blahboybazleftyfb: I explained that I want to make sure the package is up to date and that I also (as part of that process) wanted to discover how it was installed to begin with - since knowing how it was installed may tie into how to make sure it is  updated and how to do so if needed00:01
blahboybaznot just docekr but everything docker (engine, plugins if any, compose, etc) - everything minus desktop00:01
blahboybazI'll figure it out.. its fine. I jsut thought it would be nice to do together with someon00:02
leftyfbblahboybaz: apt-cache policy docker-ce # should give you an idea of how it was installed. But like I said, docker-ce and the associated packages you installed from the 3rd party repo are not officially supported here. And to your previous point, there's no way docker or it's support channels are going to tell you they don't support docker on ubuntu00:03
blahboybazI can always do stuff on my own and figure it out eventually but that just sucks00:03
blahboybazhave a good one00:04
blahboybazreal appreciate your help00:04
leftyfbblahboybaz: if you need support, I would suggest removing the 3rd party repo and the associated packages and install docker-io from the .......  nevermind00:04
ravageyeah. solve problems alone. really inconvenient.00:06
leftyfbI don't understand the resentment for not wanting to support every piece of software on the planet that runs on linux. It's like calling Microsoft when Adobe Acrobat has an issue.00:07
ravageWho has expressed resentment about that?00:11
jonezif I put a problem package on hold, will that prevent it from being run during do-release-upgrade?00:38
jonezI answered my own question.. do-release-upgrade will complain about packages on hold00:43
leftyfbjonez: if the package is from a 3rd party repo, remove it and reinstall it later00:55
leftyfbjonez: or even if it's an official package, just remove it and reinstall it later. usrmerge isn't installed by default so it won't affect the upgrade00:56
matrixywhen 24.04 comes can i upgrade 22.04 to it without reinstalling?00:59
rboxmatrixy: yes01:00
matrixyok thanks01:00
arraybolt3matrixy: As a general rule it's always a good idea to back up your data before attempting an upgrade, just in case anything goes wrong. but yes, Ubuntu is designed to let you upgrade to a newer release (either to the next release, or a jump to the next LTS release if you're on an LTS already) without requiring a total reinstall.01:07
matrixyk. yeah i have my programs and music on flash drives01:15
matrixycan ubuntu play dvds or do i need vlc01:17
rboxvlc is in ubuntu...01:18
ravagematrixy: https://itsfoss.com/play-dvd-ubuntu-1310/01:18
ravageso it can pla DVDs of course. just not encrypted DVDs by default01:20
matrixyok thanks01:20
jonezgreetings. is the EOL date for 20.04 really 2030? That was a google result, I wanted to confirm01:23
ravagejonez: https://ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle01:24
jonezleftyfb, it became 'default' in 19.x+01:24
jonezI found a link that pins the priority to -4242, and I was able to upgrade to 20.0401:25
ravagejonez: also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for the detailed list01:25
leftyfbjonez: neither ubuntu desktop or server 22.04 nor desktop nor server 20.04 has usrmerge installed by default01:26
jonezif I read that graph right, 20.04 is supported until ~202401:27
jonezerr.. 202501:27
jonezit was installed on my 18.04 instance01:27
ravageWithout ESM that is correct01:28
jonezcool. ty :)01:28
leftyfbjonez: I stand corrected. I guess some part of my process removes that package somehow01:30
leftyfbor maybe it gets removed after the install?01:30
leftyfbnone of my desktops or servers have it installed01:30
joneznot sure, but it caused me a lot of grief01:30
leftyfbremove it, it won't cause any problems removing it01:31
jonezI pinned it really low01:31
jonezand since 20.04 has some life left, I won't go for 2201:31
WJC42my irc client disconnected fora while so I'm not sure if anyone responded. a couple hours ago...01:53
