dragon_Is there a way to stop the firefox update prompts 00:35
dragon_I get them all the time, every few minutes00:35
tewardevery few *minutes*?  What update prompts are you seeing?  how is Firefox installed?00:36
tewardif you are talking about the snap update thing, then close all firefox windows, run `sudo snap refresh` on the command line, and then reopen Firefox when that's done, and the notices go away00:36
dragon_Firefox is default in lubuntu, and the updates are through update manager (apply full upgrade under preferances)00:37
tewardwhich Lubuntu version?00:37
dragon_FF is my prefered browser, 00:37
tewardin 22.10, Firefox is installed through snap by default, did you install Firefox through a PPA or some other mechanism?00:38
teward(therefore my statement about snap updates applies)00:38
dragon_not sure about the mintues, but several times a day. It seems like I close the tiny warning window and before too long it is there again. 00:38
tewarddragon_: close all firefox windows.  open the terminal.  run `sudo snap refresh`.  it'll ask for your password, enter it (it won't show anything though).  Press enter, let the update process run.  then reopen Firefox00:39
tewardit should make those messages disappear.00:39
dragon_No, I have kept the original, and the pop up window is  a snap thing00:39
tewardsince 22.04, all Ubuntu flavors - Lubuntu included - are forced to use Firefox as a snap by default, and it does have a slightly more annoying update process now as `snapd` under the hood can't update Firefox while it's used.00:39
tewarddragon_: so, follow the steps I just said to run?00:40
dragon_all snaps up to date00:40
arraybolt3Then you didn't close the Firefox window first.00:40
arraybolt3(Most likely.)00:40
teward**ALL** firefox windows everywhere must be closed.00:41
teward`sudo killall firefox` on the command line will do that00:41
dragon_haha, I got, "pending update of firefox snap" Close the app to avoid disruptions (11 days left)00:41
tewarddragon_: you didn't close firefox then.  `sudo killall firefox` then run `sudo snap refresh`00:41
tewardthen when it completes and says all up to date then reopen Firefox and it should stop complaining.  at least until the next Firefox snap update00:41
dragon_you were right, a ff window was  left open00:43
tewardyep.  dragon_ in the future it's the same process - close ALL firefox windows, run `sudo killall firefox` to make sure, then `sudo snap refresh`00:44
tewardwhenever you start getting those prompts it's because Firefox can't update while running :)00:44
dragon_I have never done the snap refresh 00:45
dragon_just ran the basic upgrade manager 00:45
tewardyeah unfortunately snaps can be a pain00:45
tewardUpdate Manager doesn't always catch the snaps00:45
arraybolt3I think our usual "Apply Full Upgrade" thingy doesn't handle Snap updates.00:45
tewardand *can't* determine if you're running Firefox still or not.00:45
dragon_I just need to be aware of it00:45
tewardit may queue the snap update at the very least, but `snapd` under the hood handles it00:45
dragon_Thanks for the help, I have wondered about that one for some time00:46
lubot[telegram] <teward001> yeah, it's one of the things that became a concern in the 22.04 devel cycle for everyone, and not a new thing I've seen as people see the issues and complain (myself included, but i'm a developer and power user so)00:47
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