansorry, this is ubuntu-server17:18
peacefulmanI wonder now what the min is for that17:18
* peacefulman googles17:19
oerheks RAM: 1 gigabyte or more. Disk: a minimum of 2.5 gigabytes.17:19
peacefulmanthanks oerheks17:21
oerhekshave fun!17:21
peacefulmanI just mistakenly assumed this image could run in the cloud well with only like 512mb17:23
peacefulmanI guess it's just cryptsetup thats holding it back17:23
alkisgpeacefulman: you can minimize the initramfs and get to boot with less RAM by using MODULES=dep in the initramfs configuration17:25
alkisggrep -r MODULES /etc/initramfs-tools/initramfs.conf17:26
alkisg/plain # MODULES: [ most | netboot | dep | list ]17:26
peacefulmancool thanks alkisg I'll give that a shot17:28
leftyfbpeacefulman: I hope you have out of band access to this OS because you could potentially kill your network by limiting the modules that get loaded17:30
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alkisgdep is supposed to include all modules for the given hardware (or VM)17:31
peacefulmanyeah it's just a local vm17:31
alkisgAn update-initramfs -u is needed after editing that file17:31
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Guest4246how to share linux mint files to windows 10 files on LAN17:48
leftyfb!mint | Guest424617:48
ubottuGuest4246: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official !flavors. Derivatives and other distributions use different software repositories and other software. Please use their dedicated support venues, such as: Linux Mint: #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org, Pop!_OS: https://support.system76.com/ , Kali Linux: #kali-linux on irc.oftc.net, LXLE: https://lxle.net/support-options/17:48
backboxi need to run snort on my system18:17
leftyfbbackbox: sudo apt install snort18:19
noarbis it possible to add custom data to a snap package downloaded the snap store? For example, adding python scripts. I can give access to removable-media interface, then the snap can read data from /mnt and /media on the host machine. Is there some other way to add an overlayfs or something?18:40
leftyfbnoarb: I don't think so. But try asking in #snappy18:40
noarbleftyfb: ok, thanks18:40
KalleAnkanoarb, if you mean making a custom location available to the snap, then yes, you can do that with bind mounts.19:06
oerheksi think he asks for snap permissions, those are in gnome settings > applications > app19:07
oerhekscustom confinement*19:08
oerhekshttps://snapcraft.io/docs/snap-confinement and some more https://stackoverflow.com/questions/68565756/cannot-install-code-classic-confinement-requires-snaps-under-snap-or-symlink19:09
KalleAnkanoarb, say you have a network filesystem mounted on /net/home/noarb, which your snap cannot access, then you can "mkdir /home/noab/netshares/" and then to "sudo mount --bind /net/home/noab /home/noab/netshares" to allow snaps to access the net shares.19:11
KalleAnkasorry for misspelling your nick. :)19:11
KalleAnkaoerheks, AppArmor rules is based on paths, so as long as you make a location available where the confined snap has access to it, it's all ok.19:16
KalleAnkaone of the reasons why mount requires root. :)19:16
leftyfbKalleAnka: lots of troubleshooting around an unclarified issue that the OP still hasn't even addressed it #snapp yet (they didn't even bother /join'ing)19:17
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KalleAnkaleftyfb, :)19:18
leftyfbbah, I have a bad habit of doing too many things at once and not being thorough with my typing :)19:19
syphyrI have ubuntu pro with extended support, but I cannot seem to download source files.. only the binaries. Failed to fetch https://esm.ubuntu.com/apps/ubuntu/pool/main/f/ffmpeg/ffmpeg_3.4.11-0ubuntu0.1+esm1.debian.tar.xz  401  Unauthorized19:29
syphyris there something I can do to fix this?19:29
oerhekssyphyr ^^^19:31
syphyrjust had to use "sudo"19:34
syphyrthat was simple19:34
oerhekshave fun!19:34
syphyrweird how the binaries dont need that, just the src19:36
Habbieyou installed the binaries without sudo? :>19:37
syphyryah you are right19:37
pfSenseHelpHelp... at 7:50 this guy leaves out a crucial step in setting up networking... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amTJHm19ts020:23
pfSenseHelpHow does he get the bridge to show up in KVM... no matter what I try it does not show up20:23
blahboybazIs there a way (using apt) to check if a specific package is up to date? I have a handful of packages that were installed in different ways but I don't recall which. I'm concerned whether some package I've installed is really up to date, whether it was installed using apt; and, if not, how it was installed, and if it needs update how to do that.20:24
blahboybazFor me it id everything Docker and Docker Compose that I want to make sure about20:25
leftyfbblahboybaz: apt-cache policy <package name>20:26