WJC42How do I hot-plug SATA drives? I am using Kubuntu 22.04. I run sudo dmesg -w and it does give me a notification when I plug in the drive, but I don't see it show up  when I sudo fdisk -l nor do I see it in the list of devices inside KDE partition manager.01:53
rboxwhat notification01:53
WJC42when I plug in the SATA drive, then dmesg reflects that. Hang on I will plug one in and copy/paste it here.01:54
WJC42ata2: SATA link up 3.0 Gbps (SStatus 123 SControl 300)01:56
WJC42ata2.00: configured for UDMA/133  <---- those 2 lines are what it put just now when I plugged in a drive. But it does not show up in sudo fdisk -l or the GUI KDE Partition mananger01:56
rboxthats just saying the sata controller sees s omething happened01:57
rboxbut its not saying a drive was there01:57
WJC42Yes, that's my point is that DMESG knows something happened, but I can't mount, create patitions, format etc the drive. I'm pretty sure it works if I reboot the entire machine, then I can do those things but I 'm trying to do this without rebooting (hot swap / hot plug / whatever)01:58
rboxits the controller01:58
rboxnot dmesg01:58
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jhutchinsWJC42: You probably need to re-scan the SCSI bus.02:27
jhutchinsWJC42: What actually happens when you hot plug a SATA device depends a lot on the controller (motherboard) hardware.02:27
jhutchinsWJC42: https://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/focal/en/man8/rescan-scsi-bus.8.html02:29
jhutchinsWJC42: Probably needs to be installed.02:29
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pa2Anyone have success getting audio to work on Acer Chromebook C-710 (Slackware 15.0)02:58
pa2...Or Ubuntu?02:59
=== arraybolt3_ is now known as arraybolt3
WJC42jhutchins: I will give that a try. I have no idea if that will melt my drives so running a system backup then will do it, LOL03:25
WJC42jhutchins: SUCCESS! Thanks!03:46
CeeClearOllo. Looking for assistance with a bug that prevents optic drive from burning DVD/CDs04:37
lotuspsychjeyou got a bug ID CeeClear ?04:43
CeeCleargive me  a sec04:44
-ubottu:#ubuntu- Launchpad bug 1964554 in brasero (Ubuntu) "Brasero does not burn ISO IMAGE. Error message; 'SCSI error on write(0,16): See MMC specs: Sense Key 5 'Illegal request'" [Undecided, New]04:46
lotuspsychjetnx CeeClear , so whats the assistance you need exactly on this bug?04:48
CeeClearSo I just installed a new Drive. Also updated my OS hoping this would solve the issue. and While Everything else works ok with the new drive I still get the same error message when I try to burn a file.04:49
rboxi didnt know peple still wrote optical media04:50
CeeClearyou do now04:50
matrixytheres xfburn and k3b04:51
matrixytry those04:51
CeeClearTried k3b. Similar error message. Also when I had the initial problem tried Nero, Also got a similar error message04:52
matrixywhats the error message04:53
matrixyoh sry04:53
CeeClearSession error : SCSI error on write(0,16): See MMC specs: Sense Key 5 "Illegal request", ASC 21 ASCQ 04. (brasero_burn_record brasero-burn.c:2856)04:54
rboxsounds like a hardware issue04:55
CeeClearSame Error message with two different drives. Plus everything else works fine wit the drive till I try to burn something04:56
CeeClearis there a specific hardware issue that would cause it to act like that ?04:57
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procla39Anyone maintainning a package on the official Ubuntu repository or another distrib? (game or app)08:34
procla39wanted to ask questions about the packaging / maintain process etc.08:35
lotuspsychjeprocla39: maybe something for the #ubuntu-devel channel08:44
lotuspsychjeprocla39: or if you elaborate the specifics, someone might point you the the right direction here aswell08:45
Guest64hi all anyone want to learn Computer Science together , since United Nations not welcome here , want to join me at http://worldhacker.org is just a discord server ... . see ya there ... .08:50
