holmanbminimal: I was out the last couple of days, I'll catch up on the conversation later today14:39
holmanbeb3095-Vultr: it sounds like you maybe got a resolution to your issue, but in case you wanted to test out pr 2060, what should prevent falling back to DataSourceNone with that change is to make sure that your datasource_list has only [DataSourceVultr], if None is in the list, it will fall back to None14:54
eb3095-VultrYeah, I built off of main and gave it a shot and it was the same behavior, even saw the changed message about being the only configured datasource.14:58
holmanbeb3095-Vultr: that pr isn't in main, though it probably will be soon15:00
eb3095-Vultrah my mistake then, thanks for the info15:01

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