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xu-help92wI have installed xubuntu in "AWS EC2 ubuntu server" and xrdp.  But while I am going open with rdp (remote desktop connection), it shows "Oh no! something goes wrong". Please help to solve this problem.13:29
rodxubuntão da massa salvou o pentium dual core 1.8ghz, roda video em HD, montei dois para doar14:24
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hans_how do i login on the lock-screen on Xubuntu 22.04 Live? 15:51
hans_it doesn't accept xubuntu:blank nor ubuntu:blank nor root:blank15:51
rrrhans_ the password may be blank can you access a tty and change the pwd using passwd?16:06
arraybolt3hans_: Usually the password is entirely blank, but you might try using "live" as the password.17:32
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