rohdefhow do I get from  a device LUN to actually a device name such as sdb? So far the best I've found is based on `sg_map -x | awk`, but that seems rather hacky and clunky. It's there an easier and more robust way to go from `lun=20` to `sdb`?08:50
Habbierohdef, anything interesting in the subdirs of /dev/disk ?08:55
Fudge /ignore #ubuntu  joins parts quits modes08:57
Fudgehii all08:58
FudgeProxysna:  what were you wanting to know08:58
Fudgemaintainers are listed in changelogs08:59
rohdefHabbie from what I navigated so far it seems to be way to roundabout:/  the "cleanest" way I've found so far is `sg_map -x | awk '{if ($5==20) print $7 }'` then I "just" need to strip the `/dev/` away from `/dev/sdb` so I only get `sdb`, but still seems a bit "hacky" and I'm thinking there should be a tool or something that can output more09:01
rohdefreliably structured data, such as json. I don't really want to rely on "column 5 is LUN and column 7 is device path"09:01
Habbiewell, any idea where sg_map gets its data?09:01
rohdefHabbie probably from the devices in `/proc/scsi/sg`09:02
rohdefin this day and age it would of course be nicest with a json output and then just use `jq` to query and select what I need. But since we're dealing with older tools, I suspect that is wishful thinking09:04
rohdefHabbie of course I can also hope this spec won't change in a breaking way: https://linux.die.net/man/8/sg_map as least it is well defined09:05
Habbierohdef, it definitely won't change within an ubuntu release09:06
rohdefHabbie that is very true, I just also want it robust in the long term - if reasonably possible. But of course, if I'm to write all sorts of data parsing and mapping it's probably not worth the effort ;)09:07
Habbielong term you could also consider sending patches for JSON output09:08
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Guest64hi all11:54
oerheksHappy St Patrick’s Day 🐍11:55
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Guest64of course the only answer is Glory to The Most High in THE HIGHEST ... . for nothing can be coded other than through the Father The Son and The Holy Spirit which is Lord Jesus Christ Himself ... .12:20
oerheks!ot > guest6412:22
ubottuguest64: Please see my private message12:22
Guest64yeah i just have burning question12:23
Guest64who code linux12:23
oerhekskeep your trolling in #linux, thanks12:23
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BluesKajHi all12:35
Guest64hi blueskaj12:40
BluesKajhi Guest6412:41
akosshGuest64: a lot of people code linux, including developers from big companies, universities, researchers, hobbists12:41
Guest64how akossh ?12:42
akosshI am not sure about the review process, but I believe, Linus Torvalds has a big role in the reviews12:42
Guest64if they code why there is no other architecture12:42
Guest64i mean12:43
Guest64how from electricity to code12:43
akosshlinux is available on many architectures.12:43
Guest64even architecture12:43
Guest64why can't it be one12:43
Guest64other than making alot ?12:43
akosshx86, arm, mips, ppc, risc-v12:43
Guest64i know akossh12:43
leftyfbGuest64: take it elsewhere. This isn't the place for your trolling12:43
akosshah, you mean linux distributions when saying linux12:44
oerheksyou seem to know the answer to your own questions, Guest6412:44
oerheksGuest64, this is technical support, try #ubuntu-discuss12:44
Guest64if i know i won't ask isn't it12:44
akosshOr you are interested about the architectures?12:44
Guest64is just my burning question12:44
Guest64how ?12:44
Guest64from the bios they code12:45
Guest64who originally code that bios12:45
Guest64when i start my computer12:45
Guest64the screen already link to electricity12:45
Guest64how than can i control picture12:45
akosshGuest64: How the BIOS controls the, or how you can control via the BIOS?12:46
* Guest64 tada i am just skraito trying to say Glory to Lord Jesus Christ in The Highest go King proclaim yourself in the Highest : if you want to discuss http://woldhacker.org : since everyone don't like me here12:47