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blahboybazleftyfb: cool..  It looks to me like it was installed via apt (ie: using a repository) with the following lines appearing at the end of the output: `500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/universe amd64 Packages` and `500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu focal/universe i386 Packages` - is that a correct interpretation?20:38
leftyfbblahboybaz: maybe paste the entire output to a pastebin site20:38
blahboybazleftyfb: ok20:39
blahboybazleftyfb: https://dpaste.org/mxoNJ20:41
leftyfbthe package named "docker" is not installed on your system20:42
blahboybazleftyfb: oh but it is20:45
blahboybazI have been using it frequently20:45
leftyfbblahboybaz: not from apt it's not20:45
leftyfbblahboybaz: though you might actually be referring to the "docker.io" package20:46
leftyfbblahboybaz: the "docker" package is only "a transitional package for system tray docking application" and probably not what you're looking for, which is the package called "docker.io"20:47
blahboybazleftyfb: https://dpaste.org/Q2fKi  <--  but I have an appointment in like 10 min I have to get ready for. I didn't think it would take time to address that question. Can I return later and see if you are around?20:47
leftyfbblahboybaz: again, you're probably referring to the "docker.io" package which installs docker, not the "docker" package which does not install docker20:48
blahboybazleftyfb: https://dpaste.org/zw3Uw20:48
blahboybazI gotta run for a bit tho. I'll look for you again later bro20:49
leftyfbok, then you didn't install docker from apt at all then20:49
pfSenseHelpI created a bridge in Network Manager, but in QEMU / KVM it does not show up.  What do I have to do so the new bridge is visible in NetworkManager?21:30
leftyfbpfSenseHelp: can I ask, are you creating VM's in KVM that require a GUI?21:38
pfSenseHelpLeftyB ... No, its a pfsense vm that runs as a router. It has a web ui, but otherwise no.21:43
leftyfbpfSenseHelp: might I recommend just using LXD over kvm?21:44
leftyfbpfSenseHelp: sudo snap install lxd && sudo lxd init && lxc launch ubuntu:22.04 my-pfsense-server21:45
pfSenseHelpleftyfb, interesting, let me research this a minute21:51
pfSenseHelpso this is an alternative to KVM, how does it solve the bridge problem?21:52
leftyfbpfSenseHelp: managing the configs for lxd are a lot easier as is creating containers. You can also manage kvm vm's with lxd if needed21:53
tomreynpfSenseHelp: nmcli  should actually list your bridge. but i'm not sure you actually asked the question you meant to ask.22:01
pfSenseHelpleftyb, thank you, let me research22:02
tomreyni assume you want the bridge to show up on whatever tooling you use to manage qemu/kvm rather?22:02
pfSenseHelptomreyn: I ran nmcli and I do see the bridge I created and shows connected, I also see the NIC connected to bridge0 ... looks ok ... but in KVM Network Manager, cant see bridge, why not?22:04
pfSenseHelpIn this tutorial he connects the virtual to the bridge, but on my environment, I dont see the bridge.  Time marked link at 7:50 so u see what I mean https://youtu.be/amTJHm19ts0?t=47122:05
CeeClearsupport question about burning DVD's22:20
arraybolt3CeeClear: Yeah, how can we help?22:23
CeeClearWell I just got a new Blu Ray/DVD Burner and updated to Ubuntu 20:04 to solve a problem with burning ISO's Still getting error messages and unable to burn22:24
arraybolt3CeeClear: Can you share the exact error message you're getting? Large chunks of text can be pasted into dpa.st, screenshots can be uploaded to Imgur or imgbb. Please don't paste large amounts of text into the chat, sharing links is fine.22:25
CeeCleardpa.st correct ??22:27
CeeCleartried to access it got a We are having a problem finding that site message22:29
arraybolt3Argh, bpa.st I mean.22:29
arraybolt3(dpaste.com and bpa.st got confused in my brain.)22:29
CeeClearOK. No problem22:30
WeeBeyHi! Question out of curiosity... It's normal to see the OS take longer to boot after the laptop was off over night than when I just do a reboot mid day?22:31
WeeBeyJust wondering if I'm imagining things. :)22:31
CeeClearand just now after upgrading to ubuntu 20. https://bpa.st/KBTTU22:32
arraybolt3CeeClear: I think that "sense key" error you're getting means "LBA out of range", which I *think* probably means you're trying to write more data to the disk than it can hold?22:33
arraybolt3How big is your disk, and how much data are you trying to write? Some disks are grumpy if you try to fill them all the way up.22:33
CeeClearthe disk is a 4.7 -r nd the file is 4.7 as well.22:35
CeeClearI found this while researching this particular error22:35
seafork'ello! I was wondering if there was a way to install Gnome 3 (as a binary) on the latest Ubuntu release?22:39
arraybolt3CeeClear: If the disk and file are the same size, that may very well be the problem.22:39
CeeClearI would agree but I have also tried it with smaller Files and had the same problem and error message22:40
CeeClearI will try it with a 1.3 GB File right now to test that idea.22:41
arraybolt3You could also just have a buggy drive. From what I've read, some optical drives just don't work like they should, or at least that used to be the case.22:41
