IrcsomeBot<linuxophil> Hey guys! The torrent link for Kubuntu 22.04.2 is down! I would like to seed it for my corner of the world! It has been like this for a while. Any idea why?00:01
IrcsomeBot<linuxophil> Yes please ask! We are here to help! We might need a while to get back to you though. (re @IrcsomeBot: <alba> hi im new on kubuntu, can i ask here for support?)00:02
IrcsomeBot<Arang> we are the borg, resistance is futile (re @IrcsomeBot: <alba> hi im new on kubuntu, can i ask here for support?)03:07
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IrcsomeBot<Arang> we are the borg, resistance is futile (re @IrcsomeBot: <alba> hi im new on kubuntu, can i ask here for support?)04:24
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> Hi allMistakenly dragged my Firefox icon to the bottom right side of my task manager, I've been trying to remove it from staying there but I couldn't, any help? : https://irc-attachments.kde.org/4ddb21c2/_210012_temp.jpg10:57
diogenes_Vx15PJtunes, what options the right click gives you?11:03
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> 1)Open a New Window11:12
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> 2)Open a New private Window11:12
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> 3)Properties11:12
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> 4)Add widgets11:12
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> 5)Enter Edit Mode (re @IrcsomeBot: <diogenes_Vx15> PJtunes, what options the right click gives you?)11:12
DragnslcrIf you click Enter Edit Mode and move your mouse over the Firefox icon, you should see an option "Remove"11:34
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> Okay I'll try that now11:41
IrcsomeBot<PJtunes> It worked! Thanks alot (re @IrcsomeBot: <Dragnslcr> If you click Enter Edit Mode and move your mouse over the Firefox icon, you should see an option "Remove")11:48
BluesKajHi all12:35
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RoeyHello, my system is running Kubuntu 22.10.  I just ran apt-get update / apt-get dist-upgrade; for some reason, Firefox appears to load but won't open.. I found something about this from last year, but it doesn't help: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1410896/firefox-wont-open-ubuntu-22-0416:10
diogenes_Vx15Roey, you can try: mv .mozilla .mozilla.bak && firefox16:24
diogenes_Vx15and notice any errors in the terminal16:24
Roeywell there is no .mozilla16:32
Roeyit's in /snap/firefox/16:32
RoeyI tried moving that to /snap/firefox-bad16:32
Roeyand launching it anew; got the same behavior.16:32
Roeydiogenes_Vx15: ^16:33
diogenes_Vx15Roey, oh right, i forgot they made it a snap package, sorry no clue how to debug a snap package, meanwhile you could try the firefox package directly from mozilla website.16:35
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> heyy, why we dont have option of keyboard when connected to kde connect?17:54
IrcsomeBot<milesdredd> https://irc-attachments.kde.org/53da1a16/file_64327.jpg17:54
Roeydiogenes_Vx15: thanks18:24
Guest0Hi everybody, i would like to install Kubuntu 22.04 with encrypt the /home but the option is not available during the installation19:21
Guest0if you speak french, it will be easy for me to understand your respons19:23
mmikowskiGuest0: Only full disk encryption is an option. It works very reliably.19:23
mmikowskiGuest0: The best I could do is machine translate; my french is tres mal.19:24
Guest0ok no problem i can translate with google translate for example if necessary19:25
mmikowskiI expected one of would need to do that :)19:26
mmikowskiDo you have a concern about Full Disk Encryption (FDE)?19:26
mmikowskiIt does make it more complicated to recover a system because the storage topology is quite a bit more complicated: ext4 on LVM on LUKS, but it is well documented.19:28
mmikowskiAnd it is very reliable. We (Kfocus) considered moving to BTRFS on LUKS for 22.04 LTS, but stayed with FDE for a number of reasons, one of which was reliability.19:29
Guest0OK but for a full disk encryption, but when i test for exemple Ubuntu Desktop or Linux mint, i have the encrypt option for only the /home19:29
mmikowskiGuest0: Sure, that is an option they provide with their installer. It's just not available out-of-the-box for Kubuntu.19:30
mmikowskiHowever, you *can* get that; you just need to set up the disk in the live USB before clicking on the install button.19:30
Guest0Ok thank you mmikowski, i will install with the full disk encryption. thanks a lot19:31
mmikowskiThere are a few tutorials on line. If you are experienced, you could do that using 'manual partitioning'.19:31
Guest0ok than you19:32
mmikowskiok Guest0, best of luck to you. Before you go, here are a few guides on FDE use and recovery:19:32
mmikowskihttps://kfocus.org/wf/secure (changing password), and https://kfocus.org/wf/recovery.html (accessing the disk before boot / recovery)19:33
Guest0ok thanks a lot19:33
mmikowskiYou are welcome!19:34
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