Guest64tada i am just skraito trying to say Glory to Lord Jesus Christ in The Highest go King proclaim yourself in the Highest : if you want to discuss http://woldhacker.org : since everyone don't like me here12:47
CodeMouse92Please, don't bring Him into it. You're just being a moron.12:47
oerheks!ops | guest6412:48
ubottuguest64: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - CarlFK, DJones, el, Flannel, genii, hggdh, ikonia, krytarik, mneptok, mwsb, nhandler, ogra, Pici, popey, sarnold, tomreyn, Unit193, wgrant12:48
* Guest64 King Glorify Us as we have glorify you again King for their sake i mean for your sake that voice you hear citizen12:48
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Floating4The file that is supposed to be at /etc/network to create a network interface is missing.  Does this indicate a problem?13:08
Floating4or otherwise, am I trying to edit this incorrectly?13:08
Floating4*sorry /etc/network/interfaces13:11
Jeremy31Floating4: What are you trying to do?13:13
Floating4Trying to get a VM up and running as a router, but I need a network bridge. There is a problem with NetworkManager, and I need to use /network/interfaces13:14
Floating4this is confusing, dont these 2 conflict?13:14
Jeremy31Floating4: Is the VM bridge there?  Anything in terminal for>  ifconfig13:17
ubottuNetplan is a network configuration abstraction renderer which uses YAML descriptions of a network to work with either a NetworkManager or Systemd-networkd "renderer". More information at https://netplan.io/13:26
Floating4Jeremy31 yes, the bridge is there13:41
Floating4but it was created with NetworkManager13:41
Jeremy31Floating4: URL from terminal for>  inxi -Nxxxc0|nc termbin.com 999913:42
Floating4ubottu - is it fair to say that/network/interfaces is the core network config tool and that NetworkManager is a derivative?  This is confusing.13:42
Jeremy31Floating4: that is a bot13:43
leftyfbFloating4: if you're using NM, then you don't touch config files13:43
leftyfbFloating4: use LXD like I told you originally13:43
Floating4I was reading on it, but my problem is a precursor to LXD13:44
leftyfbFloating4: doubt it13:44
leftyfbFloating4: you problem was KVM not seeing the bridge. LXD will13:44
Floating4Hmmm, if u put it that way...13:45
Floating4what is the easiest way to get a hello world demo of LXD up?13:45
leftyfbFloating4: I have you the command yesterday13:46
leftyfbpfSenseHelp: sudo snap install lxd && sudo lxd init && lxc launch ubuntu:22.04 my-pfsense-server13:46
leftyfbFloating4: ^13:46
leftyfbFloating4: https://blog.simos.info/how-to-make-your-lxd-containers-get-ip-addresses-from-your-lan-using-a-bridge/13:47
leftyfbyou'll want to create a new profile that uses your existing bridge and then change your container to use that profile. Then reboot the container13:48
Floating4thanks letfyb let me work thru this and see if I can get something running to prove the bridge shows up in the vm now13:54
Dev-0xhi el13:56
Dev-0xi have something to say to you13:56
Dev-0xmind private message13:56
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Hack5190Q: if i do nslookup from the command line should the 'server' match the DNS entries set in the NIC configuration?15:47
Hack5190odd because "systemd-resolve --status | grep 'DNS Servers' -A2" returns the 2 DNS servers set in the NIC configuration.  Yet nslookup is returning the loopback address ......15:52
teppersoni did an apt upgrade on my computer and now it only boots to console. where do i start?15:57
teppersonoh it seems that ubuntu-desktop got removed when i installed gcc:i386. weird16:01
leftyfbHack5190: right, which points to your local systemd-resolve caching resolver16:03
Hack5190makes sense - thanks leftyfb16:04
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code105i need a help16:26
oerheksask, wait and see16:26
leftyfb!ask | code10516:26
ubottucode105: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:26
code105  The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 4EDE055B645F044F16:27
code105When running sudo apt-get update16:27
oerheksfrom what repo?16:27