CeeClearThis Drive is literally new22:42
CeeClearI could understand that for the other drive I replaced but I just upgraded my os and have a new drive22:42
arraybolt3Just because something's new doesn't necessarily mean that it doesn't have problems baked in by the manufacturer on accident.22:43
CeeClearpossible. But this is a acknowledged Bug in Ubuntu.22:43
CeeClearI will try the reccomended fix from Youtube and let y'all know if it works22:44
arraybolt3You could try using a different burning software? I use K3B usually. It's KDE software so it will pull in a lot of dependencies, but it might work.22:44
CeeClearI have tried it with k3b and other burning software before it didn't work. so before I go down that road again. I will try the quick terminal fix and see if that works.22:46
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Floating4I was logged in before as #pfsense help... are the folks helping still around?22:51
Floating4I was kicked off several times and was only able to get back on now22:51
jonezgreetings. I'm having trouble upgrading my machine because of a broken usrmerge package. Is there any way I can remove that package from the do-release-upgrade process?23:00
moonmoonFloating4: I scrolled up to see your context and skimmed it (very) briefly. I think where you might be getting confused about networking inside of the VM vs networking inside of the hypervisor -- they're basically separate things23:01
moonmoonif you pass through physical nics from the machine to a vm, the hypervisor isn't going to automatically know how your vm configured it or what it did with it (it could find out if it really wanted to)23:02
moonmoonmeanwhile if you configure physical devices in the hypervisor and expose it to the vm as a virtual nic, the vm isn't going to see what you did at the hypervisor level and just pretends like it has its own physical device dedicated to it23:03
lovetruthI see... here you help with ubuntu 18.04 too?...23:06
Bashing-omlovetruth: We support 18.04 for 2 1/2 move months :)23:08
leftyfblovetruth: 18.04 is supported for only another 33 dayss23:08
leftyfb33 days23:08
leftyfbApril 30th is the last day23:09
leftyfblovetruth: you should really take this time to upgrade to 22.0423:09
jonezgreetings... about that :)23:09
lovetruthI found a server somewhere (everything's upgraded, but not the ubuntu version) - a server that has still ubuntu 18.0423:10
jonezI've attempted to upgrade from 18 to 20 to 22 twice, both times I had a problem with a package called 'usrmerge'23:10
lovetruthI was thinking to upgrade first to 20.04... (it runs Zimbra 8.8.15) You think it's safe to upgrade directly to 22?...23:11
Floating4moonmoon: thank you... so how do you bridge the two, the physical and virtual.  I thought it was in the KVM config where you connect the physical bridge to the VM... but it does not populate in the drop down like that video23:11
guiverclovetruth, Ubuntu releases upgrade to the next release (18.04 to 18.10) OR the next LTS (ie. 18.04 to 20.04) only23:11
moonmoonFloating4: maybe I'm the confused one here. Did you define your bridge on the host/hypervisor or the vm?23:12
* guiverc adds 18.04 to 18.10 release-upgraded ended when 18.10 reached EOL; so only 18.04 to 20.04 now exists as for QA tested & supported upgrade paths23:12
Floating4On the host, on nmcli I see the bridge active and has the LAN IP23:13
moonmoonah ok23:13
Floating4but for the life of me, it will not populate in the KVM admin conole so I can connect the two23:14
moonmoonFloating4: kvm is not my area of expertise unfortunately (thought it was something simpler than it turned out to be!), but from reading online I'm seeing mentions that the bridge needs to be enabled/up, so check on that perhaps?23:20
Floating4moonmoon: bridge is up23:21
Floating4moonmoon: appreciate you trying, its a rather narrow problem23:24
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WJC42How do I hot-plug SATA drives? I am using Kubuntu 22.04. I run sudo dmesg -w and it does give me a notification when I plug in the drive, but I don't see it show up  when I sudo fdisk -l nor do I see it in the list of devices inside KDE partition manager.23:46
blahboybazleftyfb: You still around?23:52
leftyfbblahboybaz: ?23:52
blahboybazSorry about earlier - I thought it would be faster23:52
blahboybazleftyfb: so dpkg -l shows some docker stuff but snap list does not.. https://dpaste.org/qtHcB23:53
blahboybazI thought I would have installed a repo and installed it that way23:54
leftyfbblahboybaz: apt-cache policy docker-ce23:54
leftyfbblahboybaz: docker-ce is not a supported ubuntu package23:55
blahboybazleftyfb: what is that supposed to mean?23:57
leftyfbblahboybaz: it means you installed it from a 3rd party repo and any support issues related to the package should be directed to the 3rd party vendor23:57
blahboybazAnd when I'm tolk in #docker that they don't support ubuntu and to go somewhere else.. then what?23:59
leftyfbblahboybaz: you have yet to explain any issue so far23:59

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