lubot[telegram] <lynorian> New slideshow looks really good07:11
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> Anyone have screenshots?10:41
lubot[telegram] <kc2bez> Not exactly a screenshot but Aaron posted the slides on imgur https://imgur.com/a/y0F55sX (re @tsimonq2: Anyone have screenshots?)11:16
lubot[telegram] <tsimonq2> NICE!14:16
Eickmeyer[m]arraybolt3: Uh... **which** installer slideshow? ```calamares-settings-ubuntu (1:23.04.6) lunar; urgency=medium15:14
Eickmeyer[m]  * Updated the installer slideshow.15:14
Eickmeyer[m] -- Aaron Rainbolt <arraybolt3@ubuntu.com>  Mon, 13 Mar 2023 19:40:55 -0500```15:14
Eickmeyer(there's more than one)15:14
EickmeyerI'll fix it, but you have to be more specific in changelogs when there's more than one.15:15
Eickmeyerarraybolt3: Your last upload from Thursday (23.04.8): Why didn't you push your commits?15:36
EickmeyerThis makes me have to roll-back my commits, do a debdiff, and then re-commit.15:37
EickmeyerEither way, done.15:50
Eickmeyerarraybolt3_: Oh, there you are.15:58

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