leftyfbcode105: gpg --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv 4EDE055B645F044F ; gpg --export --armor 4EDE055B645F044F  | sudo apt-key add -16:28
code105i removed proton16:28
leftyfbcode105: the repo is still there16:28
code105so how can i remove this repo?16:28
leftyfbcode105: look in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/16:29
code105Thank you so much guys16:29
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code105sudo apt-get upgrade16:32
code105E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend. It is held by process 36173 (apt)16:32
code105E: Unable to acquire the dpkg frontend lock (/var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend), is another process using it?16:32
leftyfb!paste | code10516:32
ubottucode105: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://dpaste.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.16:32
leftyfbcode105: you probably have unattended upgrades running in the background16:32
code105Love you guys thanks for helping16:33
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tomreynlsrtl / lsrtl_ / lsrtl__ : please fix your client, thanks.16:43
Guest96Given the long term nature of ubuntu LTS, there's bound to be packages that aren't developed anymore upstream like python2. Is there a program or bash script that can let me know if a package is essentially a potential security issue?16:53
tomreynGuest96: it will still receive security updates, or be removed.16:54
leftyfbGuest96: if you're on a supported LTS, you should be good to go16:55
tomreynGuest96: you can follow https://usn.ubuntu.com for details on security handling on packages, and you should read release notes and package changelogs.16:55
Guest96I thought canonical didn't really touch the universe repo and left that to the community to be their problem?16:56
leftyfbGuest96: that's what ESM/Pro is for16:57
tomreynCanonical doesn't guarantee to provide any level of security support for packages in universe outside of Ubuntu Pro16:57
tomreyn(this does not mean there occasionally can be some)16:57
Guest96If I'm not paying (right now) for ubuntu pro, am I shooting myself in the foot using 20.04 or 22.04?16:58
leftyfbGuest96: I would go with 22.04. That said, on an individual bases, you can add pro to 5 machines for free16:58
tomreyn* for non-comercial use16:59
arraybolt3tomreyn: Commercial use is permitted.17:07
arraybolt3There's nothing in the license terms that prohibits it, and ads for it specifically mention small-scale commercial use.17:07
arraybolt3See https://ubuntu.com/blog/ubuntu-pro-beta-release and https://ubuntu.com/legal/ubuntu-pro/personal17:12
oerheks python2 is dead17:13
tomreynarraybolt3: thanks!17:19
tomreyni guess i was misinterpreting the term "personal" as "not commercial", maybe that's an uncommon interpretation?17:20
arraybolt3Meh, most companies that have a "personal version" of something *do* prohibit commercial use. I guess Canonical is different.17:21
Betonhaushello quick question, is it possible to use chroot instead of schroot? and if not what do I need to change to make this command work: chroot "$LFS" /usr/bin/env -i HOME=/root TERM="$TERM" PS1='(lfs chroot) \u:\w\$ ' PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/sbin /bin/bash --login17:49
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hans_sigh, in Ubuntu 18.04 (or was it 20.04) the network interface name was `ens1f0` - somehow in 22.04 it has a different name. any idea how to convert the name "ens1f0" to ubuntu 22.04 network interface naming scheme?18:11
=== x86_ is now known as x86
hans_hmm no seems its still ens1f0 in 22.04 as well, my bad18:20
p9when I run systemctl as root the pager output is broken: instead of colors terminal escape sequences are displayed. I can fix it by typing "-r" so it looks systemctl forgets to add this option?18:24
Roeyhello.  Does this involve Snap?? Hello, my system is running Kubuntu 22.10.  I just ran apt-get update / apt-get dist-upgrade; for some reason, Firefox appears to load but won't open.. I found something about this from last year, but it doesn't help: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1410896/firefox-wont-open-ubuntu-22-0418:24
