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trippehHmz, Infiniband seems unsupported in the Ubuntu server installer.16:58
patdk-lapwould be very suprised if it was17:41
patdk-lapthere is a lot of configuration and setup to do with infiniband17:41
trippehload a module? and then it looks mostly like ethernet? :)17:45
patdk-lapare you doing connected/unconnected mode, what mtu size are you using17:45
patdk-lapno, infiniband doesn't look like ethernet at all17:45
patdk-lapunless your loading an ethernet module onto the card instead of infiniband, and ubuntu supports those just fine17:46
trippehwell, the ipoib interface does, and for basic operations you dont really need to care about connected/unconnected17:46
trippehworks fine in RHEL, anyway17:47
tomreynipoib as in ip over infiniband (mellanox). but that's a networking driver / protocol, whereas normally IB is a storage protocol.20:22
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