Roeyarraybolt3: hi o/18:25
prabhakarladHi all, I am looking for Linux source used in 22.04 release. could anyone point me to the repo please.18:39
prabhakarladI searched in https://kernel.ubuntu.com/git/ but could find jammy jellyfish repo, there is jammy repo but it looks like it was modified last year.18:40
leftyfbprabhakarlad: sudo apt source linux-image-$(uname -r)18:40
prabhakarladleftyfb: I plan to build image for arm64 and I dont have installation ready yet.18:42
leftyfbprabhakarlad: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/jammy/+package/linux-image-generic18:43
rfmprabhakarlad, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/SourceCode gives some hints on how to obtain it with git18:48
prabhakarladleftyfb: thanks for the link.18:49
prabhakarladrfm: i did follow that link but couldn't find the source 22.04 release.18:50
rfmprabhakarlad. I just started git clone git://git.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-kernel/ubuntu/+source/linux/+git/jammy  and it seems to be chugging right along18:57
rfmprabhakarlad, and it's now completed and does seem to have gotten me a kernel source tree...19:10
penguin__hey guys , i am making a shell script for package manager in cli. please feel free to contribute : https://github.com/saqibmir1/packmaster19:34
hans_what url should i use? https://i.imgur.com/58njp2Q.png19:36
hans_.. probably https://releases.ubuntu.com/jammy/ubuntu-22.04.2-live-server-amd64.iso19:38
eawfawMy ubuntu usually runs into issues, and apps or the whole thing hangs, or crashes... This is the top command while one of those freezes happens: Any ideas what might be happening? https://pasteboard.co/GKgtDbsD2x8d.png19:46
Habbieeawfaw, you are running out of swap because you are running out of memory19:46
aphido66Try to check the sys logs also. and background process that uses CPU, you have lot of things going on it seems?19:52
eawfawno, only firefox with a bunch of tabs19:52
eawfawHabbie: How much memory and swap should I give Ubuntu to avoid this issue? I do like opening several websites at the same time19:53
Habbiei cannot give you numbers; but clearly you need more19:53
eawfawdoes 16 GB RAM and 32 GB swap sound reasonable?19:55
hans_eawfaw: >Here's the legend: at a computer trade show in 1981, Bill Gates supposedly uttered this statement, in defense of the just-introduced IBM PC's 640KB usable RAM limit: "640K ought to be enough for anybody."19:56
Habbiei would likely not put 32 GB swap in a machine19:56
BarnabasDKeawfaw, with that configuration you definately have enough virtual mem19:56
BarnabasDKquestion is - do you really need that much19:56
eawfawHabbie: Why wouldn't you put 32 GB swap?19:56
BarnabasDKeawfaw, size of disk?19:57
Habbieeawfaw, because swap is slow and if my system is putting 32 GB in there, nothing will be fun19:57
UnivrslSuprBoxI see that USN-5855-2 was issued for ImageMagick to LTS, not ESM. Is USN-5736-2 included in that release? Is the Security team preparing two different releases of packages for Pro and non-Pro customers now?19:57
BarnabasDKalso type of tisk19:57
BarnabasDKsome disk types are not suited for swap space usage19:57
BarnabasDKper their nature19:58
eawfawThis is an SSD19:58
BarnabasDKsome expensive ssds can take an incredible amount of writes - some user electronic levels cannot19:59
BarnabasDKso what is "ssd"19:59
eawfawSolid State Disk?20:00
arraybolt3UnivrslSuprBox: There were some ImageMagick updates released recently that are just normal updates, not Ubuntu Pro updates.20:00
ruserthere used to be  a "rule" swap =2x ram does it still hold?20:00
arraybolt3ruser: Not really.20:00
ruserarraybolt3: care to elaborate? i've been out of touch for a little bit20:00
BarnabasDKeawfaw, ssd is the interface to your disk, not the technology it uses to store data20:01
arraybolt3I don't understand why the rule used to exist before, but modern Linux distros generally only make a very small swapfile at install time (between 512 MB to 2 GB in my experience).20:01
arraybolt3ruser: ^20:01
eawfawis there some automatic built in way of knowing when I'm running out of RAM or swap? I'm okay with a message saying: You cannot open more tabs because you run out of memory... I hate it when things just start going terrible slow or hang because of memory20:01
arraybolt3ruser: There are some distros that still make a bunch of swap space, but they are exceptions AFAIK.20:02
arraybolt3ruser: I frequently will run my machines with no swap at all. If I need extra RAM, I use RAM compression.20:02
UnivrslSuprBoxarraybolt3: Do you have access to the ESM repository? Was another src:imagemagick released there to sync up with the normal Universe?20:02
arraybolt3UnivrslSuprBox: I *can* access the ESM repos but I haven't enabled Ubuntu Pro on any of my systems since I don't care for it.20:03
arraybolt3Anyone who enabled Ubuntu Pro can look through the ESM repos all they want, and can even pull the source code for the packages if they want to.20:03
arraybolt3UnivrslSuprBox: Ubuntu Pro isn't supported here as it is a proprietary service by Canonical that the Ubuntu Community can't control. So you'd probably need to ask someone at Canonical that question.20:04
UnivrslSuprBoxRight, I'm just wondering how the mechanics of all this are working. I didn't expect the security team to maintain ESM as a derivative of Ubuntu during the LTS period.20:04
UnivrslSuprBoxWith needing to sync Universe into ESM and all that20:04
ruserarraybolt3: hmm, i thought swap compressors are ways of the past.  especially on linux, interesting.20:04
arraybolt3Yeah I don't know how all the mechanics work either. The Ubuntu devs are just doing things as they always have, however Canonical chooses to deal with that is up to them.20:05
arraybolt3ruser: It works really well, I have a guide I wrote on how to do it.20:05
ruserarraybolt3: link?20:05
arraybolt3ruser: https://discourse.lubuntu.me/t/enabling-ram-compression-on-lubuntu/332320:05
arraybolt3This is for Lubuntu, but with some tweaking it should work on other Ubuntu flavors too.20:05
ruserarraybolt3: also, while we are on the topic, are OOEM killers still a thing?20:06
arraybolt3Older versions of Ubuntu relied on the kernel OOM killer which hardly worked. Newer ones use system-oomd, which kicks in sooner and works better.20:07
ruserarraybolt3: cool. reading your post shouldn't this say:  at expense of cpu and and seek/marshalling time? "ssentially giving your system extra RAM at the expense of some CPU power, and enabling you to do tasks that wouldn’t usually be possible with a low-RAM system."20:08
ruserseek is probably not applicable since no longer spinning platters20:08
arraybolt3I mean, it's all in RAM now.20:09
arraybolt3The compressed RAMdisk is stored in RAM.20:09
ruseroh, i think i was also misreading, my bad20:09
arraybolt3It's basically swapping from RAM to RAM but compressing when it does so.20:09
eawfawBarnabasDK: I thought SSD was the technology and nvme or SATA or PCI-e the interface...20:10
oerheksUnivrslSuprBox, ^^^20:12
UnivrslSuprBoxThanks, oerheks. Guess I should confirm before assuming, but anything but my assumption seems odd.20:12
UnivrslSuprBoxThanks arraybolt3 too20:12
jhutchinsI think a 50% increase in RAM from compression is terribly optimistic.  I think you'd see more like 10%-20%20:27
arraybolt3jhutchins: You'd be surprised.20:29
arraybolt3I've done this in production, and it is amazingly good.20:29
arraybolt3Keep in mind that RAM is usually fully uncompressed data since it's what programs are actively using in their work.20:30
arraybolt3So it compresses rather well.20:30
topcat001zram at most times does much better than 2:1 for me, currently I'm getting almost 4:120:31
prabhakarladrfm: thanks, ill give that a shot.20:48
Guest35hey, could you please help me with mounting NFS ?20:51
tomreynwhich ubuntu version are you running? what have you tried, what was the expected outcome, what was the actual outcome?20:53
Guest35I'm trying to run it via SSH tunnel. I have two Ubuntu machines: A and B. A has access to some internal NFS, while B does not have20:54
Guest35I set up SOCKS proxy to machine A20:55
Guest35then I used proxychains nfs-ls -D nfs://internal_nfs20:55
Guest35it returned list of export20:55
Guest35however, when I tried to mount it, I I got timeout20:55
mybalzitchnot sure, did you try specifying TCP when mounting via nfs?20:59
octav1aThere's a weird thing, usually in X terminals, if I scroll up, it will scroll through the back buffer. However, after some unknown event happens, scrolling up will instead act like pressing the up arrow, scrolling back through commands. I usually want the former behavior. The only way I can see to get it back is to close the terminal and open another. Is there any quick reset command or something I can do to stop this random switch from21:03
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aleksandar1047i'm looking for girl21:24
aleksandar1047to make conversation21:24
aleksandar1047i'm male21:24
Habbiealeksandar1047, you're in the wrong place21:25
tomreyn!#ubuntu | aleksandar104721:26
ubottualeksandar1047: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:26
jhutchinsOh come on.21:27
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bray90820maybe not the right place for this but no matter what I do when i create an audio sink in ubuntu it gives it the name null sink22:04
tomreynbray90820: please don't cross-post22:06
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prabhakarladhi all, can anyone point me on how to cross compile ubuntu kernel and rootfs for arm64. Any pointers would be really helpful.22:18
johnjayeis jessie still supported with packge updates or no?22:29
johnjayeer not jessie. 18.0422:30
tomreynjohnjaye: a few more weeks by default. longer with !esm22:31
johnjayewhere on the website do I check for this22:31
johnjayeor is it just based off 5 year periods?22:31
tomreynthere's a free 5y support period for LTS releases, which applies here.22:31
tomreynand then there is https://ubuntu.com/security/esm22:32
johnjayeok. yeah that sounds familiar22:32
johnjayeok thanks22:34
tomreynjohnjaye: see also ubuntu.com/pro22:34
tomreynlooks like this page is missing a link to it22:34
plugwash-uniwhat is the reccomended overlay filesystem nowadays?22:41
ravagethat depends on what you want to to22:41
ravageprobably overlayfs?22:41
plugwash-uniyeah, I thought that too but I was having trouble making it work and wondering if it had been replaced. Seems it's just a case of everyone calls it overlayfs but the kernel just calls it overlay22:46
odesportes_Hi all22:47
odesportes_I'm trying to set up a bridge on a 22.04 box thats has two ethernet interfaces. Its use would be to "chain" this box and another ubuntu one so both can be on the same network and reach the internet.22:50
odesportes_For that I try to use native Ubuntu network options : nm-connection-editor22:52
odesportes_It should be a classical use-case but I can't find useful informations for it  on the web22:53
odesportes_Who'd know how to proceed ?22:54
odesportes_I'd need a bridge, no NAT22:57
odesportes_both computers have to be on the same network22:57
StupidLikeAFoxAny tips for getting an apple magic mouse 2 to work properly in xubuntu? I got it to pair, and cursor movement and backup tactile buttons work- but the touch surface doesn't respond22:57
StupidLikeAFoxit shows up as 'Magic Mouse' in Mouse and Touchpad settings, but has the same options available as my normal mosue does23:00
ai_привет кто не спит23:17
morgan-acer/nick morgan-acer23:38
morgan-acerdear friends, I am the person who has been complaining for over 2 years about my chrome dying often. I am now on a different computer, installation of ubuntu-mate-with gnome de.  I DONT HAVE CHROME DYING even though I have 48 chrome tabs and many of them (16) are youtube tabs. Now, my "other computer"(dell) is faster and I would like to go back to it. I would like to find the genesis of the problem23:52

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